Not A Dream (Larry Stylinson)

Louis and Harry are falling in love, actually they always were in love, they just didn't understand. They have spent the past three years lying to everyone, including themselves about how they feel about each other, now everything is falling apart. The fans were right, 'Larry Stylinson' is real.


8. Ch. 8 - Just Go Away Niall.

Louis' P.O.V

I'm sitting in the lounge room watching tv, I'm not really paying any attention to it though. Apart from myself, Niall is the other person home. Liam and Harry left to go get some food from the supermarket and Zayn is out with Perrie. I'm thinking about the photos of Harry on my phone, I want to look at them but I am afraid someone will catch me like Eleanor did.

My thoughts are interrupted by Niall running down the stairs. I spin my head to face him. He then jogs over and sits in the couch across from me.

"Hey" Niall says after he sits down.

"Hey" I mumble.

"Lou, do you remember what happened at breakfast today?" Niall asks, leaning forward slowly.

"No?" I say, unsure of why he is asking. I do remember Harry coming into my room, then we walked down stairs and Niall made us breakfast. That's all I can remember but I don't think that's what he means.

"Well I asked you how you were doing without Eleanor and you angrily said that you were fine and that you don't need her" Niall explains.

"And? I am fine and I don't need her" I reply, confused by where this conversation is going.

"I can tell, but then you completely relaxed and said 'Besides I have Harry' and it didn't sound like you said it because he is your best friend" Niall adds.

"What are you trying to say Niall?!" I ask him, and angry tone in my voice.

"Are you in love with Harry?" He asks curiously. Why would he think that?! I'm not gay!

"No I don't, I'm not gay Niall, what is wrong with you?!" I say getting even more angry.

"I didn't say you were gay, you could be Bi" Niall says, his voice quieter than before, he sounds scared.

"I'm not Bi either!" I growl at him as I jump to my feet in anger. Niall also jumps to his feet, but in fear.

"I don't know about that Lou" Niall mumbles as he backs away from me a little.

"NO, I'M NOT!" I shout. Niall flinches at my loud tone.

"I'm sorry Lou, I was just asking" Niall says weakly.

"JUST GO AWAY NIALL, LEAVE ME ALONE!" I yell at him, pointing to the stairs. Niall's eyes start to water up and his lip starts to quiver. He's going to cry, what have I done?

"Niall wait-" I begin to apologise, he takes a step back and I try to grab him but he quickly runs away from me, he runs up the stairs and hides in his room.

I fall to the ground and cover my face with my hands. What have I done? I shouldn't of yelled at him, I know how much he hates being yelled at. I can still picture the look on his face before he ran away, so scared and upset. Why did I do that, he was just asking a question, I didn't need to yell at him.

I curl up on the floor and start to cry, why did I yell at him?

Harry's P.O.V

Liam and I walked inside with bags of food, I think we both almost dropped the bags when we walked past the lounge room. Louis was curled up on the floor, crying his eyes out. We placed the bags on the floor and ran over to Louis.

"Louis are you okay?!" Liam asks franticly as we fall to our knees beside Louis.

"What happened?!" I ask as Louis looks up at us.

"I made him cry, why did I do that?" Louis sobs as he hides his tear-stained face from us.

"Who?" Liam and I both ask confused.

"Niall!" Louis cries. Liam jumps up and runs upstairs to find Niall and I pull Louis' hands away from his face.

"How did you make him cry?" I ask as I wipe tears away from Louis eyes.

"He asked if I was Bi, I'm not Bi!" he sobs as he falls into my arms.

"What did you do to him to make him cry then?" I ask confused.

"I-I yelled at him, I-I got mad a-and yelled at him" Louis stutters. Why did he get mad over that? He isn't Bi so why would he get mad about it? unless he is but doesn't want to admit it.... nah, he can't be.

"And Niall gets upset when people yell at him, got it" I say avoiding myself from saying anything about the topic of Louis being Bi or not.

"I didn't mean to make him cry, I didn't want to see him cry" Louis sobs, his face is buried in my chest. I don't like seeing Louis upset like this, it hurts.

Liam's P.O.V

"Niall are you okay?" I ask as I run into his room, I find Niall sitting in the middle of his bed, his hands covering his face.

"I'm fine Liam" Niall mumbles through his hands, obviously not wanting me to see his face.

"You're not fine, you're crying" I point out as I walk over to him. I wrap my arms around him "Louis is downstairs crying his eyes out, he said he made you cry"

Niall pulls his hands away from his face, "Why is HE crying" Niall asks.

"Probably because just like me, he HATES seeing you cry" I tell him.

"Then he shouldn't of yelled at me!" Niall hissed.

"Why did he yell at you?" I ask.

"I-I asked him if he was Bi" Niall says ashamed.

"Why?" I ask confused. Why would he think Louis was bi?

"Well I was curious, I mean he was looking at a photo of he and Harry, and he had done it a few times that's why Eleanor got mad" He explains, "Also at breakfast he was really tired and I asked him how he was going without El and he got mad and said he was fine and didn't need her, then he completely relaxed and added 'Besides I have Harry' as if he was in love with him" Niall adds.

"Oh" I say shocked, well I guess he has a point there.

"It's okay Niall, I'll try talking to him, he is sorry for yelling at you by the way" I say, tightening my grip on him before I let go and stand up.

"Okay Liam, you talk to him" He says, "And he can apologise himself".

Right so Niall thinks Louis is bi? I guess he has a point there. I'll talk to Louis, hopefuly he won't get mad about me brining up the topic as well.

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