Not A Dream (Larry Stylinson)

Louis and Harry are falling in love, actually they always were in love, they just didn't understand. They have spent the past three years lying to everyone, including themselves about how they feel about each other, now everything is falling apart. The fans were right, 'Larry Stylinson' is real.


5. Ch. 5 - I'm Okay..

Harry's P.O.V

I slowly walked up the stairs to Louis room, unsure of whether or not I should go talk to him. As I reach his room I can hear him sniffling, he's crying. I slowly open the door and look inside, Louis is laying face-down on his bed.

"Lou?" I whisper as I walk in slowly.

"What do you want Haz?" He mumbles, his voice is muffled from the pillow his head is on.

"Are you okay?" I ask, hoping he's not going to blow up and start yelling at me.

"I'm fine, just leave me alone" He say quietly. Good he didn't yell. But he did tell me to leave him alone, should I? I know he's not fine, for crying out loud he is crying, how could he be fine?

"I know you're not fine" I say walking towards him, I pull his phone out of my pocket and place it on the bedside table, Louis lifts his head slightly to see what I had just put down.

"I won't tell them about the rest of the folder" I tell him.

"Thanks Harry" he quietly replies as his head falls slowly back onto the pillow.

"I'll come back later then" I say as I walk back over to the door. As I open the door Louis mumbles what sounds like "I'll be waiting". Wait what? he'll be waiting? okay then. I open the door, walk out and close the door behind me before walking back down the stairs to join everyone else again.

Louis' P.O.V

When Harry walked in I honestly thought he would ask about the pictures of him, I was scared he would because I can't explain them. I don't know why I have them. It's not like he isn't wearing any clothes or anything, a few shirtless ones but hey I took them myself when we were messing around during breaks at the set for the LWWY music video. There might be others as well but I don't know I just add photos all the time, I don't really take note of whether or not he is shirtless. Most of the photos are all of Harry and I, we are always taking silly photos together. They mean nothing other than great times with my best friend... I guess.

When Harry said he'll be back later did he mean when Danielle and Perrie leave which won't be until tonight after they all watch a few movies or later as in when the pack everything up, which will be about now. Either way I don't want to still look like I have been crying, I better get up and wash my face.

I pull myself out of bed, grab my phone and shove it in my pocket then walk into the bathroom attached to my room. It is also attached to Harry's room, I hope he isn't in there. There are three bathrooms in this house, one shared between Harry and I, one is shared my Liam and Niall and the third is shared between Zayn and who ever is in the guest room, so most of the time Zayn has a bathroom to himself.

I grab a washer from the cupboard and drench it in warm water, I wash my face with the washer for a minute then dry my face. Good it's a little less noticeable, I look in the mirror and fix my hair a bit. Now what do I do?

I walk back into my room and sit on the end of the bed. Should I call Eleanor? No I won't, she was mad, and anyway I was going to dump her so she beat me to it. I won't go on twitter and broadcast the fact that I'm single, I will get attacked with people wanting me to go out with them, nothing new but it will be more extreme then before. Then there will be hate towards Eleanor for 'breaking my heart' even though she didn't, the fans won't believe me. I'd rather leave that topic until the next time we are asked who is single.

I am getting bored. Maybe I should just go join the others. Yeah I think I will. Standing up, I check my face in the mirror, good you can no longer tell I have been crying. But I think everyone already knows I was.

I walk out of my room and down stairs, everyone is walking into the lounge room, good timing I guess.

"We are going to watch Grown Ups first" Liam informs me as I sit in my favourite spot in the lounge room.

"Great, love that movie" I say while smiling at Liam as he flips through the dvd case to find the movie.

"Are you okay?" Harry asks me in a quiet voice as he sits down beside me.

"Better than before" I tell him, he smiles so I do as well.

Liam has now played the movie, time for a laugh.

We have now watched four movies and halfway through the fifth, I am getting so tired. We are now watching Battleship, great movie.

It is about 9:30pm I think I might go up to bed, I am literally about to fall asleep.

I can feel myself leaning to the side, I am so tired, I can't get up though. I can't fall asleep, I am leaning towards Harry, oh no I can't fall asleep on him, not after today. I can't get up though, I'm so tired. I can not keep my eyes open another second.

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