Not A Dream (Larry Stylinson)

Louis and Harry are falling in love, actually they always were in love, they just didn't understand. They have spent the past three years lying to everyone, including themselves about how they feel about each other, now everything is falling apart. The fans were right, 'Larry Stylinson' is real.


4. Ch. 4 - We're Over?

Louis' P.O.V

Okay so the week has finally gone, it went surprisingly fast actually. I am now out the back setting up the table for lunch with the help of Niall. Harry and Liam are getting the food ready, Zayn has gone to the store to get a few bottles of Coke and Pepsi.

"I think Eleanor is here" Niall says as he looks inside towards the front door.

"Or it's Dani" I say, pointing out the fact that Danielle isn't here yet either.

"True" Niall mumbles as he walks inside and towards the door to let in whoever had just arrived.

Put one last plate on the table then walked over to the back door to see who had arrived. Niall opens the door and two girls walk in, Danielle and Eleanor.

"Hey girls" Niall says cheerfully to them as they walk past him.

"Hey Niall" the girls both chime together.

Both girls put their bags on the table at the door. Danielle runs through the house and into the kitchen to find Liam. Eleanor makes her way through the house and out to me, she is smiling but I don't think she is really happy.

"Hey Lou" she says cheerfully as she wraps her arms around me.

"Hey babe" I say, trying to sound happy to see her... I am happy to see her though aren't I? Why should I have to try?

I'm not going to ask her about the other day, she can tell me when she is ready but if she doesn't do it today we are over, does she think I am going to figure out what I did myself, I wasn't doing anything wrong, was I? I sit in my chair and Eleanor sits down beside me.

Harry's P.O.V

Liam and I walked out with all the food, Danielle followed behind us. Zayn had just got home and was bringing the drinks outside, he had also picked Perrie up so she was here now too. Louis and Eleanor were sitting together at the table, I sat across from Louis, Niall sat beside me, Zayn and Perrie sat on the other side of me, Liam and Danielle sat beside Eleanor. We have a really big table outside for meals like this... well actually it is two big tables together but who cares. Everyone's here, good, time to eat.

After lunch we just continued to talk. I could see Louis getting bored, he pulled out his phone, this can't end well. Eleanor hasn't noticed yet, that's good. Louis looks like he is going through photos again, are you kidding me, has he not learnt? Nope. Bloody idiot, put your damn phone away before -

"YOU ARE DOING IT AGAIN, THAT'S IT WE ARE OVER!" Eleanor screams as she jumps to her feet while pointing to Louis' phone. Shit too late. I am pretty sure Louis just shit himself, he quickly locked his phone dropped it in his lap as Eleanor ran inside to get her bag then leave.

Louis just sat there in complete shock, he just got the biggest fright.

"What the hell?!" Perrie asks, completely confused by what just happened.

"That was unexpected" Danielle says as she scratches her head.

"I- I' Louis stutters.

"Lou, are you okay?" Liam asks.

"Yeah, I'm fine" Louis says when he snaps out of his daze.

"What was that about?" Zayn asks.

"I don't know" Louis mumbles. I stare at him as if he was stupid, Zayn noticed me looking at Louis.

"Do you know what happened Harry?" Zayn asks me.

"No!" I answer, looking down at my empty plate.

"I think you know something Harry, every time I looked at you all you were doing was watching Lou and El" Zayn says. Everyone is now staring at me, I just want to hide. Niall stood up from beside me and walked over to Louis.

"Erm well you look like you were ignoring her, then she saw what you were doing on your phone and looked really angry, then she screamed at you and you jumped and locked your phone like you had something to hide from her'' I explain, everyone's eyes move to Louis' direction.

"What were you doing on your phone?" Niall asks suspiciously. Louis' eyes widen and he try's to grab his phone to hide it but Niall quickly grabs it.

"Give my phone back!" Louis begs as he reaches out for it, he is stopped by Liam who grabs his hands and holds them together so he can't grab the phone.

Niall unlocks Louis' phone and his eyes widen at what he sees, my guess was inappropriate photos or something. Niall walks over to me and hands me the phone, I stare at the screen in shock, this isn't what I expected to see. I hit the back button to see that Louis had been looking at a folder full of picture of...... ME.

I look up at Louis who looked like he was about to cry, I locked his phone then put it in the pocket of my hoodie.

"What was it?" Zayn asks, looking at me confused.

"A photo of Louis and Harry!" Niall says before I can answer. I won't mention anything about the rest of the folder, Niall didn't see them.

No-one speaks, no-one knows what to say. Louis jumps up and runs inside, I could see tears getting ready to fall from his eyes. I stand up and follow him inside.


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