Not A Dream (Larry Stylinson)

Louis and Harry are falling in love, actually they always were in love, they just didn't understand. They have spent the past three years lying to everyone, including themselves about how they feel about each other, now everything is falling apart. The fans were right, 'Larry Stylinson' is real.


2. Ch. 2 - What Just Happened?

Louis' P.O.V

What just happened? What did I do to make her walk out the way she did? Are things over between us? She didn't say we were over, but she said not to call her all week.

I am currently laying in my bed, just staring at the fan on the ceiling. It has been an hour since I talked to Eleanor and I feel.... fine. I am surprised that I haven't cried once since she hung up on me. This has happened before and I cried for an hour, I don't remember why but I remember it wasn't because I thought I was going to lose her. I don't think I really do care if I lose her.... wait what am I talking about?! Of course I care about losing her... I don't want her to leave me.... do I?

Someone is coming up the stairs, I don't want to talk to anyone. I quickly roll onto my stomach and close my eyes, my hands are now under my pillow, it must look like I'm sleeping, this is how I always sleep. My bedroom door opens quietly and someone walks in then closes the door.

"I know you're not sleeping Boo Bear" the person says in a deep voice. It's Harry! No shock that he can tell I'm not really sleeping, he sees right trough me, I love that about him, unlike the other boys... or even Eleanor for that matter, Harry can tell when I am lying about something. I open my eyes and smile at Harry who was still standing at the door. He smiles then walks over to me then sits on the bed beside me.

"So did Eleanor tell you why she left the way she did?" Harry asks as he looks down at me.

I shake my head. "Nope, but she said she would explain next week at lunch" I say as I sit up so I am facing Harry then I cross my legs. Harry turns to face me then crosses his legs as well.

"Oh, okay then" he replies, I don't think he knows what to say.

"And she told me not to call her all week" I add quietly, looking down at my hands that were sitting in my lap. Harry raises an eyebrow and tilts his head to the side to show confusion. He doesn't say anything though, he is probably afraid that he will say the wrong thing and make me mad or upset, I don't think I would though.

"Was she mad?" he asks after a few seconds of silence.

"I'm not sure, she sounded a little angry but not like she was about to chop my head off angry" I joke. Harry laughs which causes me to laugh also.

We stop laughing after about a minute. Harry stands up then looks down at me, his beautiful green eyes staring into mine. He smiles which cause me to smile too.

"So how about you come downstairs for some dinner, we just ordered Pizza!" Harry asks as he holds out his hand to help me up.

"Sounds great!" I answer as I take his hand, he pulls me out of bed then lets go of my hand. I felt so strange when he let go, it was like I didn't want him to let go....

Harry's P.O.V

I went up to Louis' room to see how he was doing, I half expected to see him asleep with a tear-stained face or to be still crying but when I walked in he looked fine, no sign that he had been crying at all, that's strange. He was sleeping, not really, he was pretending to. As soon as I spoke his eyes shot open. I went and sat on his bed with him and we talked, he seemed fine, I don't know if he was just trying to hide his feelings or he just didn't really care.

He cracked a joke which made us both laugh, I love it when we laugh together. I stood up and stared down into his big blue eyes, he has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, I'll admit it. I smiled and he did the same. I held out my hand asked him if he wanted pizza, stupid question I guess, of course he would want pizza. He said he did and grabbed my hand, I pulled him out of bed and then let go of his hand, I didn't really want to let go of him but I thought it would be weird if I didn't so I did.

We walked out of Louis room then went downstairs, just in time as well cause the pizza just arrived and Zayn and Liam were taking it into the kitchen while Liam paid for it. We walked into the kitchen and got some plates out of the cupboard then placed them on the bench.

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