The marriage baby project


1. partners

Charlie tracked me down as he pulled me to a stop. Setting his hands on his knees to catch his breath he puffed in and out.

"Ms. Severs. Wanted. Me to. Give. This to you." He pressured. I sighed.

"I swear this chick hates me." I said as I took the pink slip from his sweaty fingers.

I waved Charlie goodbye and walked into family consumer science aka health class. Every senior has it mandatory to take it this year. I just chose it to have it in the beginning so I could get it over with.

I sat beside Charlie and looked around for my (girl) friend Rylee. She popped her head through the doorway and squealed. She hugged me and sat to my left as Charlie was to my right.

"Girl? Can you believe we have health this year? I hate last tears health class." The teacher Mr. Weinell rung his bell and everybody got quiet.

"Good morning students! As you all know my name is mr. Weinell and I will be your health teacher. These first two semesters we will be working on a project. This project concludes using video cameras in babydolls. Your partner will be chooses at random. " behind me someone kept laughing.

"Would you shut up already!" I screamed. The boy rolled his eyes. Like two minutes later he started kicking my chair.

"Stop." I hissed.

"Or what. You gonna cry?" He kicked me square in the back through the hole in the chair as hard as he could.

"You dick!" I sprung from my chair and pushed his desk all the way to the other end of the classroom and flung him from his chair and scraped it across the floor by the desk.

"Ms. Kater? Is there a problem?" The teacher asked. I wiped my hands on my pants and sat down.

"Not any more. " the class snickered and he went back to talking.

"Now i will choose a girls name from the dish and a boys name from the other dish. " he rolled his fingers around like the lady from the hunger games.

"Let's see. Margaret and Davis. Jude and Lexi. Martin and Tia. Rylee and Charlie. Steven and Dianna. Christina and Andrew." After he said my name I kind of tuned out.

Fuck. I'm paired with the only kid in school I truly and deeply hate.

"Alright students. Get with your partners. We will choose a baby..... Now!" I grunted and walked slowly towards Andrew. He raced up to the table and screamed.

"It's black!" I glared at Andrew.

"Andrew! That is very disrespectful!" I said! He walks up to Tammy wite.

"Excuse me Tammy? Can we trade babies?" He asked.

"Why. " her thick accent said.

"Well. Yours is white and you're black and mine is a bit. You know. Discolored?" Tammy looked fuming.

"What did you just say!?" She held her fist high. Ready to punch. I jumped between them trying to break up the fight but Tammy's fist was already gone.

She punched me square between the eyes. Hey head lolled back and I hit the ground. By vision blurred and all I saw were tiny little misshaped figures.

"Chrissy! You alright.!?" My vision came to an ease and I leaned up. I nodded and attempted to stand.

"Tammy? Please take Christina to the nurse. " Tammy pursed her lips before helping me to my feet. Still unsteady I wobbled to the halls.

Half way to the nurse I collapsed to the floor.

"Oh shit!" I heard Tammy say. She picked me up bridal style and carried me to the nurse.

"Um... Here. I think she's "sleeping"" Tammy said motioning her fingers. She ran back to the hall not saying a word.

"So who'd you throw yourself for this time?" She asked with a chuckle.

"A baby doll and Andrew. " she gasped.

"Oh honey. Don't be Falling for the wrong guy. He's a trouble maker."

"Don't worry rose. I don't intend on it. We've been big rivals since kindergarten. "

I still can believe I remember this. In kindergarten I stuck glue all over his hand turkey and he got me back my sticking feathers to my crown. In third grade I broke his kite so he cut my hair during nap time. In 5th grade he stole my sandwich so I stole his Oreos.

"Hello?" Rose snapped her fingers inches from my face. "Earth to Christina. You gonna answer me?" I blinked hard a few times.

"Sorry yeah. What was your question?"

" I asked if yo-" the door rung and a small girl sat on the chair. Freshman.

"I'll be right with you!" She called. She have me an ice pack. "Wanna stay up her tol lunch with me? Gets kind of boring. " I shrugged.

"Why not. " she smiled and gestured for me to sit beside her.

"Come in." The girl looked soft. Her skin looked creamy and pale. Her complexions over the top. Natural face. No makeup. In books. That's what they call the word cute.

"Name. "Rose demanded.

"Emire gallos. " rose looked up.

"Are by chance related to Alex gallos?" She asked.

"Yeah? He's my dad?" Rose huffed.

"So your Elizabeth's first daughter?"

"Excuse me. I don't feel comfortable talking to strangers. " Emire said.

"Oh ok. But at least tell your dad that rose Tyler says hi. " Emire gasped.

"You're rose Tyler!?" Rose nodded.

" my dad talks about all the time. Ever since my mom died he's been talking about coming up to visit. "

"Liz is dead?!"

"Yeah. She dies when I was five. "

I sighed. "I'm gonna go. You seem to be in-" I gave up on talking and just left back to health class.

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