Not so number one

Hi my name is Hannah and I get bullied, a lot. I'm still trying to understand why. I mean, I think I treat people right, and never bullied anyone else. Yet Harry and his friends seem to think it's cute or funny or what ever to bully me. I want them to stop hurting me. I want them to stop calling me names. I want them to stop embarrassing me. But mostly... I want them to stop avoiding an answer.


3. Chapter two

Hannah's POV

As soon as I got home I went to my room. I was the only one home so thankfully no one could bother me. I was so sore and in a lot of pain. I went to my bed and just sat there for a few minutes, thinking about what just happened. Ya, I know I just got beaten up, again, but I feel like I forgot something. Oh, well I guess it wasn't that important if I forgot about it.

I then got up and went to the bathroom. I took my shirt off so that the only thing that was covering my upper body was my bra. I looked at my stomach and saw a brand new big, blueish bruise. ' Lovely' I though to myself.

Then I turned around and saw two new scares and a bruise slightly smaller than the one on my stomach. ' Well don't I look attractive' I thought. ' I get a new bruise everyday form you, might as well kill me already. ' Man, he is such an ass. I swear, sometimes I wish he would kill me, then I wouldn't have to live in this hell hole anymore.'

I put my shirt back on and went back into my bedroom. ' Well, it's six thirty and no one will be home until eight, so I might as well get some sleep. ' And with that I was in my bed trying to fall asleep. I kept thinking and hoping I wouldn't have that dream again.

Lately I have been having a dream where I get beaten up by this figure ' probably Harry ' but then he stops. He looks at me and then tries to kiss me. I'm not sure who the figure is, at first I was thinking it was Harry. But after I had the dream a few time he stopped beating me and started kissing me. So unless the figure changes into someone else, I don't think it's Harry. ' What if he has a secret crush on you. ' I though. ' Ya right, I mean sure, he asked me out in seventh grade. But that doesn't mean anything, right? I mean obviously he wouldn't beat up the girl he has a crush on, right? ' I said back to myself ' Ya, ok, you think what ever you want to think. ' I said back to my self. Maybe I was right, or maybe the other me was right. I don't know, but that sure left me thinking.

Twoish hours later

"Hannah get your ass down here NOW!!!!" I heard Santana scream at me. I must have fallen asleep. I sat up in my bed and heard Samantha crying down stairs. She was only eight or so, so she could have been crying about anything." HANNAH, NOW!!!!!" I went down stairs and saw Santana cradling Samantha in her arms. 

"Where the hell is Samantha's medication?!" Oh my God. That's what I forgot to do. Damn that was pretty important for me to forget! ' Your  a complete idiot! ' I mentally yelled at my self. ' Ya, I've been told before. ' I yelled back.

"Hannah, answer me!" Santana yelled at me.

"Sorry, I must have forgotten to get them."

"What could have been so important that you forgot to pick up her medication?"

' Oh I don't know, maybe the fact that I was shot with a paint ball gun, beaten and left lying on the ground in lots of pain that you have never experienced. ' I mentally screamed at her.

" Um.... sorry. I'll go get it right now." I whispered.

" You better, and if your not back by eight forty five, you are NOT going to be happy."

'Great, she'll probably beat me just like everyone else does.' I ran out of the house to get the medication. Once I got onto a main rode, there was LOTS of traffic. 'Lovely, there is no way I'm going to be home by eight forty five!' I sat in the car for so long. These people need to learn how to drive! The light I was sitting at turned green and person in front of me wouldn't move. I honked the horn as anger and frustration flowed out of me."Get your head out of your ass!" I screamed. I really wasn't in the mood for this.

About twenty five minutes later I arrived at the drug store. I ran inside and went up to the desk and said "IneedSamanthaGarretsheadmedication!"

"Whoa, slow down. Say that again please."

" I need Samantha Garret's head medication."

"Ok, one moment please." he said and walked off into the backroom to get the medication. While he was back there I looked around the drug store. The wall's paint was chipping and it looked gross. ' Man, they really need to re-paint this place. '

After a few minutes the man came back in with no medication. " I'm sorry there was no medication under that name."

My eyes grew wide and I started to panic. "No no no no no, there has to be. I need that medication, like right now." I almost yelled at him.

"I'm sorry miss, there isn't any medication back there with that name."

"Yes there is, there has to be. If not than I in so much trouble!"

"I'm terribly sorry, but hopefully it will be in by tomorrow." He replied.

"Your sure there isn't any medication under he name Samantha Garret?" I started to run to the back but he man stopped me.

"I'm sorry you can't got back there miss, and no, we don't have your medication." He said in such an irritating voice.

"Will you please just check one more time for Samantha Garret!?" I was this close to screaming at him.

"Oh, you said Samantha, I thought you said Santana. Let me check again." You have to be kidding me! It's eight thirty, there was no way I'm going to be back on time.

Five minutes later he came back out with the medication. 'Really, it took you that long the get the medication?' "Here you are, Samantha Garret's head medication. I'm so sorry for the misunderstanding, maybe next time you should speak more clearly." 'Really! Your going to blame this on me!' "Anyway, have her take two teaspoons a day. Thank you for your cooperation." He said in an annoyed voice. "Good-bye." And as soon as he 'wished' me good bye I flew out of there.

'Oh my God, he was irritating. And it's eight forty seven. I'm late.' I ran to the car and got home as fast as I could. Which took me another thirty minutes because of traffic.

When I got back Samantha was screaming bloody murder. I gave the medication to Santana to give it to Samantha. "I'll deal with you later." she said to me

'Nice, I'm really in for it now. I've had enough of today so I'm going to sleep.' So I got into my pj's and went to bed. And as I slept, once again, I had that dream.


Harry's POV

Once Louis and I finished beating Hannah, we went back to our flat to tell the others what happened.

"I tell you what, that was great! We really showed her didn't we!" Louis said.

"Ya, we did didn't we. Um... well... why don't you go tell the boys what happened and I think I'm just going to go rest."

"What your going to leave me. Hazza we have to tell them together." Louis whined

' Oh my God Louis, you can do it without me! '

"Fine if I really have to be there, I will." I said

"Good, besides, I shouldn't be the only one to get the glory. After all, you were the one who shoot her with the paint ball." He said in such a cheerful voice. I mean really, how could someone be that happy when someone else is in pain. 

We then arrived at the flat and walked inside. We saw Liam and Zayn playing video games while Niall was laying on the couch eating a bag of chips. Niall turned his head toward us and said "Hey, what were you too up to today?" 'None of your business Niall.'

"Oh we ran into little miss foster care on the street." Louis blabbed. Liam and Zayn stopped playing their video game and turned to Louis so he could finish his story.

"So Harry shot her with a paintball gun, it was Hilarious! You all should have been there, Hazza hit her right in the leg."

Everyone was fascinated by the story and as Louis went on their faces lite up even more. Except for Zayn, I don't know why but he didn't seem as excited about the story. Anyway, after Louis finished the story, I went upstairs by myself so I could think.

'I wish I wasn't such a coward, I wish I could stand up for her.' 'But you don't and you are.' I said back to myself. 'Oh shut up, your one to talk.' Ah, I need to sort out my priorities.  I decided to just get some sleep, that usually helps me. So I got into bed, close my eyes and hoped that one day Hannah will be able to forgive me.



Hey, I hope you think this chapter is good! I'm going to try to update at least once a week if not more. Please let me know what you think about it by leaving a comment! Bye for now.

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