Not so number one

Hi my name is Hannah and I get bullied, a lot. I'm still trying to understand why. I mean, I think I treat people right, and never bullied anyone else. Yet Harry and his friends seem to think it's cute or funny or what ever to bully me. I want them to stop hurting me. I want them to stop calling me names. I want them to stop embarrassing me. But mostly... I want them to stop avoiding an answer.


21. Chapter twenty

Louise's POV

"What happened? Did they tell you it was cancer?"

"No, I heard everything. Everything about my parents." 'How did she hear that? How in the world did she hear my conversation with Harry?'

"What do you mean?"

"Louis you know exactly what I mean. I heard your whole conversation with Harry."

"But how? You weren't even-"

"Ya I know I wasn't there. Your mom wanted me to call you to ask you to come to the hospital because she was leaving. So I called and I thought you had picked up right away but I guess you didn't realize it. You never hung up so I heard the whole conversation."

"Oh, so, you know why Harry bullies you?"

"Ya and it really explains a lot. But it still leaves me with one question, where are my real parents?"

"Harry never said that part but I don't think he knows. But hey, it doesn't matter right? I mean you have me, and you have mom. That's a pretty good family, right?"

"Ya, and that's all I need." While we were talking a nurse walked in.

"Hello. It's time to take those other test, so if you don't mind."

"I'll just be going." I said. When I walked out of Hannah's room I saw Harry sitting in one of the chairs.

"What are you doing here?"

"I just came to make sure that your not going to tell anyone about what we talked about. Your not going to tell anyone, right?"

"No, of course not."

"Ok, that means you can't tell Hannah either."

"Oh, well, about Hannah-"

"You told her! Dude, I said you could tell anyone, not even Hannah. Especially not Hannah. Why would you tell her?"

"I didn't tell her, she sort of found out herself."

"What do you mean she found out herself?"
"She called me and I must have bumped my phone and picked up so she over heard the conversation."

"So now she knows."

"Well, there is a good side to this. I mean at least she knows why you do it. I don't think she will be as mad anymore."

"Ya, but that's still not good. Like I said her 'parents' are crazy and have issues, so they might find out that she knows. They didn't want her in there life, they didn't even want her to live. They actually asked me to..."

"To what?"

"To, um, to kill her."


"Shhhhh" Harry hissed at me.

"They asked you to kill her?" I whispered.

"Ya, a few times, but every time I said no. It was bad enough I was bullying her, but I certainly wasn't going to kill her. I told them that's not what they were paying me to do, if I didn't say that they probably would have reported me."

"If you had already done what they wanted you to do, why would they report you?"

"They were crazy, they thought that if I stopped bullying her she wouldn't be depressed and she would be taken out of foster care and given back to them."

"That doesn't make any since."

"I know but I wasn't going to argue with them and be reported."

"Why didn't they just get someone else to do it?"

"I had already started, they knew if they said I could stop and they would hired someone else, I would report them. But if I was still bullying her, I would have to report myself along with them."

"So, do you know anything about her real parents?" I asked.

"No, I haven't the slightest idea who they are, or where they are. Hopefully she wont ask about them too much."

"She's already said something to me about them. When I got here she was crying her eyes out because she heard us talking. We talked about it for a little while and then at one point she mentioned something about her parents."

"She must be heart broken. I mean, she tried to kill herself, then she finds out she has cancer, then finds out her parents, who weren't even her real parents, payed someone to bully her." Harry said.

"Well, she might not have cancer. The nurses are running the final tests on her right now." After I said that the nurse walked out of Hannah's room.

"Ok. we should have the results of the tests with in an hour." She said.

"Ok, thank you." I said. "You want to come in and talk to Hannah?"

"Um, I don't think that would be a good idea. I'll just-"

"Come on." I interrupted him. We went into Hannah's room, where she was laying in her bed with her eyes closed.

"See, she's not even awake." Harry said.

"I'm awake." She said."Hello Harry."

"Hi. How are you feeling?" He asked her.

"Ok, I guess."

"That's good, you uh, might not have cancer?"

"That's what the nurse told me. I really hope I don't, but like Louis told me, I shouldn't put all of my hope into it. That way if I do have cancer I won't be too disappointed."

"Right, well I'm hoping you don't."


"So, um, you heard Louis and I's conversation?"

"Ya, I did."

"So you know everything?"


"You know that I never wanted to do those awful things to you it just..... well, you know."


"I'll just let you two talk." I said. I walked out of the room and ran into the same nurse that just ran off with Hannah's test.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, but I'm glad I ran into you. We got Hannah's test results back much earlier than we expected."

"Ok, so do you know if she has cancer or not." I asked.

"I should probably tell Hannah myself."

"That's ok, I'll tell her. You have other work to do, so does she have cancer?"

"No, she doesn't have cancer."

"Oh my God, that's great!" I tried to run into the room to tell Hannah but the nurse took my arm.

"But she does have something called a hematoma."

"Ok, what is that?"

"It is where there is a build up of blood in any part of the body. It will require surgery, so we have set that up for tomorrow."

"Ok thank you." I ran into Hannah's room to tell her the good news and found Hannah and Harry...








Hannah's POV

"I'll just let you two talk." Louis said and left the room.

"Look, I never really wanted to hurt you. I was only mad at the time, so I agreed. I never thought it would go this far and if I could take it all back I would, but-"

"Harry, it's ok. I forgive you and I understand." I said.

"You do?"

"Ya, I mean I guess I understand."

"Oh thank God. I was worried you wouldn't forgive me and I thought I have ruined my chances with you and I thought we would never be ok and I thought-" I interrupted him by kissing him.

"What was that for?" He asked.

"To make you shut up. So what was that about ruining your chance with me." His face turned red.

"Well I still like you, I guess, so I thought that because I did all those things to you, I had ruin my chances."

"Well, what if I said I liked you too?"

"I would probably ask you out."

"Ok, well, I like you too."

"Then will you go out with me?"

"Of course." After I said yes, he kissed me.


Enjoy the chapter!

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