Not so number one

Hi my name is Hannah and I get bullied, a lot. I'm still trying to understand why. I mean, I think I treat people right, and never bullied anyone else. Yet Harry and his friends seem to think it's cute or funny or what ever to bully me. I want them to stop hurting me. I want them to stop calling me names. I want them to stop embarrassing me. But mostly... I want them to stop avoiding an answer.


7. Chapter six

Hannah's POV

He... kissed me. He kissed me. He kissed me! Wait, he kissed me? He kissed me?! Why the hell would Harry Styles kiss me? I mean really, one minute he can't give an answer to why he bullies me and the next he kisses me.

Anyway right after he kissed me, he ran off. What the hell. 'Now I'm even more confused than I was two seconds ago.' What kind of person does this?! They go off and bully someone for three years, then one day, right out of the blue they kiss the person they've bullied. Then right after they kiss them, they run off? 'I will never be able to figure him out.'

Right now, I don't know what to think.

Harry's POV

I kissed her! I can't believe I kissed her. I had to get myself out that situation as fast as I could, so I ran. What was I thinking! Obviously I wasn't thinking. I mean how could I have been thinking. That was such a stupid move. This is bad, this is really bad. What do I do now? I practically just confessed my feelings to her! Now what is she going to think of me? Oh my God! What is she going to think of me? 

Everyday for the past three years I have bullied her. Then one day out of the blue, I kiss her. Man, that looks really bad. I wonder what she's thinking right now. I wonder if she's thinking of me. She probably is thinking of me, but not in a good way. I wonder if she's thinking of the kiss....... was it a good kiss. Well probably not for her. Her bully just kissed her. But to me, it was a whole different story.

The kiss I shared with her was the best kiss of my life.  Much better than any other kiss I've ever had! Even though all I could think went I was kissing her was 'You idiot, what have you done!' I felt sparks when we kissed. I felt sparks like I've never felt before and in my head fireworks were going off. The fireworks were loud and colorful. They seemed to never end, well, at least not until the kiss ended.  It was like it was a sign going off in my head that was saying 'She's the one'. And boy do I hope she is. So many thoughts were racing threw my head all at the same time. 

There were the ones telling me to run and to keep concealing my feelings for her. The others told my to tell her everything and confess my unending crush toward her........ or maybe it's love I feel for her. Probably, but I don't want to say anything that's not true.

I think, for now at least, I need to keep my feelings to myself. So I think I'm just going to pretend it didn't happen. Tomorrow if she asks why I kissed her, I'm just going to ask her what she's talking about, and say she's imagining things.

Anyway, the only thing I wish that I could have done is freeze time and make the kiss last forever. I know Niall is always saying he wants to find his princess and the whole princess thing is his, but I think, after that kiss, I found mine. I really do. I think Harry Styles has found his princess.

Hannah's POV

I'm still very confused and frankly, I don't want to think about it anymore. But tomorrow I'll probably ask him why he kissed me. Oh come on, like you wouldn't want to know why your bully kissed you. You can't say you wouldn't be curious.

I started to walk home after my long, strange and might I add, long day at school. 'I can't wait to get home and go to bed!' I though. This day was very different than any other day. I mean sure, there have been some days here and there that were a bit far out there, but never anything like this. Seriously, how many times does a bully kiss the person they..... oh never mind. You get the point.

I finally reached the neighborhood I lived in. I got to my street and saw Santana talking to someone outside. 'What is she doing, she never comes outside to socialize with people.' I said to myself. I started to walk a little faster to see what was up, cause I knew something was up.

I looked at the person she was talking to and saw...... Alex! 'No, no, no ,no, please don't let that be Alex!' I said. Alex is the girl who is in charge of the foster care program. If she's here that can only mean one thing, I'm being moved to another family.

After I saw that it was in fact Alex, I started to sprint home. I got the front yard and went up to Santana. "What..... is she...... she .... she ...... what is-"

"What?" she asked

I held up one finger to tell her to give me a second so that I could catch my breath. Once I had finally caught my breath I continued.

"What is Alex doing here?" I asked.

"She is here to take you away to a different house." She replied with a smirk on her face.

"Ok I'll meet you ladies inside, let me just get all the paper work and then Hannah, you can go pack all of your things." Alex said.

Santana and I walked inside while Alex went to get the paper work.

"I told you you wouldn't be happy if you weren't home by eight forty five." Santana said.

"You called them because I wasn't home on time. It's not my fault there was so much traffic and that the guy who works at the medication shop has terrible hearing." I yelled at her.

"What the hell are you talking about?" She asked.

"Nothing." I replied. Right then Alex walked in and set the paper work down.

"Ok, so basically, all it says it that you will no longer her legal guardian, and that you give up all rights to that." She said.

I signed my part and stormed off upstairs to pack while Santana signs her part and talks to Alex about all the details. I put all of my stuff in my suite case and went back downstairs. I had a pissed off look on my face and I was in a pissy mood.

"Hannah, dear, what's wrong?" Alex asked me.

"Nothing, everything is fine." I said.

"Hun, you can tell me anything." she replied.

"I have nothing to say to you. But I have loads to say to her!" I yelled as I pointed to Santana. "You just give me up because I'm not back on time. You know, somethings we can't control things that happen in this world, like the fact that there was lots of traffic last night. Or the fact that after I said Samantha's name five times, the man who worked at the medication office STILL didn't understand me."

"Well I didn't know all the details." she said.

"Because you never asked! I know I'm not your real child, but you could have taken the smallest interest in my life! You are such a bitch and you were a contemplate ass to me while I stayed here!" I yelled.

"You can't talk to me that way!" She yelled back.

"Oh yes I can! Your not my foster mother anymore so I can say whatever the hell I want to you! So piss off, bitch!" I screamed at her, and once I finished I walked right out of the house and went to wait in Alex's car. 'Well that was just wonderful!'

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