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Hi my name is Hannah and I get bullied, a lot. I'm still trying to understand why. I mean, I think I treat people right, and never bullied anyone else. Yet Harry and his friends seem to think it's cute or funny or what ever to bully me. I want them to stop hurting me. I want them to stop calling me names. I want them to stop embarrassing me. But mostly... I want them to stop avoiding an answer.


15. Chapter fourteen

Harry's POV

I looked at Hannah's lifeless body in the ground. She was covered in her own blood. From the looks of it, she had cut her wrists, a lot. I started to panic, she probably wasn't going to make it. I took off my shirt and wrapped it around her arm.

"Louis,  pull you shirt off and call 911!" I shouted. Louis took off his shirt and called as fast as he could. I wrapped his shirt around Hannah's other arm. The phone rang for what felt like forever, then finally, Louis started to talk to someone on the other line.

"Put it on speaker." I said

"911, what's your emergency."

"My foster sister just tried to kill herself!" He screamed.

"Ok, sir, calm down." The lady spoke in a calm voice.

"Calm down, how the hell am I suppose to calm down?!" He yelled back.

"Sir please, I need to get all the information I need to help you. Now please calm down." She spoke again. "Now, where are you?"

"At the back of Jefferson High school."

"Ok, is your sister conscious?"

"No." Louise's eyes started to tear up. Then a tear slipped out of one of his eyes, then another, then another.

"How long ago did she try to kill herself?"

"I don't know."

"What is your and her names?"

"Louis Tomlinson and Hannah Perish."

"Ok, the paramedics are on their way." She said then hung up.

Louis started to passe around like a mad man. He was so worried about her. He started to kick and punch the wall, he hit it so hard his hand started to bleed.

"Louis, stop it. We don't need you to be injured as well." I said.

"Sorry, I'm just so worried about her. I know I was just out here beating her, but when I heard her tell me to kill her, I just....... Something changed in me, I felt like I had taken something and broken it so that it was far from repair. I felt like I made her feel like she had absolutely no purpose of living, which I did. After she said that, I just.....changed me. And last night, when we were talking in the kitchen, the crush I had on her kinda changed in to a brotherly love for her. I guess I just kinda got side tracked and got mad at her like we always used to. Now, I feel like her older brother, who has to protect her from everything." I was so happy he said that, now he can protect her form other people, form me.

Just because he stopped bullying her, doesn't mean I can. I have to keep bullying her because of certain people, people I should not have gotten involved with. I regret it everyday of my life.

Finally, the ambulance arrived and took Hannah on a stretcher into the vehicle. I was about to ask if we could ride with her, but they seemed really busy trying to keep her alive......... that made me nervous.

The ambulance sped down the road and Louis and I ran to his car. We hopped in and Louis started the car. We took off down the road to the hospital.

"Look in the back seat, I think I may have a shirt or two back there." He said. Sure enough, he had two shirts back there. I picked them up and put one on, I held onto the other one so that Louis could put it on when we got to the hospital.

Once we arrived, Louis put on the shirt and we ran inside. I went up to the lady that was standing behind the desk.

"We are here to see Hannah Perish, do you know what room she is in?"

"Yes, one moment. Ok, let's see, Hannah Perish. She is in room-" She gasped.

"What, whats wrong with her?" I asked.

"I can't tell you anything other than that she is in VERY critical condition." Oh my God. What am I gonna do? The love of my life is in VERY critical condition! "She is in room 127"

"Um........ok." was all I managed to say.

"What did she say?" Louis asked me.

"That she is in VERY critical condition and she is in room 127." I said. His face fell. He looked way more worried than he was five seconds ago and he looked like he was gonna be sick.

"Are you ok, Lou?"

"Um.........................ya.........sure I-I'll be f-fine. Don't worry she-she will be ok." He managed to say.

We sat down in the hospital chairs. Louis started to bounce his legs up and down and he was biting his nails. That made me bit my nails. I started to sweat, ya I know these are all gross things, but hey, we were nervous. We had no idea what was gonna happen to Hannah.

Hannah. Man, I really hope she doesn't die. If she did I would never have get to tell her how much I love her. Yes, love her. I am in love with Hannah and I really don't care what anyone has to say about it. 'I hope she's ok, but what if she's not. What if we were too late. What if we didn't call the ambulance on time. What if there is nothing they can do for her. What if I didn't wrap her arms tight enough. What if I let her lose too much blood. What if- oh I can't take it anymore!'

I stood up from my chair and went to her room. "Harry, where are you going?" Louis asked me. I didn't answer to him, I ran down the halls with anticipation. I went straight to her room and looked in the window that showed her room. I looked in and almost passed out. She was hooked up to so many wires attached to her, lots of blood, and lots of nurses. A doctor rushed passed me into her room. He ran to a nurse and showed her something, her eyes went big. I wanted to know what was wrong with her. The doctor came back out of her room.

"Excuse me, Whats wrong with Hanna?" I asked

"Sorry, I can't tell you right now." He said, then rushed off.

I looked back into her room, I looked right at her. She looked pitiful. She looked weak and sad. I wanted to run in there and put her in my arms. I love her, I hope I can go in there soon to see how she is. Then Louis came down the hall and stood next to me. He looked in the window, and his eyes got big.

"W-wow, she's pretty h-hurt." He said.

"Ya, she is."

"Um, why don't we go back to the lobby until they let us go in her room, ok?"

"Ya, sure."

"She's going to be ok, alright. Harry?"

"Ya, I'm sure." I didn't really feel like talking, I didn't really feel like doing anything. We walked back to the lobby and I sat in the chair. Hannah had always been in my life, every since preschool. She was in my class, we meat on the first day of school. Ya, I know, it sounds cheesy, but it's true. We were best friend up until third grade, that was the first year we weren't in the same class. Then, in fifth grade we were in the same class again and that was the year my crush began. I finally got the courage to ask her out in the seventh grade, I had forgotten she already had a boyfriend. So I got mad because she turned me down. Then I started to bully her....... from then on it's history.

I noticed I started to cry. Tears slipped out of my eyes and I started to ball. Louis noticed and he put his arm around me.

"Harry, she's going to be ok."

"H-how do you know that? How do you know she's not going to d-die?" I asked.

"I don't, but we need to keep positive, for Hannah's sake." He said. He was right, I needed to stay positive, for Hannah.

Louise's POV

Harry might have been IN love with Hannah, but I loved her like she really was my sister. We sat in the chairs in the lobby, until Harry got up and started to run down the hallway.

"Harry, where are you going?" I asked him, he didn't respond. I decided to let him go, maybe he was just going to the bathroom..... ya right. I knew he was going to Hannah's room. I wanted to get up and follow him but I couldn't bring myself to my feet. I knew that the rooms in this hospital had windows and with windows you can see everything that's going on. Everything. Unless they close the curtains, which they only do in really bad cases. I didn't really want to see Hannah they way she was, right now she was broken, weak, in pain. It was different now that she was my foster sister, I didn't want her to feel any of this. I needed to make sure Harry didn't barge into the room, because they way he wants to be with Hannah, he would. I walked down the hallway until I found Hannah's room with Harry standing outside of it looking in, about to cry.

I stood next to him and looked inside the room. I regretted it. I took one look at her and wish I didn't. It was too much pain for me too see her that way. I hated it.

"W-wow, she's pretty h-hurt." I managed to say.

"Ya, she is." Harry replied.

"Um, why don't we go back to the lobby until they let us go in her room, ok?"

"Ya, sure."

"She's going to be ok, alright. Harry?"

"Ya, I'm sure."

We started to walk back, we sat down and I could tell he was in deep thought. I wasn't going to interrupt him, but then he started to cry. I put my arm around him.

"Harry, she's going to be ok." I tried to reassure him.

"H-how do you know that? How do you know she's not going to d-die?" He asked.

"I don't, but we need to keep positive, for Hannah's sake."

My phone then rang so I stood up and walked away.


"Hey honey, I have great news! But where are you and Hannah?" My mom said into the phone.

"Oh, we are a little busy right now. But we will be home soon."

"Oh, ok. Well I have really good news."

"Ok, good. I could really use some right now." I said

"What? Louis what's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing. Um so what's so great?"

"Well...............we adopted Hannah!" My spirit raised a little when she said that.

"Really, that's great! Look I got to go right now mom but I'll call you later,ok?"

"Ok, be sure to tell Hannah the good news."

"I will, bye."


I went back to Harry with a smile on my face. I saw Harry's sad face and then I remembered where we were and why we were there.

"Who was that?" He asked.

"My mom."

"Did you tell her about Hannah?"

"No, but she told me that we adopted her."

"Really, well that's wonderful." He said, his face stayed sad thought.

"Harry she will be fine."

"Ya, ok."

"No, really. She will."

"OK, Louis, ok." He was really uptight. I could understand why, but he wasn't even trying to be positive. Oh well, I was a bit happier. Hannah was officially my sister. I was

Harry's POV

We had been there for hours and hadn't heard anything about Hannah. I had fallen asleep on Louise's shoulder. A nurse came over to us and woke me up.

"Are you here for Hannah perish?" She asked.

"Yes, we are."

"Ok, you are able to go see her now." She said.

Louis and I ran down the hallway. When we got there we walked in the door and saw..............


Enjoy the new Chapter.

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