Finally found

"I'm lost, that's all I am. I just want to find my place in the world. I just want to find where I belong."

"Well It's not here, so leave."

"Wait, please, please help me. I just want to be found. I promise if you help me I'll leave you alone."

"No just stay away from me and my family. Just go away."


5. I don't exist

Cassidy's POV

I went upstairs to look for the papers, I had no clue where they would be so I started in the office where my parents sometime do there work. When ever I had friends over we weren't allowed to go in there, and I'm not allowed to go in there unless I need the computer to do homework. I walked into the room and pulled out one of the drawers, there were papers over flowing inside. 'These all can't be my papers.' I thought. I started to look through all the papers, I picked up the first few and looked at them. They were about me, but they weren't school records.

The one that really cought my eye was a medical one. It was a birth certificate of some sort, it wasn't an official birth certificate but it resembled one. It had my date of birth and where I was born, but it said I was born in England. That wasn't right though, because I was born in the US. That must be why this isn't the one they would give to the doctors, I knew I had seen something like this before. When I was seven I had a severe asthma attack and I was rushed to the hospital. When my parents got there this is what they gave the doctors, well the correct version of it is what they gave them.

I kept looking through the papers and didn't find the records. I finally looked through all the papers and never found the records. I put then all back and kept the one I found that said I was born in England. Another question for my mom, she'll probably freak out about this too. I looked in the next drawer to find no papers. 'Thank God.' I pulled out the last drawer and saw a bunch of different tabs, all about me. The first one was labeled medical, the next one was labeled  family and the other one was labeled real information. 'Real information? What the heck is that suppose to mean?' I opened it and it had a bunch of information on it, I decided to not look at it now, so I put that with the medical paper and looked into the family tab.

I pulled out the one paper that was in there, it only had a few things on it. It had a name, but it wasn't my name, I think it was suppose to be me. Then it listed my relatives it said I had a mother, father, a brother, and a bunch of other people. This must be a misprint as well because I don't have a brother. I put it back and took the papers into my room and set them on my bed. Then I went into my parents room to continue the search for the records. I pulled open the drawer on my mom's dresser, I knew she put a bunch of papers in this drawer, but I didn't pay much mid to it until now. I started looking through papers again, I pulled out them all. I looked at them and if they didn't have my name on it I put it back. I finally found one that had my name on it. It said something about me not being a real person, it was from the school, so I must have been getting close. I was very confused, so I went back into the office and took the laptop and put it in my room with the other papers.

I went back into my parents room and looked through the rest of the papers. Eventually, I found all my records. I took them all into my room and opened the laptop. I looked up my name, there were no results of me on the internet. Then I look up my parents, there was no result of them either. 'This is the weirdest thing ever.' There was another name one of the papers, Lindsay Grace, there wasn't a last name. I look it up and found a result, I clicked on the link to the website. There was an article about this girl, who I thought was me, but obviously isn't. It was about twins that were born in England, the girl died and the boy lived. It says the girl went through a heart attack and didn't make it. She died two hours after she was born, the parents were devastated and the brother never knew his sister.

I was wondering why the name of this girl was on my paper. I was also wondering why my parent's names didn't have a result when I looked up there names. Was I this girl? Was I the dead twin? The other paper said I was born in England, and there was no result when I looked up myself. I though more about why my parents didn't have a result 'Maybe they used fake names to hide something for me.' I went back into my parents room and pulled out the papers again. I looked through them all until I finally found what I was looking for, it was a prison record.


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