To Be Forgotten

Jack Frost was out one day, minding his business (in other words, having a snowball fight,) when he gets caught by Pitch Black, the master of fear, otherwise known as the Boogieman. Jack gets locked in a cage, alone, with no way to contact the other guardians. On his third day there, though, he gets a visit from a strange girl that calls herself Ima. She destroys the lock using a strange pair of metal gloves that somehow make her stronger. She alerts the guardians, and takes Jack to a strange yet amazing place called the Imagine Nation. Just so you know, I do not own the Jack Blank series, or Rise of the Guardians.


2. You're A What?

After my conversation with Pitch, he sort of dissipated into dust, leaving me to mull my thoughts over in my head.  I spent around two hours just sitting there, staring off into space, when I heard a voice that sounded vaguely familiar, but I couldn't place.

"Zoning, huh?" Came a girls voice from the door of my cage. I jolted my head up, wincing at the pain that shot through the back of my head. There, standing on the small ledge on the rim of the cage, stood a girl about 13 years old. She had long black hair, was about five foot four, and wore a white suit type thing, and not a fancy suit, but the kind you would imagine super heroes or astronauts wearing. It had a metal outer shell, and was covered in a bunch of lights, some of which were blinking red or green. She was holding a helmet under her arm that was a lot like her suit, with wight metal and lots if blinking lights. She put the helmet on, twisted a nob on her wrist, which seemed to make her slightly see through, and walked straight through the cage wall!

"H-ho-how did you do that?!?" I stuttered, my eyes wide with shock. "Who are you?"

"Ima." She said, taking her helmet back off, her eyes meeting mine.

"You're a what?" I asked, utterly bamboozled.

She sighed. "Ima. My name is Ima, and this is a ghost suit, which is one of the great inventions from the Imagine Nation. It vibrates the molecules in your body in just the right way so you can walk through walls and such." Ima said matter-of-factly. "Your fellow guardians sent me here to break you out, as I am one if the very few people who have gotten in and out of here successfully without getting caught. Now, if you want to get out, I'd advise shutting up." 

Now I remembered where I had heard that voice before! It was that voice inside your head when you where reading, or when you had a really good idea. 

Oh, and one thing about her that I forgot to mention. She had bright green skin. Yup. That's what I said. Her skin was really bright green, like the color of the buds on the trees in spring.

She turned off her ghost suit, and grabbed something from a hidden pocket on the ghost suit. She walked over or the door, and stuck her hand through the bars.

Still being quiet as she requested, I hissed at her "What are you doing?!?" 

Without looking at me, she said "Picking the lock."

"You can pick locks?!?" I exclaimed, letting a little more awe into my voice than I intended.

"Uh, yeah." Ima exclaimed as if it were obvious.

Just then the door swung open, and she looked back at me.

"Can you fly?" She inquired.

"Not without my staff, and I'm pretty sure that's a little to high to jump." I replied instantaneously. 

Ima sighed. "I'll be right back," she said, beginning to step out of the door.

"Wait!" I practically shouted. She whirled around, making several frantic hand gestures with her left hand, and holding one finger up to her mouth in the gesture of shh.

"Will you shut it?!?" She scream/whispered. 

"Well, why were you stepping out the door?!? You would have fallen almost 100 feet!" I hissed back.

"No, I wouldn't." She whispered, turning back to the door. "There are other ways to fly besides controlling the wind." She reached outside, and gabbed a long skateboard type thing that didn't have wheels that I had failed to spot earlier. She set it down on the floor and stepped on, pressing her foot down on a small peddle near the front. There was a faint wiring sound, and the skateboard thing started floating!

"Wow!" I exclaimed a little to loudly.

"I said, will you SHUT UP?!?" Ima hissed, whirling around again.

"Sorry, sorry," I said quickly (and quietly).

Ima just rolled her eyes and turned around. Gripping the nose of her hover board, she leaned foreword and shot out the door like a dog with it's tail on fire.

Around three minutes later, she showed up again, with my staff in her free hand.

"How did you do that so fast?" I whispered in the loudest voice I dared to use.

"Look, Frost. This isn't my first time here. I know this place like the back of my hand." Ima said, than turned around and got back on the hover board as if that settled the matter. She leaned foreword, going just out the door, than stopping and looking back at me. "You coming?" She asked.

"Yes. Lets get out of this place." I said, getting up, grabbing my staff, and walking over to the door. Taking a deep breath, I leaped out into the open air, and let my spirits soar even higher than myself. 

"Follow me." Ima said, turning around momentarily to tell me this. She then looked foreword again and sped off at top speed. We wound through a seemingly endless maze of hallways before stopping at a large, stained glass window.

"Ok, stop here." Ima ordered. I hovered a few feet behind her, curious about what she was doing. As i turns out, she simply rammed her shoulder against the glass as hard as she could, and the entire window, including the frame, fell out of place and shattered on the ground after a three hundred foot drop. Deep inside the building, we could hear an alarm begin to go off. Instead of checking if they were in danger, Ima proceeded to ride her hover board out the window, stop, turn around, and say to me, "Please prove to me that I didn't waist my time busting you out. You're sapose to follow me."

"B-b-but the alarm. Won't we get caught? The NightMares will be coming, they'll escape!" I stuttered. The entire time I was speaking though, Ima was rolling her eyes and mouthing 'blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.'

"Look, Frost. I'm not here to kill NightMares, or even keep them from escaping. I'm here to get you, and deliver you safely to the Imagine Nation. And if I blow this project, well, I don't want to even think about it. Just know that it will be bad.

Sighing, I reluctantly gave in and followed Ima out the window. Whatever I was expecting to happen later, well, I don't know what I was expecting, but it was nowhere near the real thing.

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