To Be Forgotten

Jack Frost was out one day, minding his business (in other words, having a snowball fight,) when he gets caught by Pitch Black, the master of fear, otherwise known as the Boogieman. Jack gets locked in a cage, alone, with no way to contact the other guardians. On his third day there, though, he gets a visit from a strange girl that calls herself Ima. She destroys the lock using a strange pair of metal gloves that somehow make her stronger. She alerts the guardians, and takes Jack to a strange yet amazing place called the Imagine Nation. Just so you know, I do not own the Jack Blank series, or Rise of the Guardians.


1. Oh, No.

Hi. I'm Jack Frost. Guardian of Fun. All that stuff. I'm tall and kind of skinny, with wight hair and I always weir my blue hoodie and carry my staff. It's been about four years since me and the other guardians, Santa, the Tooth Fairy, Sandman, and the Easter Bunny, along with a few brave kids that still believed in us, defeated Pitch Black, the ruler of fear. I'm still causing snow days and snowball fights all over the place so life is good for me. Our story starts in a place called Ankeny, Iowa, in the USA.

It was night time, and about an hour ago, I had watched a group of kids drag their tired feet into their homes after an epic snowball fight. Obviously, that snowball fight had been started by none other than me. In literally ten seconds flat, there was snow flying everywhere! No exaggeration included! Even I didn't stand much a chance in this snow battle.

Suddenly, I heard a rustling sound behind me. I whirled around, staff at he ready. I shouldn't have bothered. The person attacked me from behind. I felt its presents just in time to be able to think the words "Oh, no," before something heavy hit the back of my head, and everything went black.




I woke up some time latter, lying in a heap on a cold, metal floor, my head throbbing fiercely. I slowly opened my eyes, and my surroundings swam before me. I seemed to be in a cage of some sort. Oh, no. Where's my staff?!? I thought, jumping up despite the instant rejection from my head. I staggered, then caught myself on the wall of my cage, discovering that it was one of the cages that Pitch had kept the tooth fairies in, only with a much better lock. Looking down, I also saw that I was aleast a hundred feet up in the air. Sinking down into a sitting position, I leaned against the bars and fell asleep.




I woke up once more almost a day latter. I remembered that when I was last awake, it had been around midday, and I could tell that the sun was about to rise. 

I got up and started to passe the cage, thinking hard about what would happen if I couldn't contact the others, when my thoughts were interrupted by a sickeningly sweat voice

"Hello, Jack. Long time no see, hmm?" I whirled around to find Pitch standing on the opposite side of the cage, staring at me with his evil smirk that was surprisingly easy to be mistaken as a look of understanding. He snapped his fingers and black chains sprouted out of the walls, forming cuffs that clamped themselves around my wrists.

"What do you want, Pitch?" I said in a bored voice, though inside, I was trembling at the thought if where this conversation could go.

He chuckled. "Something." He said in an innocent voice. Great. He's now playing the smart alick. 

"I'm really not in the mood for smart alicks right now, so hurry up and get to the point." I snarled at him, trying in vain to swallow the fear now rising up in my thought, making it harder to talk, threatening to choke me.

"My name's not Alex." He said, a fake puzzled expression crossing his face, quickly followed by a rather smug look. "The point is that no one cares, Jack! You've been here for three days, and still no word from the guardians! They don't even realize that you're gone! This is my point, Jack! No one really cares." And the worst part was that I had to believe him. At times, it was rather obvious that I was more a nuisance to the other guardians than anything. My disaperence would come more as a relief to them. And that was that.

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