To Be Forgotten

Jack Frost was out one day, minding his business (in other words, having a snowball fight,) when he gets caught by Pitch Black, the master of fear, otherwise known as the Boogieman. Jack gets locked in a cage, alone, with no way to contact the other guardians. On his third day there, though, he gets a visit from a strange girl that calls herself Ima. She destroys the lock using a strange pair of metal gloves that somehow make her stronger. She alerts the guardians, and takes Jack to a strange yet amazing place called the Imagine Nation. Just so you know, I do not own the Jack Blank series, or Rise of the Guardians.


4. A/N

Hi guys. I'm sorry if you thought this was an actual update, but I came to announce that I probably won't be updating as often, because I'm really focused on my story The Island Of Ecital right now. I would really appreciate it if you checked that one out and gave me some feedback. The reason for this is Ecital is my own original story, not a fanfic, so it's harder to write and I've given myself a new goal for writing a new chapter a week. I promise that I will update this story, just not as often. By! P.S. You can rant at me about this in the comments if you want. It's ok.
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