Love is all you need

"Love is all you need"

Yea right.

I used to think that sayin was stupid, then I met Zayn Malik. I finally realized that love is all you need.


4. him

I run upstairs to get ready. I put on a black dress and black high heels. I let my blond hair fall down my back. I put on make-up, but not much. Less is more, right? I grab a small white clutch and I put in a comb, some eyeliner and mascara, and my wallet. I don't want Zayn to pay for my meal, I'm independent.

From: hannahXX

Zayn says he'll come get you at 7.


How does he know my address?


I gave it to him

Really Hannah? You just have to go and give guys my address. I swear she is so stupid at times.

I don't text her back because it's already 6:50. Zayn will be here in ten minutes. I think about how this Isn't a date, just two people wanting to become friends. At 7:00 Zayn pulls up in a white limo. Did Hannah also tell him that I love white limos? He comes up to the door wearing a black suit. I didn't think it was going to be a fancy thing. I thought we were going to go clubbin' or something.

"You look beautiful Amber"

"You look really good in that suit."

"Thanks, ready to go?"

"Sure, let's go"

We walk to the limo and he helps me in. He's such a gentleman. He climbs in after me. We sit in silence for a little and then he tries to hold my hand.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to hold your hand. Is that a problem?"

I think about this for a minute. I mean, he is famous so why not.

"No it's fine" I say as I intertwine my fingers with his.

His hands are so warm. I catch myself staring at him and I laugh. We pull up to the restaurant. I had no Idea it was going to be this fancy.

We walk into the restaurant. I see women in ball gowns and men in tuxes.

"I feel so out of place." I say

"It doesn't matter. You look stunning anyways."

I smile up at him. His eyes are so dark, like they're about to pull me Into them. He grabs my hand again and I don't refuse it. I keep telling myself I don't need a boyfriend, but this is nice. I'm secretly hoping he'll ask me out.

"Hey guys!" Niall yells as he waves over.

"Be quiet" Hannah says.

We walk over to say hi. Niall offers to let us sit with them but Zayn refuses. I wonder why? We walk over to our table and sit down.

"Why didn't you want to sit with them?" I ask.

"I wanted to be alone." He responds.


"You'll see" he says.

Those eyes. They're all I can think about right now. I smile at him. "What am I waiting to see?"

"I have a little surprise for you. But it will have to wait for later."

Before I can respond, the waiter comes out. I can't stop thinking about the "surprise" he has.

Is it good?

Or is it bad?

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