Love is all you need

"Love is all you need"

Yea right.

I used to think that sayin was stupid, then I met Zayn Malik. I finally realized that love is all you need.


2. date

"Love is all you need if you've forgotten that." My best friend, Hannah says.

"Oh shut up. I don't need anything. I need to live my life not depending on a guy." I say back.

My name is Amber. I'm 18 years old and I just graduated. I have blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I'm tan, but that's because I live in California. I'm not tiny but I'm not big either. I have curves, I'm insecure, but who isn't? I'm just a normal 18 year old. Well maybe not, you see, I have no desire to date. I think that women should be independent and not depending on a guy for everything. I've had many guys ask me out, but I've turned them all down. I have no desire for a husband and my best friend, Hannah, thinks I'm crazy because of that.

"C'mon Amber, I found the perfect guy for you!"

"For the last time, no! I don't need a guy."

"Please. Just once. You'll really like him"

"Will it make you shut up?" I ask as a smile firms at my mouth.

"Yes it will"

"Fine then, what's his name?"

"Zayn Malik"

"Do you mean... The one from the band that your dad is manager of?"

"Yes! From one direction!!! I talked to him. My dad said tht Zayn wanted to get to know you after meeting you at the party!!"

"Oh my god Hannah! I can't believe this!" Now I definitely don't regret this.

I met Zayn three weeks ago at Hannah's 18th birthday party. We started talking and he was pretty down to earth. I wanted to hang out with him again after that. One other thing, Hannah's dating Niall.

"Are you and Niall going too?"

"Yea but we're not like sitting with you. We'll be on our own date"

"When is it?"


"Why didn't you tell me earlier? I have to go get ready. Love ya"

"Love ya too" she says as she walks toward her car and I walk toward the house.

I'm going oba date with Zayn Malik tonight.

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