one direction are in danger. Liam was almost shot, Niall was hit in the neck with a rock and the others know they are next. someone is out to kill them but they don't know who. they also don't know who is going to be the next victim. who wants these boys dead? who wants them harmed? And whoever it is might have a soft spot for Louis.


5. Worry

Zayn's POV

    Paul calls a taxi company and in five minutes he is ushering us into the cab as fast as he can. We all look at each other with the same expression on our face. Worry. This person must really want us dead if they run us off the road and make us crash.

   "What are we going to do. We can't keep running, We can't keep hiding, and we can't go to the police station because we don't know what this damn person looks like" Niall said, anger and fear showing in his voice.

   "Niall, calm down. We will figure this out" Paul said, patting Niall's shoulder.

   "Wait, I just remembered something. when the car was following us I got a glimpse through the window. The person that ran us off the road is a girl. She had the window down and I got a small look at her and the inside of her car" I said. Everyone stared at me in disbelief.

   "Zayn, why didn't you tell us this earlier" Louis asked, looking at me angrily.

   "I was going to on the bus, but she pushed us off the road and made us all go unconscious. I didn't remember until Niall said that we didn't know what she looked like" I said nervously. Louis looked at me and apologized.

   "Okay, Zayn do you remember what she looked like" Paul asked.

   I looked out the window and gasped. "That" I said, pointing a shaky finger at what I saw.

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