one direction are in danger. Liam was almost shot, Niall was hit in the neck with a rock and the others know they are next. someone is out to kill them but they don't know who. they also don't know who is going to be the next victim. who wants these boys dead? who wants them harmed? And whoever it is might have a soft spot for Louis.


15. Surprize

Luke's POV

   We were all in Zayn's hospital room. Calum and Ashton were here and all of us were worried sick. First off, Liam was kidnapped by a crazy ass bitch, second is because this bitch keeps coming after the boys, and third is because we haven't heard from Michael in three fucking days. What has become of this crazy, fucked up world? I was snapped out of my thoughts by the sound of the door opening. I looked up and saw Liam and Michael rush into the room.

   "Oh my gosh, are you guys alright?" Zayn asked. We all turned our attention to him in confusion and shock. Does he not see himself? He is in a hospital bed because he was shot and almost killed.

   "The real question is are you alright Zayn? You got shot and I was afraid that you would actually die. I was afraid that I... I mean we were going to lose you" Liam said, looking a bit nervous. Despite the situation, I couldn't help but smile. I have a feeling that Liam was starting to like Zayn a little more then a friend. I watched Zayn and saw that he was blushing slightly.

   "First off, Michael where the hell have you been?" Ashton asked, looking at him. Michael looked at Ashton and smiled sheepishly.

   "I was in a weird building. I found it and wanted to take a look around it" Michael replied quietly.

   "Michael, you don't just go around exploring weird buildings" Calum said, smacking Michael in the back of his head. Michael glared at Calum and grabbed his head.

   "Well, if I wasn't exploring weird buildings, then I would have never found Liam" Michael shot back.

   "Speaking of which, how did you find me?" Liam questioned. Michael turned his attention to him and smiled.

   "I heard a scream, so I decided to check it out" Michael answered.

   "One more question, why did you have a crowbar?" Liam asked.

   "Oh, because I was using it to break into the weird buildings" Michael responded, smiling. We all stared at him in shock.

   "YOU WERE BREAKING INTO HOUSES" Ashton shouted. Michael smiled sheepishly before slowly nodding his head. I was about to say something when the door to Zayn's hospital door opened and a girl in a black dress entered.

   "You should be dead Zayn."

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