one direction are in danger. Liam was almost shot, Niall was hit in the neck with a rock and the others know they are next. someone is out to kill them but they don't know who. they also don't know who is going to be the next victim. who wants these boys dead? who wants them harmed? And whoever it is might have a soft spot for Louis.


9. Missing

Harry's POV

   After Louis headed off to bed, we all started to talk about the strange girl that tried to kill Niall. We were talking when we suddenly we heard a loud thump come from Louis' room. We all looked at each other before we jumped off the couch and up the stairs to Louis' room. When we opened Louis' door the only thing we saw were a few drops of blood on the carpet. Zayn walked up to the blood and touched it.

   "It's fresh" Zayn said. We all looked at him in shock.

   "If that blood is fresh, and Louis is nowhere to be found, then that must mean that Louis was kidnapped by the same person that is making our life a living hell" Niall said, pacing the room nervously.We

   "What are we going to do? We have no idea where she took Louis" Zayn said. We all turned and looked at Liam.

   "What?" Liam asked, a confused look on his face.

   "Well, whenever we have a problem, you always end up with the solution Mr. Daddy Direction" I said. The others nodded in agreement.

  "Well I don't have a solution this time so sorry for the disappointment" Liam said. You could hear the sarcasm in his voice. We all looked at Liam in shock. He has never yelled at any of us before. What has gotten into him?

  Liam must have seen the shocked look on our faces because he quickly said " I'm sorry guys, it's just that I'm extremely worried about Louis and everything else is just adding to my stress"

  We all nodded. His explanation did make a lot of sense.

  "It's okay Li, everything that has been happening is putting a lot of stress on all of our shoulders" Niall said, giving Laim a hug.

Louis' POV

   I am laying down on the bed that she has me chained down to. My entire body was screaming in pain from all the marks that she has imprinted on me. I hear the creak of the door and instantly turned towards the noise. I see that monster standing in the doorway, smiling evilly at me.

 " y-y-you t-tell m-m-me your n-name" I stuttered. I could hear the fear in my own voice. She smiled and walked into the room and over to me.

  "My name's Bethany" she said in a cold harsh voice. I trembled at the sound of it. She noticed and laughed harshly. Bethany smiled again and walked over to me. She laid on top of me and put her lips to my neck.

   "W-w-what a-are you do-doing" I asked as she started to kiss my neck. I felt her lips curl up into a smile as she pressed them harder against my neck.

   "Lets just say that I'm about to enjoy myself" She said; ripping my shirt right off of my body. She followed up by yanking my pants off of me as well.

   "P-please d-d-don't d-do this t-t-to m-me" I sobbed quietly as she kissed down my chest roughly. She smirked and slid her hands to the hem of my boxers. I whimpered as she pulled them down, exposing my body.


(3 hours later)

  I lay in my prison of a bed sobbing silently because of what happened. After what Bethany did to me I am extremely scared of her. She has literally scarred me for life. I really wanna get out of here and be with the boys again. Please help me boys!

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