one direction are in danger. Liam was almost shot, Niall was hit in the neck with a rock and the others know they are next. someone is out to kill them but they don't know who. they also don't know who is going to be the next victim. who wants these boys dead? who wants them harmed? And whoever it is might have a soft spot for Louis.


12. Finding Louis

Bethany's POV

    Man, I hate these boys so much. How did they even find me? It is a good thing I hid Louis underneath the floor boards in the basement. There is no way in hell that they will think of looking for him there.

   "Hey guys, I think we found something. There is a lot of blood down here"  one of the officers shouted from the basement. Shit. I quickly grabbed a gun and pointed it at Zayn. He was all the way on the other side of the house. I gave him a smile before pulling the trigger. I watched as he fell to the ground, clutching his stomach; blood instantly coating his hands. The last thing I heard before running off was Liam shouting Zayn's name.

Liam's POV

   I can't believe she shot him. I quickly ran over and knelt beside Zayn, peeling off my jacket. I started to press my jacket to his wound, slowing down the bleeding. Soon I feel the present of Officer Johnson. He made me move and quickly called an ambulance. After that he continued to put pressure on Zayn's wound.

   "Did.... find.... L-Louis" Zayn struggled, finding it hard to breath and speak at the same time. The officer nodded and I noticed a limp and bloody body being carried out of the basement. I decided to let the others take care of that while I focus on this cute, injured boy. His skin was a sickly pale and his eyes looked glossy, like he is trying to keep them open. Soon some paramedics came in and carried him away on a stretcher. I ran outside and up to one of the paramedics.

  "Can I ride with him" I asked with pleading eyes. As soon as he nodded I ran and jumped in the back of the ambulance with Zayn. I looked at him and saw that he had an oxygen mask on. He looked so peaceful but also looked like he was in pain. I am so worried. I don't want Zayn to die, he is too perfect and hot. Wait, did I just call Zayn hot? I can't think Zayn is hot. He is my best friend and bandmate. Not to mention he's a boy. I know for a fact that I am not gay; or am I. I decided to shake that thought from my head and focus on hoping that Zayn gets better soon. I really hope that Zayn will be alright. I was snapped out of my thoughts by someone shaking me. I looked up and saw one of the doctors.

  "Sir, we're at the hospital. I'm going to have to ask you to please leave the truck so we can get Mr. Malik into immediate medical care" he said. I quickly got out of the ambulance and watched as they carried Zayn away. As I was watching Zayn be carried away, I didn't notice a shadowy figure creeping up behind me. Before I knew it, a cloth was placed over my nose and mouth. The last thing I saw was a pair of ocean blue eyes before the world around me faded into darkness.


A/N hey guys so I decided to make this into a Ziam fanfic. Also, I am thinking of making every chapter have some kind of horror in it. Another thing is that a lot of chapters will end with a 'to be continued' plot. The reason I am doing this is because I think that if a chapter ends that way it will make readers want to read the next chapter. I am not greedy, I just think doing this will make the story more interesting. I am also sorry that it took so long for me to update, the reason for that is because I had writers block and did not know what else to put in this story. That is also the reason that I did not update any of my other stories. If you have an idea for any of the other stories, please comment under them and I might add your idea to that story.

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