Sister of malik, girlfriend of styles •sequel to sister of malik, best friend of Tomlinson•

Being pregnant and the boys being back on Tour again puts a lot of stress and worry on Aubrey. And you know what they say "stress isn't good for the baby". The boys are only away for 4 and a half months but what happens in those 4 and a half months that will change everything in the big 'one direction family'


12. || ... ||

We stayed like that for a while before Ashton walks in. He gave me a small smile, I tried to return the smile but I couldn't. I couldn't bring myself to smile, at least not yet. I untangled myself from Harry's arms, I quickly grabbed 2 bananas and 1 apple and walked into the back of the bus, which the boys call the 'sunroom'. I sat down looking at the passing cars as I bit into my banana. I honestly don't know what I did wrong to deserve this? I haven't done anything wrong, I mean I don't think I did. I sighed and took another bite of my banana. 

"You know, I sat in that exact spot for those whole 2 weeks" Harry's voice made me jump. He let out a small chuckle as he shut the door. 

"I shut myself out too, I didn't want to see anybody. They even canceled the shows. So now were on tour for an extra month, but you get to stay for 2 months now" he said sitting down next to me. 

"What did I do wrong?" I asked laying my legs against his. 

"You did nothing wrong, it just wasn't her time yet." He sighed stroking my legs. I looked up at him and gave him a smile. He returned the smile and leant in for a kiss, I gladly kissed him back and straddled his waist. 

"I missed you, never shut me out again" he mumbled against my lips. 

"Never" I whispered back. I sat there on Harry's lap playing with his curls, talking about Football (rugby) and surprisingly we were laughing. I had come to realize, I couldn't be a sad sack for this whole time, it was effecting everyone. The boys, girls, even the fans. They paid money to see these boys and they canceled because of this drama. We all need to go out and have fun, and not forget but to just put this in the past. That's when I got the idea, let's to out. 

I jumped out and grabbed Harry's hand pulling him out back to the front of the bus. Everyone was laughing but stopped when we came. I frowned and looked at becc. 

"Ok first, I'm ready to be happy again and second, we're going out tonight. All of us" I smiled. The girls looked excited and Louis jumped up and hugged me.

"Glad to have you back babe" he said kissing my head. Harry pulled him off me and wrapped his arms around me. 

"Hey, get your own. This sexy gal is mine" he said kissing my cheek. I let out a giggle as his curls ran along my neck. 

" praise The Lord! Aubrey is back" jayde laughed standing next to me. I gave her a light punch of the arm making Louis laugh. 

It was already 4 by the time Harry and I had come out to everyone and let me tell you, I had missed this. Yes I'm still sad but I'm sure if she is watching down on us she'd want me to be happy. I smiled sitting down on Harry's lap and gave him a small peck on the cheek. "I love you" I whispered touching his curls. 

"I love you too" 

*time skip to when they are about to leave for the club* 

Us 4 girls were just finishing off our make up as the boys called us. Each of us looked so different to each other. Jayde wore a black 'oh hello' half top with silver type skirt and  a  with black heals, maddie wore a lime green playsuit with black outlining and black heals (it looked dressier than it sounds) becc was wearing a navy and black cocktail dress which fitted her perfectly in all the right spots, and she had white heels And I, I was wearing black and white stripy half top and black high jeans with black heels * pic below, or up top* . 

We walked out of the small bathroom and out to where the boys were. Once we were in view they whistled and raised their eyebrows at us. I laughed and walked over to Harry. 

"Even with heels you're still shorter than me" he laughed kissing my lips. I kissed him back but it was soon interrupted by someone tapping me. I turned around to see jayde smiling. 

"We want a photo" she said looking towards everyone who was posed together. I laughed and walked over to everyone. Paul was taking the photo since everyone was in the photo, including josh, dan, Lou, Tom and Ashton's girlfriend Skylar. We all stood together smiling and Paul snapped the photo, then Louis decided to pull Liam's pants down making everyone laugh, Paul snapped us a few times and then joined in on laughing. With a few threats and goodbyes we were out the bus door and in the cars. Once we reached our first destination we were let in straight away, I waisted no time going to get drinks. I walked straight over to the bar and grabbed 2 beers and 8 shots. Yeah I know. I walked over to our table and placed the drinks down, I picked up a shot and took it. The burning down my throat made me get a rush, I took another. Jayde took two and do did becc. Harry and Liam had stolen the beers and Louis went over to get a few more drinks. 

As the night went on Aubrey, jayde, skylar and maddie were getting even more drunk as minutes went by. Becc and Lou had a few drink which made them a but tipsy but nothing compared to the other girls. They were that drunk that they were falling over, nearly vomiting and well doing crazy stuff. Aubrey made her way over to me and pressed herself against me. 

"Hey gorgeous" I said holding her waist. She giggled and touched my nose, she than walked away laughing and told jayde something which made her start laughing. Ok weird. After a few more beers I decided that was enough and sat down next to Skylar and Ashton who were making out. I now know how everyone feels. As Louis walked over with a few more drinks the song 'wiggle' by Jason derulo came on and this just so happens to be the girls favorite. I looked around to see if I could find them but I couldn't. 

"Alright, we have 3 lovely ladies that are going to have a twerk off against these other three girls" the dj spoke. 

Oh god no. 

"What age you names?" 

"I'm Natasha, Leah and I'm Bonney" three different voices spoke. 

"And what might your names be?" 

"I'm maddie horan, jayde, and I'm Aubrey!" 

No. Louis,Luke and I all jumped up and walked through the crowd to the three girls. 

"Well let's get started then!" And then the music started up again. I looked over a few people and saw Aubrey, jayde and maddie all twerking. People had their phones out and I was getting mad. I hate when people stare at her, let alone her ass. We ended up pushing our way though the people. I ran over to Aubrey who had her back to me and I picked her up, just as the other boys did to jayde and maddie. 

"Aw man! Looks like someone doesn't like their girlfriend skating their ass" I shook my head walking away. We walked back to the booth and grabbed all our stuff. I laid Aubrey on the chair next to jayde who had also passed out. Luke had left with maddie so it was just Louis and I. I picked Aubrey up wrapping her legs around my waist and walked outside. I pushed her head into my neck so the paps wouldn't see her face as I walked out. I quickly put her into the car and waited for Louis. He carful my jumped in with jayde In His arms and jack (the driver) drove off. 

When we got back to where the bus was Aubrey was now awake and was very touchy. I jumped out of the car pulling her with me and she giggled because 'I grabbed her ass' I picked her up and carried her inside of the bus. Once we got in everyone was asleep on the couch. Well everyone apart from Luke and maddie, they went to "bed" in the other bus. I carried Aubrey into the bunks and took her dress off. 

"Oh Harry you're making me horny" she moan sitting up. I chuckled and pulled my T- shirt and went to pull it over her head but she pulled me onto her. She started kissing and sucking on my neck making me moan. She ran her hands down my back and slipped off my pants. I was now in my boxers and she was laying in front of my in her underwear. I slowly laid on top of her and started to kiss her neck, she grinned her hips upwards making me go wild. I attacked her neck and chest, she was moaning quite loudly and was moving her hands all over my body. I reached behind her back and ripped off her bra. She grabbed me by my neck and placed kisses all over me. She reached down and pulled by boxers leaving me completely naked, I pulled her panties off as I did that she moaned. Without thinking I slipped inside of her and well ... (Haha mumma Mia!). 

I dropped down on next to her, out of breath and sweeting like a dog. She placed a kiss on my lips before closing her eyes. I closed my eyes and smiled. As I was about to fall asleep Aubrey's lips brushed against my ear as she whispered "I love you". I whispered back "I love you" and with that I was out like a light. 

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