Sister of malik, girlfriend of styles •sequel to sister of malik, best friend of Tomlinson•

Being pregnant and the boys being back on Tour again puts a lot of stress and worry on Aubrey. And you know what they say "stress isn't good for the baby". The boys are only away for 4 and a half months but what happens in those 4 and a half months that will change everything in the big 'one direction family'


19. || will you ||

It's been a week since the little 'late' incident. The boys went back to playing concerts every night leaving us girls alone. Georgia had left but told us that "she'll be back and she'll never leave her boyfriend again" by her boyfriend I mean Luke. She has this very big crush on like which is really cute. Indie and I have stayed in touch and we've actually became pretty close. Harry on the other hand he's distanced himself from me. I don't know why but becc tells me that he has a special surprise for me. Our new destination we're currently at is New York. My all time favorite place in the United States. 

I was sitting on the couch with a warm tea reading a magazine when someone which I'm guessing was harry, covered my eyes with their hands. I turned my head to face the person which I was right it was harry. I gave him a smile and he lent down and placed a small kiss on my lips. 

"Morning baby" he smiled. 

"What talking to me now" I joked. 

"Hey! I've been planing the best ever date! Now get up and get dressed we leaving in an hour" he said quickly before kissing my lips once more. I nodded and jumped up. 

I walked over to my suitcase and pulled out my underwear but not my clothes because I don't know what to wear.


"Yeah babe" he chuckled from behind me. I giggled and turned to him. 

"What do I wear?" I asked standing up. 

"Just go get in the shower, I'll pick everything. Every your underwear so go!" He said pushing me out of the room. He closed the door on me so I couldn't get back in.

"You serious?" I mumbled to myself. I grabbed a towel off the table and walked into the bathroom. I pressed play on the iPad that was in there and 5sos's 'long way home' started playing. I laughed to myself knowing one of the boys had been listening to it. Probably Calum actually. I stripped out of my clothes and as any other person does checked myself out in the mirror. I noticed I had out on a bit of weight. 

"Note to self, go to gym" I chuckled to myself. I jumped into the shower and hummed along to the music as I washed my hair out. After about 10 songs 8 of those songs were 5sos I was finished. Whoever had a shower before me clearly had an obsession with the boys. I dried myself and walked out just in my towel. I walked to mine and Harry's room. (They're in a hotel now) 

I knocked on the door and Louis opened it. I gave him a confused look and he laughed. 

"Ok Harry wants you to wear this, he's messaged Lou to come and do your make up and he told me to tell you he'll be here in 45 minutes so chop chop" he said before walking out. 

I walked over to the outfit he had chosen. *pic below, or on top* it's surprisingly cute. As I picked it up there was a note taped to the back. 

'Clearly I didn't pick this, Lou did. Hope you like it, even if you don't I'll think you're beautiful in it. I love you and I'll be there to get you in 40 minutes Xx' - H 

I smiled at the note as I slipped into the underwear he had picked, light purple lace underwear with matching bra. I swear he loves lace. Once I was finished Lou came in and did my make up. She only did it light because that's what Harry asked for because he said he wasn't a my natural beauty to show which is adorable. When I was findings I grabbed my phone and purse and I had to wait for Harry outside. I waited 2 minutes if that before Harry drove around the corner and jumped out, he ran over to me and placed a kiss on my lips. "Beautiful" he whispered before leading me over to the car. He opened my side of the car and waited for me to jump in before closing it and jumping into the drivers side. He rested his hand on the middle part so I held onto his hand. He looked down and smiled at me. He continued to drive as I played with his finger, when the car came to a stop I looked outside. We were at the zoo. 










"Ready for your dream date gorgeous?" He smiled turning the car off. 

"How did you?" 

"Rebecca" he said jumping out. 

 Smiled and hopped out, he took my hand in his and we walked to the entry desk. We paid for a daily pass and we were off. We went around the whole park looking at random animals, some of which I didn't even know existed. It was 3:30 in the afternoon. We had been at the zoo for a good 4 hours which went quick. I went to go grab out my phone but Harry took it away from me. "Nuh uh, no phone until 6pm tonight" he said kissing my lips. I pulled away and pouted. 

"C'mon let's go to out next part of the date" he said pulling me behind him. We ran out tot he car and he picked me up and placed me into the car. With one more kiss he shut the door and hopped into his side. "Where are we going now babe?" I asked putting my hand on his thigh in a non sexual way. "Secret" he whispered looking at me. I rolled my eyes and looked back at the road,  My hand still on Harry's leg. We have been driving for a good hour and we still haven't got to our destination. "Harryyyyy. Are we there yet?" I wined. 









"Does it look like it?" He laughed. I shook my head and rested it back on the window. I felt myself starting to drift off but I sat up and turned the radio on. And my favourite sone just so happened to be playing 'don't lean on me'. Harry rolled his eyes as it came to the screaming part but then laughed at me trying to do the screamo. The next song that came on was 'beneath your beautiful' " this is such a slow and depressing song" I said changing the station. Harry laughed at me and stopped me. He stopped the car and jumped out. I looked out the window to see we were in what looks to be a meadow?

Harry came around to my door and helped me out. As I got out he put a blindfold around  my eyes. "You better not run me into anything" I said carefully walking in the direction harry pushed me. "I won't I promise" he said giving me one last little push before stopping me.

"Here we are" he said taking the blind fold off. The set up was breath taking. We weren't in a meadow, we were in fact at an abandoned beach, and Harry had placed a blanked on the sand with candles and everything around. Rose petals, candles and there was even a bubble machine! I jumped into Harry's arms and hugged him tightly. "I love you so fucking much harry" I said kissing his lips. He kissed back and placed me onto the blanket. I sat cross legged across from him as he threw grapes in the air trying to aim for my mouth. "Trying" was the key word in that sentence. He then pulled out chocolate covered strawberries. He pulled one out and placed it in my mouth. "Mmm they're good" I said closing my eyes. Harry laughed and stood up. 

"Where are you going?" I asked. 

"I'm not going anywhere, we're going for a walk" he said emphasising we're. I jumped yo and held onto his hand. We walked along the waters edge until Harry came to a stop. I turned me to face him and held onto my hands. "I love you so much baby" he said leaning in. I lent in as well but I then felt the loss of Harry's hands and the coldness of the water. 

"HARRY! YOU JUST PUSHED ME INTO THE WATER YOU ASS" I screamed jumping out. I hopped out and there was a  towel on the ground and it had a note stuck to it. 

'Hope you had a nice dip, follow the petals and you'll find your last surprise. And remember I love you xx' H 

I smiled down at the note and wrapped the towel around my soaking body. I did as the note said and followed to rose petals, I followed them all the way until I saw harry standing in the middle of a semi circle which had everyone standing in it. I slowly walked over confused as to what was going to happen. 

"Harry?" I asked. He stepped forward and Niall started playing the guitar. 

"Aubrey, although you may be the most stubborn and sassy person I know I love you. In this relationship it's like I'm the bull and your this beautiful red rose that I want to tear down but I can't because it's beauty distracts me away from my anger. We have all our flaws and problems, but when you find someone like you it's easy to overlook. The perfections of your petals hide the thorns in your sides, and to be honest sometimes I'm one of those thorns. I am one of your flaws, but that's what makes you that much more beautiful. I can't tell you how blessed I am to have both you and grasshopper in my life. And although she's gone she's always going to be apart of me" he said stepping closer and dropped to one knee. I gasped and held my hands up to my mouth. 

"I love you today, I'll love you tomorrow. I'll love you know and I'll love you forever. I always have and I always will Aubrey" he said reaching into his picket and grabbed out a small box. He opened It. " I'm your superman and you're my Lois lane, I'm your Spider-Man and you're my Gwen Stacy. I'm your Harry and you're my Aubrey" 

I had tears running down my face and I was shaking all over. I didn't care if my make ku was running or that Liam was filming. It didn't bother me that this would be on the internet, I had not a care in the world right now. 

"Aubrey Malik, will you do me the honours of being Mrs. Styles?" 



cliff hanger much?! 


Haha and sorry to say this but I won't be able to update for a week or two because I'm going to Bali!! Wooo! Ism I excited haha, ANYWHORE, what do you think she'll say? Yes or no? Probably yes ☺️ But then I could be really mean and make her say no..... Who knows? No one. 


Thank you! 💕 

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