Sister of malik, girlfriend of styles •sequel to sister of malik, best friend of Tomlinson•

Being pregnant and the boys being back on Tour again puts a lot of stress and worry on Aubrey. And you know what they say "stress isn't good for the baby". The boys are only away for 4 and a half months but what happens in those 4 and a half months that will change everything in the big 'one direction family'


9. || show ||

She looked so peace full when she slept. All night she had been tossing and turning not wig able to get comfy so I decided I'd leave her for a bit longer. I carefully slipped out of bed and grabbed our 2 suitcases and walked downstairs to where the 3 girls were asleep with their bags at their feet. I smiled and walked outside and out our bags in the car then went back inside for the other girls bags. Once I had put all the bags in the car it was 5:25am we had to leave at 5:30 so I went inside and picked up the sleeping maddie and carefully put her in the car not waking her up, I did the same for becc and jayde all three of them were still dead asleep when I put them in the car. I raced back inside and grabbed all four girls handbags, phone etc. I ran them back out to the car, I looked down at my phone and it said 5:30. SHIT! I ran upstairs and opened our bedroom door. Aubrey was still sleeping, I pulled the cover off her to see she was still in her underwear. I grabbed a shirt and slipped it on her without waking her up. I then picked up a random pair of shorts and threw them over my shoulder. Carefully scooping Aubrey up I walked down stairs and shut the door. I placed Aubrey in the front seat next to me and laid her chair back as I did for the other girls. I quickly sent lex a text saying lock the door and then I drove off. Wen we got to the gate no one was around our house so it was easy to get out of. When we reached the airport it was time for me to wake the girls. 

I hopped out of the car and started with becc first. 

"Hey becc? We're at the airport" I whispered shaking her. Her eyes shot open as she sat up. She nodded and sleepily got out of the car. 

"Jayde? We're at the airport time to get up" I said shaking her, she groaned rolling over which caused maddie to wake up. Maddie opened her mouth to yell something but I covered her mouth.

"Don't wake Aubrey, she didn't get any sleep last night" I explained, she nodded and they both got out of the car. The security guards had pulled out all of our bags and started to take them to the scanners. I walked around to Aubrey door and undid her seat belt, I carefully slipped her pair of short on and pulled her out of her seat and carried her. When we got to the check in we were able to go into the plane, on the plane becc an jayde fell back asleep and maddie just sat there staring at nothing. Aubrey stayed sleeping until about 10 minutes to the plane trip ending. She jumped out of her seat and stood there. I jumped up and grabbed her hand, she pointed to her stomach signaling morning sickness, I pulled her over to the bathroom and she let out a load full of vomit. I stayed there rubbing her back as she vomited, when she was finished she asked for a piece of gum but I didn't have any so she just washed her mouth out with the water from the tap. 

We walked back to our seat and she curled up in a ball resting her head on my lap. I petted her head and she started to close her eyes again. 

"Hey, baby don't go back to sleep we're almost there" I said shaking her. She groaned sitting up and she gave me the dirtiest look. I smiled and lent in to kiss her but she pulled away. 

"I'm not kissing you when I just vomited and I haven't brushed my teeth" she said covering her mouth. 

"Oh c'mon it doesn't really matter, Hes kissed you after oral" jayde said from behind us. Aubrey's eyes opened wide and she turned around to looked jayde in the eyes. 

"What? It's true" she smirked. 

"And how would you know?" Aubrey fired back. 

"Because Louis told me" she smiled. 

"Well Louis is lying" I smirked as Aubrey said that making jayde chuckle. 

"Harry's face doesn't make me believe you" she giggled. 

"Harry! Don't smirk about it" she said hitting my arm. 

"Babe don't worry about it, it's not that big of a deal. So what Louis saw you or me give oral I'm sure they'll be doing it as soon as we touch foot in the hotel" I said touching her shoulder. 


"But nothing, everyone does it" I smiled kissing her head. She sighed and sat back down facing the front. I laughed as she sat there frowning. She looked at me and poked her tongue out. I raised my hands in defense making her laugh. 

"I love you" I whispered kissing we cheek. 

"But I don't love you" she smirked. 

"Uh I'm hurt! Say you love me" I said tickling her sides. She squealed as I tickled her side, she started kicking her legs and throwing her arms around. 

"ok ok! I love you! I love you I love you I love you HARRY!!" She squealed making me stop tickling her. 

"Good each as otherwise if have to leave you for someone else" I chuckled kissing her lips softly. 

'Good morning, we would like to inform you to put your seat belts on and we would like to welcome you to LA! Have a wonderful trip and we hope you enjoyed you fight with us' 

We all put our seat belts on as we came to a landing, once we had landed there were fans outside and let's just said it was loud! 


When we stepped into to airport there were hundreds if not thousands of fans screaming all the boys names. When we got our bag we gave them to the security and they took them to the car. Harry held my hand the while time, he told me to keep my sunglasses on and my head down. I did as I was told and walked fast with one hand on my stomach because I had an uneasy feeling. Fans were screaming random stuff at all 5 of us but then someone screamed out 

'I hope you have a miscarriage!' 

I stopped in my tracks and Harry looked confused at me. I walked towards where the voice came from. 

"over here I said it" a girl with red hair yelled. 

I stormed over to where she was. 

"I would really appreciate you mot scream that out since you don't know what I'm going through right now" I said sternly. 

"Well I would really appreciate you having a miscarriage and Harry leaving you because you're no good whore!" She screamed.

I was shocked, I walked away and I had tears rolling down my face. Harry went to reach for my hand but i pulled away and walked fast past the screaming girls. When I came to the end the boys were waiting for us and I didn't even go say hello to them I just walked straight them and into the car. 

The car door swung open and Harry jumped in. 

"Baby what happened?" He asked pulling me to his chest. 

"She she said b-bad stuff about me and the b-baby" I cried into his chest. 

"Hey, don't listen to them ok?" 

I nodded into his shirt and he sat there swaying back and forth. Soon the boys and the three girls came into the car and started talking amongst each other. I still had my sunglasses on so my tears weren't as noticeable. 

"You alright Aubs?" Louis asked touching my knee. I just nodded my head not talking. He let out a sight and pulled my head away from Harry's chest, he lifted up my sunglasses and gasped. 

"Why are you crying! Who made my best friend cry" he said touching my face. I smiled and pulled away from him. 

"No one don't worry" I smiled 

"Lier!" Jayde screamed. 

"Some bitch of a fan told Aubrey that she should have an abortion so Harry would leave her because she's a whore" jayde told everyone. 

"Is that true?" Zayn asked. 

"Yes but I-"

"But nothing, no one can talk to you like that! Hell that can't to anyone like that famous or not!" Liam said clenching his fists. 

"Hey I'm fine, I was just a bit upset that's all because I- I'm never mind" I said stopping myself from finishing that sentence. 

"You what? Aubrey tell us what happened these last few days?" Niall said shifting in seat. 

"Well um the day I had that doctors appointment it was to get an abortion an-" 

"WHAT!" They all screamed. 

"But I didn't do it, and I'm not going to I just was thinking about it because I though Harry would leave me when she was born so I was scared." I sighed. 

"Did you just say she?" Becc smiled. 

"Oh yeah we're having a baby girl" I giggled. 


I started to laugh as everyone started to pick out girl names. As I laughed i got this pain in my stomach, I grabbed my stomach in pain. No one noticed so it didn't worry me. When we reached the hotel that we were staying in for 3 days I really had to pee. We jumped out and I ran up to Harry room which was room 1975. I love that band, I smiled knowing Harry probably picked that room. I opened the door and ran to the toilet. When I sat down I got that pain again. I brushed it off again and did my business. Once I was finished Harry had come into the bathroom naked and jumped into the shower, I smiled at him and walked out of the bathroom. I sat down on the bed and went on Google. 

'Is it normal to be having pains at 4 moths pregnant?'

Every site I went on said it was fine but should get it checked out if it got worse. I was happy and closed the laptop, Harry came strolling out of the bathroom stark naked and jumped on top of me. I squealed as his manhood touched the back of my thigh. He started kissing himself laughing as he hopped off me. 

"For someone I've had sex with many times you sure are scared of my penis" he chuckled. 

"Harry she can hear you, you know? I don't want her first words to be penis" I said covering my belly. 

He walked over to me and gave me a big sloppy kiss before slipping into some boxers, he grabbed my hand and pulled me out of his room and into another, which so happened to be Louis and jayde's  room they were curled up together watching 'The Lego movie'. Harry ran and jumped onto their bed and landed on Louis. 

"C'mon we have a show in 1 hour! Time to get ready!" Harry screamed. 

Wait they have a show tonight? 

"Ok let's go babe" Louis said getting out of bed and pulled jayde up by her arm. She groaned in annoyance and stood next to him. We went to each of the other rooms and did the same thing until we had all 5 boys and the girls. The 5sos boys were already at the stadium with maddie since they had to get their equipment ready. When we got to the stadium there were girls lined up everywhere! Harry and I walked inside hand in hand with Harry still only in his boxer . We went into the green room and I watched as they all got ready. There were people running around everywhere trying to get them ready but they kept running around being stupid. 

Before I knew it the hour was up and they were about to go on stage. Harry ran over to me and bent down. 

"Princess daddy in going on stage now, I hope you'll hear me and just remember I love you and keep that deal. Love you and mummy very much. Now I've gotta go perform with your uncles. Bye baby" he said kissing my stomach. He then placed a kiss on my lips and with that he ran off ready to perform. 

What is that deal he keeps on mentioning 



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