Sister of malik, girlfriend of styles •sequel to sister of malik, best friend of Tomlinson•

Being pregnant and the boys being back on Tour again puts a lot of stress and worry on Aubrey. And you know what they say "stress isn't good for the baby". The boys are only away for 4 and a half months but what happens in those 4 and a half months that will change everything in the big 'one direction family'


10. || sex?||

While the boys were on stage I sat in the green room playing with lux. She would have to be one of the cutest little girls. We sat on the floor together and I braided her hair. Because her hair is so thin and short it was quite hard but I managed. 

"My turn!" She cheered. I smiled and pulled my hair out. She giggled and jumped up behind me. She ran her fingers through my hair and just threw it around making cute little noises. As she was about to tie my hair up in her so called braid the 5sos boys came running in. 

"Mital" lux squealed. I laughed as she ran over to Mikey and hugged his legs. He scooped her up making her giggle. I smiled at him and turned back to face the tv. I sat there on the floor listening to lux's little giggles and michales loud laughs, Ashton came and sat down next to me and smiled. 

"Hello there" I smiled. 

"Can I touch your stomach?" He asked. I started laughing and nodded. I pulled up my shirt to revile my growing baby bump. He placed his large hands on my stomach and smiled as the baby moved. 

"Wanna see something?" I said grabbing my phone. He nodded and Luke sat next to him smiling. I handed him my phone and handed him the speakers, he plugged them in and I told him to turn it up full blast. I laid on my back, with my t- shirt pulled up so you could see my whole stomach. 

"Press play" I smiled. He pressed play and Harry's voice came through the speakers singing 'isn't she lovely. 

As the recording got to the chorus she started kicking that much that her small foot left a print on my stomach. 

"OMG I NEED TO TAKE A PICK OF THIS!" Luke yelled pulling out his phone. He snapped a few pictures of her footprint on my stomach. When the song finished she had calmed down and I sat up. Luke and Ashton were smiled like crazy and lux was sitting in Calum lap who looked amazed. 

"Again! Again again!" Lux squealed. 

"No more the baby will get tired" I said looking at her. 

"I touch?" She asked. I nodded and she ran over to me, I lifted up my shirt and she put her small hand on my stomach. 

"Not doing anyfing?" She said frowning. 

I sighed and nodded at Ashton, he pressed play again and she started kicking again. Lux pulled away in fright but then put her hand back on and started laughing. 

"My turn!" Luke said putting his hand on as well. He smiled as he pulled his hand off once he got a kick. The song came to an end for the second time and lux started to get sleepy. Lou did say she would start getting tired, and all I had to do was give her a bottle of milk and she would be out to it. I grabbed her bottle from the fridge and handed it to her. She crawled up into my lap and her eyes started to roll back. Before I knew it she was asleep in my lap. I smiled and grabbed her bottle out her her small hands, I placed it on the counter and I tried to pick her up but I got that pain again. I closed my eyes and held my stomach. 

"Are you ok?" Ashton said running to my side. 

"Yep can you just put her up on the chair and can someone help me up please?" I asked. Ashton nodded and he picked lux up and Luke grabbed my hand and pulled me up. I thanked them and walked out of the room. 

The websites said to start walking around whenever you got those pains so that's what I did. I walked around backstage until I came to where the other girls were. They were watching the boys from side a stage. I walked up behind them and I yelled 'boo' they all jumped so high I think they shit themselves. I started pissing myself laughing. I slapped my knee in laughter as they stood there glaring at me. As I stopped laughing the boys came running backstage pulling their shirts off. They did a quick dress change and then ran back on stage, I watched as each of the boys ran out. All apart from Harry. I looked around to see if I could find him but I couldn't. 

I went to turn around but I ran into someone. 

"Oh sorry" I said looking up. I looked up to see a sweaty smiling Harry. I smiled and he wrapped his arms around my waist. I giggled as his curls tickled my neck as he kissed my neck. 

"Harry you have to be on stage" I giggled pushing his head up. 

"Yeah Harry. You need to be on stage" Louis voice rang through the speakers. I started laughing as Harry huffed moving towards the stage with me still in his arms. I tried to get out of his grip but he just held me tighter. Soon enough I was on the massive stage in front of thousands of screaming girls and boys. I hid my face in his shirt and the audience 'awed' 

"Guys and girls, Meet my girlfriend Aubrey say hello" Harry said lifting up head up. I looked up and waved to the crowd. The crowd went wild. They stated chanting 'hurbey baby!' I was confused at first but then understood what they meant. 

"Harry this girl wants to know if Aubrey can show everyone her baby bump or a picture?" Liam said pointing to the young girl. 

"Um she probably won't feel comfortable about showing it but I do have a pretty cool video that I'll post on twitter right after the show" he said smiling. My head shot in his direction and I shook my head 'no' he started to shake his head 'yes' I rolled my eyes and gave him a nudge on the shoulder as I walked off, as I came to the last part if the stage I slipped and landed flat on my ass. And let me tell you it hurt! 

"You ok?" Liam asked pulling me up. I nodded and walked off the stage carful not to slip again. Once I was backstage I got those pains again. Surely it wasn't normal to have the pains this much? I decided I'd just sit down and close my eyes, maybe that was it. 

I walked over to the couch and laid down next to lux, she placed her small head on top of my stomach. I smiled and closed my eyes drifting off to sleep. 


"Thank you LA! You were amazing!" I yelled into the mic. The crowd went wild, I smiled turning to the boys. 

"We can't thank you all enough! Bye guys" Liam said waving before running off stage one by one we ran off. When we got off I ran into the dressing room to see a sleeping lux and Aubrey. I stopped and smiled at them, as I walked over to Aubrey the boys came running in laughing really loud. I quickly shushed them and they apologized. 

Us boys quickly got changed and then they left. I sat down next to Aubrey and Lux and took a photo of them sleeping. There was a knock at the door which made me jump. It was Ashton. 

"Hey mate" I smiled jumping up. 

"Hey um I need to tell you something, I'm not sure is Bre has told you but I think you should know" he whispered stepping in. 

What's been going on? Has she been cheating on me? 

"Y-yah sure" 

"Ok well while you were on stage we were all sitting around and then Aubrey grabbed her stomach in pain and left. She looked like she was in a lot of pain and we were worried, we didn't know if you knew but I thought I should tell you" he said sitting down next to me. 

I breathed in relief. Not because she was in pain but because she wasn't cheating. 

"Oh thanks, hey um could you take lux out to Lou so I can talk to Aubrey?" I asked. He nodded and carefully picked up the sleeping lux. He gave me a smile before walking out. I walked over to Aubrey and crouched down to her, I placed my hand on her stomach making her jump awake. 

"Sorry baby" I whispered kissing her head. 

"It's ok, how long have I been out" she asked sleepily.

"I don't know I came off stage about 10 minutes ago and found you asleep. Can I ask you something babe?" I asked lifting her legs up and placing them back down so they were in my lap. She nodded and gave me a tired smile. 

"How long have you been having those pains for?" 

She looked shocked at the question I just asked. "W-what pains? I'm fine" she said sitting up. 

"Babe don't lie, Ashton told me" I sighed. 

"Ok fine I've been having lower abdomen pains but I researched it and it said it was normal I just have to go to the doctors just to make sure" she said sitting up. 

"Why didn't you tell me? What if something happened to you or the baby?" 

"Hey don't cry, I'm fine see" she said wiping my tears away. I smiled as she placed small kisses over my face. 

"Now if it makes you feel better I'll go to the doctor tomorrow" she smiled. 

"Or how about I get the the doctor to come tonight?" 

"No Harry it's not that serious" 

"Yes it is! This could be bad" 

"Baby I promise that if I get anymore pains tonight I'll tell you and you can get that doctor right over. okay?" 


"Good now let's go because I'm hungry and I want to get onto a comfy couch or bed" she giggled standing up. She held out a hand and pulled me up. I wrapped my arms around her waist and placed a kiss on her shoulder. 

"I love you" I said kissing her lips softly. 

"I love you too" she giggled. 

"And I love you princess" I said kissing her stomach. She smiled at me and pulled my arm so we started walking out of the room. 

When we got out we walked over to the bus that the boys were waiting in. Whoops. 

"Oh finically took you some fucking time!" Louis groaned. 

"Hey leave them alone they just wants their daily fuck without any interruptions" jayde giggled. 

"Ew that's my sister! Yuck yuck yuck!" Zayn groaned walking away. 

Everyone started laughing including Aubrey, I walked over to the couch and sat down. Aubrey came over and sat down in my lap. I placed my hand on her stomach and gave her a kiss. She paled her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes. As she started to get comfy Louis came running over and screamed in my ear making me jump which made Aubrey fall onto the ground. 

"Fucking idiot!" I yelled. 

"Oh sorry Aubrey" Louis chuckled picking her up. 

"Nah it's all good" she giggled. 

"What are you laughing about" 

"Watch my stomach ready" she said lifting up she shirt. 

"Talk Harry" she smiled. 

"Why?" I asked, just as I said that a small foot print came to the surface. 

"That's amazing!" Louis yelled. The babies foot then disappeared. 

"guys come look at this!" Louis yelled. Everyone came running in and looked at him weirdly. 

"Watch Aubrey's stomach when Harry talks" he said smiling. Aubry gave me a nod and I smiled. 

"Hello baby" I said smiling widely as the baby's foot became visible

" and now because I'm talking the foot disappears" Louis said and as on queue the baby's foot disappears. 


Everyone started laughing at Louis. 

"Let me try!" Niall yelled waking over to Aubrey.    

"Hello baby this is your uncle Niall" he said smiling. 

"Just a kick Niall." Aubrey sighed. 

"Well she knows her daddy's voice" Niall smiled. 

I smiled and walked over Aubrey. 

"Watch this" I smiled. 

I started to sing 'isn't she lovely' and she went crazy, she was kicking everywhere and her foot would appear and disappear. 

"That's creepy" jayde laughed. 

"No it's not it's cute, she already loves her daddy's vice and she's never met him" Aubrey smiled kissing my head. 

"Yeah it is cute, you're just jealous" I laughed standing up. 

"Nuh uh! I don't need a baby I already have Louis" she laughed. 

We all started laughing and Louis looked 'angry'.


We all decided to just watch a movie together. We let Louis pick the movie which he chose 'Battle of the year'. I was happy with the decision so I curled up next to Harry. He placed a kiss on my head and I smiled up at him. "I love you" he whispered. 

"I love you too, and just because you whisper doesn't mean she can't hear you" I giggled. He placed his hand on my stomach and placed small kisses all over my face, neck and stomach. 

"Watch the movie Harry" I giggled lifting his head up from my neck. 

"Why? I just love kissing you" he chuckled kissing my cheek again and again. 

"Stop Harry, you're disturbing everyone" I giggled. 

"Fine we'll take this to the bunks then" he said picking me up. I laughed as he ran to his bunk and threw me into the small space. He carefully climbed ontop of me and started kissing me. 

I reached up and closed the curtain before kissing Harry back. His large hands slowly moved from my head down to my sides, and then they finally stopped just on my thighs. I ran my fingers through his hair as he deepened the kiss. His hands moved to the hem of my t-shirt and pulled it off not breaking the kiss. I did the same for him but me not being as experienced as him broke the kiss. Both of us were now shirtless, but I had a bra on. Harry lent down and started to kiss my chest then moved back up to my face. His large hands slipped behind my back and unclipped my bra. He then threw it out of the curtain making me roll my eyes. Our naked chests pressed together as we kissed, Harry's hands kept moving all over my body until the finally came to a stop. At the buttons of my shorts. He slipped his hand into my pants. 

"H-Harry no." I moaned. He looked at me pulling his hand out. 

"Something wrong baby?" He asked confused. 

"We can't have sex. What if it hurts the baby?" 

"It won't, people have sex all the time during pregnancy. Apparently it's good for the baby" he smiled. "Still. I want to make sure it's ok that we can before we actually do it." I sighed. 

"Fine. But you have to do something for me." He huffed. 

"Nothing dirty. I'm not in the mood anymore" 

"No, cuddle with me" he smiled. I laughed and pulled him down next to me and squished up against him. 

"Can I have your shirt please?" I asked. He nodded and handed me his shirt. I popped my head out of the curtain to make sure no one was there, all clear. I jumped out of the bunk and quickly slipped his shirt on and took my pants off so I was just in Harry's shirt and my underwear. 

As I was about to get back into the bunk I felt a slap on my ass. I spun around to see Louis

smiling. "Next time check no ones in the bunk" he winked. 

"Perv" Harry said sticking his head out. 

"You know it. Now please no sexy time because we're trying to sleep here" Louis said signaling to him and Jayde. 

"Sorry" I giggle climbing into Harry's bunk. 

"Night guys" Jayde called from Louis bunk. 

"Night" Harry and I replied at the same time. With that I closed the curtain and laid my head on Harry's chest. 

"Harry? What's that deal you keep mentioning?" I asked drawing circles on him stomach. 

"Something for us to know, and you to never find out" he smiled kissing my head. 

"Now sleep angle, we have to be up early tomorrow." He whispered touching my bulging belly. 

"You too baby" he whispered to my stomach. I smiled and closed my eyes fall asleep




I know I said I wasn't updating until I got a certain amount of like and all that shit but I think you all did pretty well that's why I did an update, that and also I saw 'The fault in our stars' 😭bloody cried a river in that movie! (Even this random guy cried) I highly recommend it (but read the book first,) also I thought this chapter was pretty big so... I might not update until next weekend. But knowing me that'll change and I'll update during the week. 


Thank you! 


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