Sister of malik, girlfriend of styles •sequel to sister of malik, best friend of Tomlinson•

Being pregnant and the boys being back on Tour again puts a lot of stress and worry on Aubrey. And you know what they say "stress isn't good for the baby". The boys are only away for 4 and a half months but what happens in those 4 and a half months that will change everything in the big 'one direction family'


25. •|| name? ||•

I looked over at Aubrey who had her eyes closed and was breathing heavily.

"H-Harry?" She whispered. I walked over and held onto her hand.


"I'm sorry." She whispered.

"Sorry? Aubrey why are you sorry" I questioned.

" I knew"


"I I knew, I didn't want to tell you because I was scared that I would have a miscarriage again. I'm so sorry please don't leave me" she sobbed. I looked deep into her eyes which were filled with pain, fear and tears.

"I'm sorry aubrey" I whispered leaving the room.

|| Aubrey ||

"Harry?" I whispered opening my eyes. He walked over slowly runnin his hand through his curly hair before holding onto my hand.

"Yeah?" He whispered with a shaky voice.

"I'm sorry" I whispered loud enough so only he could hear.

"Sorry? Aubrey why are you sorry" He questioned squeezing my hand slightly.

" I knew" I said letting a single tear fall.

"What!" He said now in a normal tone.

"I I knew, I didn't want to tell you because I was scared that I would have a miscarriage again. I'm so sorry please don't leave me" I sobbed. He looked deep into my eyes, studying them be fire he finally opened his mouth.

"I'm sorry aubrey" he whispered letting go of my hand and left the room.

As he left I let out a loud sob I couldn't hold it in. I have lost the man of my dreams all because I didn't tell him a simple sentence. The tears kept flowing as I looked around the room, the baby was supposed to bring us together not push up apart. The sound of the door made me jump.

"Sorry it's just me, would you like to meet your beautiful baby?" The nurse asked pulling in a baby holder in. I nodded sitting up and wiping my tears away. She pushed the carriage all the way over to my bed before picking up the small infant. She placed the baby in my arms and I let out a small whimper.

"Does the baby have a name?" The nurse smiled.

"Darcy. Darcy Ella Styles" I said wiping away my tears and placing a kiss on her forehead



Firstly I would like to apologize for this being such a short chapter! And secondly this is the last chapter for 'sister of Malik, girlfriend of Styles'........ For a while.

A while you ask? Well I'm not going to update until this gets to 700+ reads. I know you guys can do it and if you really want me to update you better tell your friend aha joking! But seriously if you want an update you gotta read.

{wolf whistles and the crowd cheers}

Also I would like to add; have any of you heard 'one chance to dance' !? Fuck, Zayn baby u didn't approve of you writing such an amazing song. I swear I got pregnant for the 1694926269494826628499440262 time (whoops I'm s slut... Jks I'm a virgin, but my eyes aren't I've seen Harry styles shirtless 😂😂)



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