Sister of malik, girlfriend of styles •sequel to sister of malik, best friend of Tomlinson•

Being pregnant and the boys being back on Tour again puts a lot of stress and worry on Aubrey. And you know what they say "stress isn't good for the baby". The boys are only away for 4 and a half months but what happens in those 4 and a half months that will change everything in the big 'one direction family'


21. •|| i think ||•


"Aubrey, although you may be the most stubborn and sassy person I know I love you. In this relationship it's like I'm the bull and your this beautiful red rose that I want to tear down but I can't because it's beauty distracts me away from my anger. We have all our flaws and problems, but when you find someone like you it's easy to overlook. The perfections of your petals hide the thorns in your sides, and to be honest sometimes I'm one of those thorns. I am one of your flaws, but that's what makes you that much more beautiful. I can't tell you how blessed I am to have both you and grasshopper in my life. And although she's gone she's always going to be apart of me" he said stepping closer and dropped to one knee. I gasped and held my hands up to my mouth.

"I love you today, I'll love you tomorrow. I'll love you know and I'll love you forever. I always have and I always will Aubrey" he said reaching into his picket and grabbed out a small box. He opened It. " I'm your superman and you're my Lois lane, I'm your Spider-Man and you're my Gwen Stacy. I'm your Harry and you're my Aubrey"

I had tears running down my face and I was shaking all over. I didn't care if my make ku was running or that Liam was filming. It didn't bother me that this would be on the internet, I had not a care in the world right now.

"Aubrey Malik, will you do me the honours of being Mrs. Styles?"

I nodded, tears running down my face surly messing up my make up but I didn't care. Harry gave me the biggest smile and slipped the beautiful ring on my finger. He picked me up and kissed my lips over and over again. Everyone cheered and whistled making me smile into the kiss. I pulled away and rested my forehead on Harry's, still shaking and slightly sobbing I wrapped my arms around Harry's neck and placed another small kiss on Harry lips.

I untangled myself from Harry and ran over to becc, I jumped into her arms and she started jumping up and down screaming. Jayde then screamed and jumped on top of my back making becc's knees give way. We landed on the soft sand and started laughing. Maddie felling left out, came and jumped on top of jayde making her groan in pain.

"Ok now that you guys have finished screaming, can I please have my fiancée. There still one last surprise" Harry said smiling.

I looked up at the boys and they were smiling, especially zayn. He had this look on his face that I didn't like. I carefully got up and walked over to Harry taking his hand in mine. With a few 'goodbyes' and 'see you soon's' we were off. The car ride was silent, you could only hear the sound of our breathing and Harry's humming. I sat there examining the beautiful ring Harry had chosen, it was honestly breath taking. When the car came to a stop I looked out the window to see a beautiful yet familiar house. I looked at Harry with a confused look making him laugh. He jumped out of the car and walked around to my side of the car. He opened the door for me and took my hand in his, we walked up to the house and with out knocking Harry walked straight in pulling me with him. As soon as we stepped in I knew who's house we were at. Anne's. My future mother in law. I grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him to face me.

"Why didn't you tell me we were coming here!?" I growled. He threw his head back and laughed, he continued to walk through the house with me attached to his arm. When we came to the patio doors I could hear the sounds of laughter, and a lot of it.

"I hate you so much harry" I said scowling at him.

"And I love you" he said before opening the wooden doors.

When we stepped out everyone cheered 'ey!' Like Italians. Everyone was there, literally everyone. My family, Harry's family, even the other boys family were there too.

"Care to tell us why, everyone is here Harry?" Anne asked smiling.

He gave me a cheeky smile before pulling me with him to the center.

"As you all can see, I'm madly in love with this sassy, bossy and beautiful girl that goes by the name Aubrey and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. So erm" he said smiling. I lifted up my hand and my mother screamed. She jumped up and ran over to me.

"Oh my baby! My baby girl is getting married! Oh Harry you are one cute young man" my mum cried. I smiled and pulled her into a hug. Soon everyone was over hugging me and Harry and congratulating us. Now I'm not the type of person who enjoys a lot of people being around me, and when that happens I start to feel sick and angry. When it came to the last person that was to hug me, which was Harry's grandmother I wasn't exactly feeling well. I looked at Harry and his eyes widened, I'm not sure why but he politely asked his grandma to move out of the way and picked me up. He ran inside and sat me on the bench, I felt as if I was limb. I couldn't feel anything. I looked at Harry and smiled, he was saying something but I couldn't hear what he was saying.

"I love you Harry" I said as I closed my eyes.


As everyone was hugging Aubrey I noticed she started to get a bit pale. She honestly didn't look well, as Grammy walked over to surely she gave me a weak and tired look. She looked as if she was about to pass out.

"excuse me gram but I need to take Aubrey inside she doesn't look well" I said picking Aubrey up and running her inside. I quickly put her on the bench and her body slummed. I lifted up her head and looked her in the eyes. They were rolling back.

"Fuck! Aubrey I need you to stay awake yeah? Can you do that for me baby?" I said holding her head up.

"I love you Harry" she said closing her eyes and with that she was out. Before her head could touch the table hard I caught it and I carefully picked up her weightless body and carried her to my old room. I laid her on the bed and quickly ran and grabbed a wet cloth and started to dab her face. After 10 minuets she woke up and was laying there looking at me smiling.

"I think I know why I keep passing out" she blurted.

I looked at her as if to say continue. She took in a deep breath and closed her eyes.

"You know how the doctor said something way making my blood sugar drop" I nodded and she continued.

"I- I think. I think I could be pregnant again"


Super short! Sorry! But I wanted to do a quick update before I left. Sorry if this chapters really shit, but in all fairness it is 2:25am.... Anyway, hope you all have a fantastic time where ever you are, doing what ever you're doing bc I know I will! 34 degree heat every day baby! Woohoo! ☺️☺️

Thank you


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