Sister of malik, girlfriend of styles •sequel to sister of malik, best friend of Tomlinson•

Being pregnant and the boys being back on Tour again puts a lot of stress and worry on Aubrey. And you know what they say "stress isn't good for the baby". The boys are only away for 4 and a half months but what happens in those 4 and a half months that will change everything in the big 'one direction family'


27. •|| Home ||•

Skip car ride home

|| Aubrey ||

Home sweet home, I smiled as we pulled into the hotel. I looked over at Harry who was smiling down at Darcy, and to think I could do this by myself. There were paps and fan all over the place, I knew that this was going to happen and I was some what scared. I didn't want our baby to be plastered all over the internet. I jumped when I felt a hand on my thigh, it was just harry.

"Babe did you hear me?" He asked rubbing my thigh. I shook my head no.

"I said I'm going to carry you in and distract everyone while zayn and Paul sneak Darcy in the back ok." He said kissing my head softly. I nodded and climbed into his lap.

"Not yet baby" he chuckled.

"too bad, I'm tired anyway" I giggled.

"Ok guys you can go now" Paul smiled.

"Look after her" Harry whispered and jumped out of the car.

As soon as we hopped out we were being screamed at.

"Aubrey are you ok!"

"Why were you in hospital?"

"What happened to you?"

"Harry is it true that you slept with Skylar winters?"

"Aubrey did you-"

The last question was cut off when we got inside. I jumped out of Harry's arms and stormed off. I walked around to the back of the hotel with Harry hot on my tail.

"Bre where are you going?" He asked grabbing my hand. I yanked it away.

"DONT touch me harry!" I growled. Tears were threatening to fall out of my eyes.

"Babe what's wrong?" He asked stepping in front of me.

I pushed past him and continued to walk. When I got to the last door I opened it and there was Calum standing with Darcy, Ashton stood next to him with a big smile. I ran over to Ashton and started crying.

"Hey Aubrey what's wrong?" He asked rubbing my back.

"Please get Darcy out of here and don't let Harry near her" I whispered.

Ashton told cal to go to Ashton's room and not let anyone see Darcy and Calum nodded even though he was confused. When Calum left Ashton ran to the door and locked it. He then walked back over to me and brought me into his lap.

"Bre tell me what happened" he said brushing my hair out of my tear stained face.

"W-we were walking and the paps were screaming out questions and then, one asked if it was true that he s-slept with s-skylar " I cried.

"Hey shhh, don't cry girls like you are too pretty to cry" he whispered rubbing my back.

"I-is it true?" I asked.

He didn't answer me. I gasped and dropped to the floor and started sobbing.

"He didn't. He wouldn't do that to me!" I cried slamming my hands on the ground. I jumped up and ran out of the room and up to the living area where everyone was sat, including skylar.

"Hey babe" Harry said standing up. I pushed past him and walked over to skylar.

"Hey a-" I cut her sentence short and slapped her face.

"You fucking bitch! You knew how much I loved him and yet you still sleep with him!" I screamed hitting and kicking her. She jumped up and punched me right in the jaw.

"He came to me! Because you got pregnant and didn't let him know you little slut" she yelled slapping me.

I was pulled away by a pair of muscular arms.

"I- I thought we were friends skylar, but I guess you're just a slut like your mother!" I growled.

"At least my mother is still with my dad"

"Hey! That's enough! Ashton take Aubrey back to a room! And you out!" Zayn yelled.

"Oh so you're going to send my boyfriend off with a whore?" She snickered.

"Oh shut the fuck up skylar, you're the whore here. We're over." Ashton yelled picking me up and taking me up to his room.

When we got to Ashton's room he quietly opened the door. Calum was asleep with Darcy on Ashton's bed. I smiled smally but winced in pain.

"Hey let's get you fixed up yeah?" He asked rubbing my back.

I nodded and walked into his room. Ashton lead me to his bathroom and set me up on the bench. He got a warm cloth and started to wipe away my blood. Slowly I felt myself leaning in, Ashton started leaning in. Our lips were an inch apart when a high pitch scream made up jump apart.

"I better go get her" I said awkwardly jumping off the bench.

I walked into the room and picked up the crying baby.

"Hey bub, mummy's here." I whispered bouncing her. Her crys didn't stop meaning she's hungry.

I went and sat on the chair in the corner and slowly piped my breast out. She slowly suckled and stopped crying. As I was feading her Calum woke up and jumped high when he saw me naked chested making me laugh. Ashton came running out in a towel and stopped in his tracks.

"Oh my god boys it's like you've never seen boobs before" I laughed.

"Well it's not every day you wake up from a hot dream to see a fine looking chick with her boobs out" I blushed and let out a giggle.

"And what's your excuse mr irwin?"

"Oh uh erm...." He stuttered.

"He likes you and has sexual dreams about you so that's why he froze" Calum laughed making me laugh.

I looked down at Darcy and she was asleep and not suckling anymore.

"Close your eyes boys I'm about to pull her off and put them away" I giggled and both boys slapped their hands over their eyes.

I pulled my bra and too back up and then gave them the ok.

"Can I burp her please?" Ashton asked.

"Go for it I need to speak to harry." I smiled handing her to ashton.

"Hey" Calum stopped me.


"Be careful"he said smiling. I nodded and walked out of the room. I walked down the hallway and down to mine and Harry's room. I knocked on the door and there was no answer. I put my ear up to the door to hear moans, familiar moans. I became angry and opened the door with force to see becc and Niall at it.

"Ah! Fuck sorry" I screamed shutting the door again.

I giggled to myself as I stepped away from the door, I turned around to be met with someone's chest.

"hey there" Harry's voice chuckled.

"Oh hi, I came to see you." I smiled.

"I know, I went to Ashton's room and Calum told me"

"So erm, did you actually?" I sighed. He nodded. A tear fell from my eyes.


"Because I was mad, and I went out and had some drinks and then when I got back to the hotel she was sitting out side crying because Ashton broke up with her and she started making a move on me and well you know the rest" he said having tears roll down his cheeks.

"Do you love me?" I asked wiping away the tears.

"Of corse I do why would you ask that!" He said holding my hands. I pulled my hands away and took off my rings.

" if you love me, you wouldn't have done that. I'm sorry harry." I whispered because I knew my voice was going to break.

"Goodbye harry" I cried placing the rings in his hand and placing one last kiss on his cheek.

I walked past him and back to Ashton's room. I quietly walked in and Ashton was asleep with Darcy on his chest and Calum in bed. I smiled and quietly wrote a note explaining everything. I carefully took Darcy from Ashton's hands and picked up a bag that I had put together, it consisted of some of Ashton's shirts and pants, Darcy's things and I just had to pick up some other stuff from my old room. I placed a kiss on Ashton's lips and whispered a "goodbye" before leaving. I quickly yet quietly walked into my old room and grabbed some under wear, some of Harry's shirts and my clothes and money, I grabbed my phone and threw the back lack on my back, picked up Darcy and walked out of the room. I walked down the back stairs and got into the car that has the baby seat in it. I pulled out my phone and dialed his number. After 3 rings he picked up.

"Daddy? Can I come home?" I sobbed.



Lil bit of drama...... Little bit of 'ashrey'.......... And now daddy's back in the picture. He's never been mentioned before.

This may or may not be the last chapter... You'll have to wait and fun out

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