Sister of malik, girlfriend of styles •sequel to sister of malik, best friend of Tomlinson•

Being pregnant and the boys being back on Tour again puts a lot of stress and worry on Aubrey. And you know what they say "stress isn't good for the baby". The boys are only away for 4 and a half months but what happens in those 4 and a half months that will change everything in the big 'one direction family'


14. || delicious bananas ||

I woke up with a raging headache, a headache so bad that it made me feel sick. I rolled over to make contact with Harry's bare chest, I smiled and rested my arm on his torso. When my chest made contact with his it felt different. I looked down to see, that I was bare chested too. What the hell happened last night? I lifted up the blanket to see no clothing on either of us. We didn't! Harry started to move around signaling he had woken up. I looked up at his face and he had a cheeky smile. 

"Morning baby" he said kissing my lips. 

"Did we have drunk sex?" I asked playing with his hair. He chuckled and nodded. "Best sex yet" he smirked. My eyes widened and I slapped his chest. He held his hands up in defense making me laugh. I regretted it immediately because if my head. I laid back down and cover my head with the pillow. 

"What's wrong?" He asked getting on too of me. I giggled as his manhood brushed against my leg. He started moving around making me squirm and laugh. "Tell me!" 

"Ok! Ok! I'll tell you" I giggled. He stopped moving his hips and laid down next to me. 

"I have a really bad headache and I can't remember anything from last night" I sighed resting my head on his. 

"With a head like that it aught to ache" Louis said opening our curtain. I squealed and covered my chest so Louis couldn't see anythig. 

"Oh Aubrey I've seen just as much of your body as he has" he winked walking away. 

He's never going to live that down will he? 

Harry jumped over the top of me and out of the bunk stark naked. He slipped into a pair of boxers that were laying on the floor and handed me my underwear and a big shirt. I quickly slipped them on and jumped out. Harry and I walked out slowly (because my head hurt) to see everyone looking extremely hungover. As I sat down Liam handed me a bottle of water and two tablets. I gave him a smile before taking the tablets, Harry sat down next to me and placed his large hand on my thigh. 

"Do you guys know how loud you were last night?" Calum laughed. I shook my head and everyone laughed. 

"I don't remember anything, I only remember up to when we first got there" I smiled looking at everyone. Luke gave Harry and Louis a weird look but I didn't pay any attention to them. I turned to skylar who was curled up with her head in Ashton's lap. They are so cute! I them turned to jayde who had a blank expression. I gave her a confused looked and waved at me to come over. I crawled over to we and looked down at her phone. My jaw dropped to the floor at what I saw. 

'Girlfriends of the 1D and 5SOS boys have a twerk off?' 

Aubrey Malik (18), Jayde cartwright  (19) and Maddie Horan (17)  might have had a bit too much to drink last night. The three girls sure looked like they were having a good time 'twerking' for a big crowd before their beloved boys friends Harry styles (19), Louis Tomlinson (20), and Luke Hemmings (18) came in and took them away. 

If you missed out on the show the link is down below. 

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My eyes widened and I looked up at Harry, Louis and Luke, as did jayde and maddie. 

"We had a fucking twerk off!?" I asked raising my voice. Harry started smirking. 

"Oh my god we had a fucking twerk off! Who fucking twerks these days? And now our fucking asses are all over the internet so creepy perverted old men and masterbate over our asses" jayde said laying down. I covered my head as she raised her voice. 

"Hey at least we stopped you before you could do anything stupid" Louis chuckled. 

"Don't fucking laugh! I'll punch you in the neck 5 times" jayde threatened. 

I laughed and she gave me 'the look'. I raised my hands in defense and crawled back up into Harry's lap. He leant down and kissed my head before sliding his hand down my back and rested it just above my butt. I rolled my eyes and looked up at him. He smiled down at me which made me roll my eyes even more. 

"Seriously? You're going to feel my sister up while I'm right near you! You don't see me doing that to lex do you?" Zayn groaned walking away. Harry started laughing as did everyone else. 

"So what are we doing today?" Mike asked biting into a banana. 

"Recover from last night" I groaned. 

"Oh c'mon Harry can't be that rough" jayde chuckled. 

"You can't say that!" Ashton said covering his mouth. 

"Oh yes I can, he can't even hurt a fly" she chuckled. 

"And I'm pretty sure it's the other way" Liam chuckled. 

"What do you mean?" Niall asked. 

"Well by the deep, red cratch marks on Harry's back. It seems to tell me that Aubrey's a bit rough" Liam said touching Harry's scratches making his wince in pain. 

"Well look at all the hickeys on her neck and up her legs" Louis said moving my hair out of the way. He poked at the dark purple marks on my neck making me cry out in pain. 

" ok can we stop talking about how rough each of us are, seriously you only ever make comments about our sex life" Harry said pushing Louis away from me. 

"But you guys are so east to pick on" Luke chuckled. I gave him a death glare and he put his hands up in defense. We at there in silence before Zayn's screams ran through the bus. 


I looked up at Harry with worried eyes. He looked down at me and he was laughing. Zayn came storming out and stood in front of us. 

"Did you two have sex in my bunk?" He asked pointing at us. We both shook our head and zayn huffed. 

"Then how come there's a used fucking condom in the blanket?" He asked. 

"That's not our because I for-"

"You're telling me you forgot to put another fucking condom on. And that someone else had fucking sex there last night?" He said throwing his hands up in the air. I giggled and his head snapped in my direction. 

"What's so funny?" I shrugged my shoulders and he looked away. Louis leaned into me and whispered 'it's mine' my eyes widened and I looked at him. He out his finger up to his mouth. 

"Please don't tell him" he mouthed. I nodded and leant into Harry. 

"Baby, it's Louis' condom but he doesn't want zayn to know. Can you just say it was yours?" I whispered playing with his curls . I sighed before nodding. 

"Zayn?" He sighed. Zayn turned to him and Harry took a deep breath.

"It's ours, sorry mate. But we didn't have sex in there it just must have flung off our bed during the night" he said looking up at Zayn. 

"Good. Because if you did, I don't know what I'd do to you" he said smiling slightly. 

"Alright I'm off" he said walking back to the back of the bus. Louis lent forward and patted Harry's back and thanked him. Harry lent back against me and I kissed his head. "You know I love you right?" I said running my fingers down his shoulders. He nodded and closed his eyes. 

"Guys, let's do something fun!" Becc said standing up. 

"Like?" Skylar asked from Ashton's lap. 

"Well there's heaps. Were in bloody LA!" She said smiling. 

"Yeah and I have a hangover so I'm not going anywhere" I said looking up at her. 

"Fine then. We'll just stay in and watch movies" she huffed sitting down. 

"Now that sounds better, I vote for scary movies!" I said smiling at everyone. 

"Yeah I want scary movies too" jayde said from Louis' lap. We all decided on scary movies. My favorite type of movies! We all sat around the lounge room, rugged up in blankets with random food everywhere. 


On the couches there was, Louis Liam and Jayde on the three seater,  becc and Niall on a single, and then Harry and I on the floor next to Skylar and Ashton, following by Luke, Maddie, Mikey and Calum. The first movie we picked was scream. My favorite scary movie of all time. I know the words of by heart. Through out the movie I was saying lines out of the movie making Jayde kick me in the back of the head. After that movie was finished Louis out in paranormal activity. Now those movies have an effect on me, they aren't that scary they just creep me out a bit. 

I moved in closer to Harry and he wrapped his arm around me and placed a kiss on my head. I looked up and go and gave him a quick peck on the nose before turning back to the movie. When Katie got dragged down the stairs I had to laugh, I always laugh at that part. At the end of the movie Katie has been possessed by the demon and throws her boyfriend (Mika) at the camera and then screams at the camera. That part scares the shit out of me so I put my head in Harry's chest and covered my face from the screen. 

Once I heard Katie's, or should I say the demons scream I knew the movie was over so I pulled my head away from Harry's chest. I turned around to see all the girls covering their faces and the boys looking at their phones. Were they really not interested in the movie? 

I pulled myself up out of Harry's arms and walked over to the kitchen, I grabbed out a banana and sat on top of the bench. Harry came in and smirked at me. I gave him a confused look, I pointed to my lap and I realized my shirt had come up and my underwear were showing. He walked over to me and stood between my legs, he gave me a quick smile before taking a bit out of my banana. 

"OI! Get your own this is mine" I growled. 

"Babe, you and I both know I have my own banana and it's delicious" he smirked. 

"Harry! You can't say that" I gasped hitting his chest. 

"Not as delicious as y-" 

"HARRY!" A small girls voice yelled running inside. She clanged to his leg and he smiled and picked her up. She giggled as he placed kiss all over her face. 

"Who's this cutie?" I asked tickling her stomach. 

"I'm Georgia! And I'm 5" she said holding up 5 fingers. I smiled at her and Harry placed her on my lap. She then got of me and sat down next to me copying how I was sitting. 

"She's Ashton's younger sister" he whispered in my ear. I nodded and then looked back at Georgia. 

"Why are you whispering? Mummy says whispering is bad" She asked tapping my leg. 

"We weren't whispering he was telling me that the cupboard was open." I smiled. 

" I don't see a cupboard open" she giggled. 

"You sure you're not Louis' little sister?" I laughed. 

"No? He's my uncle! He can't be my brother too" she laughed. She has such a cute little laugh, almost like Ashton's. 

"Why did Harry say his banana was delicious?" She asked out of the blue. I started chocking on air and I looked at her. She was smiling at me and was waiting for an answer. 

"No he said that banana was yummy" I tried covering up. 

"Don't lie, I know what I heard. I'm tell ashy!" She said jumping down and running out to the lounge area. 

oh shit.




Sorry if that chapter was shit, I'm sick at the moment so my head is messed up. (Not even joking) 

 I would like you thank you for all the nice comments and all that shit, I know I say this a lot but I honestly didn't think 'sister of Malik, best friend of tomlinson' would get popular, or that I would be making a sequal. (And possibly a triology if you're lucky)  and I know it's not that popular but it's pretty good right? ANYWHORE, thank you all again xx 


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