Sister of malik, girlfriend of styles •sequel to sister of malik, best friend of Tomlinson•

Being pregnant and the boys being back on Tour again puts a lot of stress and worry on Aubrey. And you know what they say "stress isn't good for the baby". The boys are only away for 4 and a half months but what happens in those 4 and a half months that will change everything in the big 'one direction family'


15. || caught ||

Harry turned to me and started pissing himself laughing. I gave him a light hit on his chest which stopped him. "We're in trouble" I said crossing my arms. 

"Well we're not in trouble just yet" he said placing his hands on my thighs. 

"Yeah true, but it's your fault" I frowned. 

"Whys it mine? How was I supposed to know that Georgia was coming?" I giggled at his facial expression which made him look confused. 

"You're cute when you get defensive" I said kissing his lips softly. 

"And you're cute all the time" he whispered into the kiss. 

"OI! You two" Ashton's voice yelled from the door. Harry pulled away and pulled a face at me making me laugh. 

"Could you not talk about sexual stuff just for today? Georgia is staying the night so please no sex or anything sexual for one freaking night" he sighed. I nodded and he walked off. Harry looked at me and then walked between my legs. Again. 

"What might you be doing" I asked as he ran his hands up my thighs. 

"Well now that I know we're not allowed to do anything it makes me want to do it even more. What do you say? Quick sesh in the bathroom?" He said drawing circles on my thighs 

"No. No quick sessions, there is a kid on the bus and we don't need another one to be conceived" Niall said jumping next to us. 

"Yeah I agree with him, whoops sorry Harry" I giggled and pushed him away. 

"So you're going with the virgin for life? Oh I see how it is" he said "hurt"

"What's a virgin?" Georgia's small voice asked from behind Harry. 

Niall spat his drink all over me which made Georgia laugh. She was slapping her knee in laughter and ran out of the room laughing. 

"Nice going haz" Niall laughed wore walking out of the kitchen with a new drink.

I was drenched head to toe with red cordial and Niall's spit. Harry was quietly laughing so I jumped up and wrapped my arms around him. He groaned as the wet substance touched his bare chest making me laugh. 

"Now looks like both of us need a shower" I winked releasing him and then walked away, leaving Harry standing there by himself, all wet. 

I walked into the bunks and grabbed out my towel and some clothes for the day. I grabbed out a my matching black bra and underwear (which so happen to be Harry's favorite) a dark purple half t-shirt and my high denim shorts. I smiled to myself before walking into the small bathroom. I looked around outside before closing the door. I guess Harry didn't understand what I meant. 

I slipped out of my clothes and jumped into the steaming hot shower. The water made me want to go to sleep. It was just how I like it and man it was perfect. I put my head back and washed out all the shampoo, as I did that I felt a body's presence next to me making me jump. You see I have this fear where when I close my eyes in the shower, a killer of some sort come out from somewhere and try's to kill me before I open my eyes. Because I still had shampoo in my hair, when I jumped it got in my eye making me hiss in pain. I opened one eye to make sure it was just Harry but no one was there? Ok that's creepy. I put my head back again and rinsed out all of the shampoo this time. I them moved onto the conditioner, and once again I went to wash it out but this time I felt a hand touch my shoulder making me squeal, then the hand traveled up to my mouth making me be quiet. I started freaking out. So this it is, I'm going to be killed by a killer in the shower, on tour bus with one direction. Well that seems about right. 








"Shhh baby it's only me" Harry's voice whispers into my ear. His hand that was around my mouth slowly slid down my naked body and stopped at my waist. I turned around and pressed my chest to his. 

"Don't ever do that to me again! You know how scared I get in showers" I said with my chest to his. 

"Sorry thought Id have some fun" he chuckled. I pulled away from him and he had a smirk on his face. 

"Harry." I warned.

"Oh c'mon you know you want to" he said wriggling his eyebrows. I shook my head and continued to wash my hair out. 

"Babyyyyyy, I can tell you want to" he said drawing circles on my stomach. 

"No har-"

"Just sush, listen. If we do it in here, then we can do it where ever you want" 

"Harry it's not a matter of 'doing it' it's actually showing you love each other, no just for fucking pleasure" I said emphasizing doing it. 

"Baby, I love you. And right now I need to show you how much" he whispered sliding his hand between my legs. 

"Harry, no. Another time" I said pushing his hands away. As I lent back I felt a poke in the butt which made me giggle. 

"See what you do to me" he said sighing. 

"Well get rid of it then, I'm sure it'll be pretty embarrassing if you have a boner when you come out of the shower" I giggled jumped out of the shower.

"you're not seriously leaving me to deal with this"  he said pointing to his man hood. 

"Love you too baby" I said kissing his lips as I slid on my undergarments. 

He rolled his eyes and shut the curtain. I smiled to myself as I got dressed. 

"Oh and harry, don't be too loud there's a kid on the bus" I giggled walking out of the bathroom. I was walking by myself until I ran into someone. Skylar. 

"Oh hey" I said smiling. 

"Why are you so happy miss Malik" she ask wrapping her arm around my shoulder.  "Oh nothing, nothing at all" I giggled walking over to the bunks. Skylar looked confused so I quietly told her, she started laughing really loud. 

"Shhh no one can no" I chuckled. 

"No one can no what?" Louis asked jumping next to us. I humor in fear making him laugh. 

"Well now you're not going to know because you scared me" I said crossing my arms. 

"Oh babe, I've scared you before. Remember my monster dick" he smirked. 

"Louis! You have a girlfriend, and that was like when we were 15" I said Turing red. 

"You- you guys were a thing?" Skylar asked shocked. 

"Well if you call loosing your viginity to one another, and then casual fucks then yeah I guess so. Cya girls" Louis smirked before walking away. 

I rolled my eyes and grabbed my phone off the bed. I looked back at skylar who still looked shocked. 

"Oh and, Harry and jayde were a thing too" I smiled before walking away from her. 

She ran after me and started going on about "why didn't I stay with louis?" And all that shit. I just shrugged which shut her up. We all sat around the lounge room for a while before Harry came out. In a fresh pair of black skinnies and no shirt. Skylar looked at me and we started laughing. Why? Well because Harry had a red face and he's still breathing heavily. 

Harry just glared at me and sat down next to Niall and Becc. I gave him a smile and he looked away. I got up and walked over to Harry and sat down in his lap facing him. He tried to look behind me but I grabbed his face and made him look at me. 

"Don't make me cause another" I winked before kissing him. He kissed back and placed his hands on my thighs. 

"Ew! They're kissing!" Georgia yelled making us pull apart. I threw my head back laughing at her as she made vomiting noises. 

"That's gross! Ashy did you see that" she squealed hugging Ashton's legs. 

"Yes, I did" he said raising his eye brow at us signalling we were in trouble. 

Hehe whoops




so two things 1st, sorry it's such a shitty chapter (and past chapters) my heads been all weird with this cold I've got and yeah, and 2nd, why have I changed my name? Well long story short, I was looking myself up on google (as you do) and I saw that you could see my books (or stories whatever you want to call them) which means anyone from my school could see them! (Shame!) ANYWHORE hopefully it won't be too confusing but it shouldn't bc my middle name is rose and I get called Rosie (but you guys wouldn't know that.....) but I'm still going to sign off as 'kaelah' or 'K' (lol sounds like I'm famous or something) 😂😂 


thank youuuuuu! 

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Rosie ('K') 

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