Sister of malik, girlfriend of styles •sequel to sister of malik, best friend of Tomlinson•

Being pregnant and the boys being back on Tour again puts a lot of stress and worry on Aubrey. And you know what they say "stress isn't good for the baby". The boys are only away for 4 and a half months but what happens in those 4 and a half months that will change everything in the big 'one direction family'


4. •|| abortion? ||•

Songs for this chapter

Pharrell Williams- Marilyn Monroe

Blink 182- I miss you

The 1975 - chocolate

5SOS- amnesia

One direction- kiss you

5SOS- everything I didn't say

Aubrey )

As I walked back to the girls a young fan stopped me. She tugged on my pants to get my attention. She looked as if she was three, possibly four. I crouched down to her hight and she smiled at me.

"What's wrong gorgeous?" I asked poking her cheek. She just hugged me and as she hugged me she whispered "keep him close" and with that she ran away. Strange? I stood back up and walked over to jayde and becc. They wrapped their arms around me and we all walked through the sea of girls. With a few tugs and a few hits to the face we were finally out of the crowd and safely in the car.


We all sat on the plane laughing at one another and then we started to talk about the girls. It's going I be a hard time being away from Aubrey and grasshopper for a few months but it's great to be back on Tour. As the plane ride came to an end we all jumped out of the plane to hear the roars of the fans. We stood on the stairs of the plane and waved to the girls.

"Good to see they're still here" Niall chuckled. I gave him a confused look. "You know with all if us being taken and not being on tour in ages".

"I still don't get it? Why wouldn't they still be here and correction Liam's single" I said raising up a finger. Oh shit I wasn't supposed to say that.

"W-what?" He said shocked. Yeah nice one Harry. "I didn't mean to say that" I said quickly running down the stairs. I ran and started to greet the fans. I saw a little girl who looked at the age of 3, I bent down and she smiled at me. "Hello there" I smiled. She hugged me and then she ran off. I stood back up and walked over to some other fans.

"H-hi Harry!" The brunet one said waving. I let out a small chuckle and gave her a wave. "I totally ship you and Aubrey" the blonde said next to her.

"Well good because she's not going anywhere" I said a bit harsh. "Sorry it's just when people mention her i just get defensive, if you know what I mean?"

They both nodded and the brunet spoke again. "It's like me, when people say that your gay at school I just lash out at them" she smiled. I threw my head back in laughter. "I'm hayley, and that's Ella-rose" the blonde said pointing to her friend. I gave them one last smile and I walked off to greet some other fans, the next girl I stopped to talk to didn't seem to be as nice as the other two girls. "Hey there love" I smiled. "Why are you with that whore when you could be with me" she said straight out. My jaw dropped. I clenched my fist stopping myself from not yelling at this girl. "Well that so called 'whore' you're talking about is the love of my life and if you can't deal with that then you obviously aren't a real fan. Sorry to break that to you" I said before walking away. I decided I wouldn't greet anymore fans because I was just too mad.

I jumped in the car and called Aubrey. With only 3 ring tones she picked up. "forget about me yet?" She chuckled on the other line. I just sighed. Just hearing her voice calmed me down.

"Harry? Babe?" Her voice sounded so small over the phone.

"Sorry, just zone out. What are you doing?"

"I was trying to get to sleep but I couldn't get to sleep because my bruise is hurting so I'm n-"

"Bruise? What bruise?" I cut her off.

"Oh um about that" she nervously chuckled.


"Some fans got a bit rough as we were leaving but nothing to major we all just got a few bruises"

"Is grasshopper ok?" Now I'm worried and angry. She mumbled a 'mhm'.

"Baby I'm really tired and I have to get up early tomorrow and it's 12 o'clock so I have to go" she said sadly.

"Oh yeah, goodnight and I love you" I said smiling to myself. "Um babe can you go lay down on the bed, put the phone on speaker and put it up to you belly please. I want to say goodnight?"

"Sure" you could tell she was smiling. "Ok go."

"Hey there baby, tonight is going to be the first night I'm not there with you or mummy so I need you to be extra good. And just remember daddy loves you and mummy" I said softly.

"And remember our little deal" I smiled. "Alright I'm done, night baby".

"Night Harry" she sighed. And then the phone line went dead, signaling she had hung up. I sat there in the car looking through my twitter, our interview was everywhere. Nothing major happened so why was everyone so excited or worried about it? I clicked on one of the links to a website a fan had sent me. When I opened it the headline was


How could people already know about it? Fucking paps. (Hehe Liam quote) I decided to read the article to see if anything was true on there.

Aubrey Malik, 17. Sister of Zayn Malik, 20 and currently the girlfriend of Harry Styles, 20. Could it be true? Aubrey being pregnant and it being Harry's? Well an insider reviled to us that on their big holiday that they saw Harry carrying a packet of pregnancy tests, later on that week both Harry and Aubrey were awfully quick and happy to leave their romantic holiday 5 days early. Louis Tomlinson 22, in an interview said that Harry had gone out to buy him and his girlfriend jayde Turpin 20, the tests because of pregnancy scares. But when Harry went to get the tests none of the other members of the band were there on the resort so how could he have bought them for his mate Louis? Who knows if it's true, we'll have to find out when they announce it won't we?

Comment below what you think? Could this be the start of the new hubrey stalik family?

I exited that article and clicked on the other link they all went back to that one site. But then it hit me, they are right. Louis wasn't there when I went to get the tests so how could I have given them to him?

'Try not to think about it' my inner me said. I just nodded probably looking like and idiot and locked my phone and waited for the other boys.


No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get to sleep. I had to be up in 3 hours, and I realized it was no use trying to get to sleep now. I grabbed out my phone and texted becc to see if she was awake. She didn't text back so I messaged jayde. She messaged back instantly and I told her to come into my room and snuggle with me. And to bring grapes.

She walked in quietly laughing and threw the bag of grapes at me which I happily ate. Becc came walking into my room and joined us, she flopped onto the bed and fell off. I started pissing myself laughing and jayde had to run to the toilet because she thought she was going to pee herself. When becc got off the ground and cagily sat down on the bed and fixed up her hair.

"Let's skype the boys" I smiled. They both nodded and I grabbed out my laptop. I clicked on Harry's name and started to call him. He picked up and he looked so tense. "Hey baby" he said smiling. "Oh hey girls, I'll go get the guys I'll be right back" he said running away, as he ran away I could see his ass. I but my lip trying not to laugh at him trying to cover it up.

"Is he naked?" Becc laughed. I nodded and smiled. Jayde shook her head and quietly laughed.

"Hey sexy ladies!" Louis screamed jumping into Harry's bed. I jumped in fright and he just laughed. "Sorry, just a bit excited to be back on Tour" he explained.

"It's ok, how was the flight?" Becc asked. "Fun, but we missed you girls" Liam frowned, I gave him a weak smile. "Hey just think you'll be back in what? 4 and a bit months now" jayde smiled. They all nodded and Harry sat there. I wider what's wrong with him?

"Babe you ok?" I asked refer in to Harry.

"Yeah, some fans just said stuff." He said smiling small. I just nodded and everyone continued to talk, I grabbed out my phone and messaged Harry.

You sure you're ok?


Yeah, just miss you. How's grass hopper?

- H

I miss you too, and yeah doing fine :) - A

Have you been to sleep yet? And don't lie. - H

No. - A

Why? Baby that's not good for the baby. You need to go to sleep right now. - H

Yeah because I'm going to just fall asleep while Louis is screaming on my laptop - A

Hey don't get mad, I'm just worried that's all - H xx

I'm not, ok that's a lie I am but I'm fine. I tried but I just couldn't, plus I have to be ready in 1 hour. - A

Why? - H

None of your business -A

C'mon tell me. You know you want to - H

Ok fine I'm going to the doctor - A

"Why! What happened" Harry shouted on Skype. "Nothing Harry. Just don't worry" I said quietly. Everyone had a confused loon of their faces. "No I'm going to worry. My pregnant girlfriend going to the doctors, and not telling me why" he said running his hand through his hair.

"Baby I promise it's nothing I just have to take a few tests, I'll call you as soon as I get back" he nodded and I have him a smile.

"Ok I have to get ready, love you all and have fun" I said blowing them kisses. They all blew one back and I ran over to my cupboard and grabbed out Harry's pink Floyd t-shirt, a pair of black jeans and my black cons. I quickly slipped into them and put on light make up and left my hair as it was. I ran back over to becc and Jayde and told them id be home in an hour or two, they nodded and I grabbed my phone, handbag and keys.

I drove down to the hospital and waited until it was my turn. "Miss Malik" I heard my name being called. I jumped up and walked into the room.

"How might I help you?" She spoke.

"Is it too late to get an abortion?" I breathed.



Didn't see that coming did you? Do you think she will? What do you want her to do , keep or abort??

Thanks xx

Kaelah 💕

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