Sister of malik, girlfriend of styles •sequel to sister of malik, best friend of Tomlinson•

Being pregnant and the boys being back on Tour again puts a lot of stress and worry on Aubrey. And you know what they say "stress isn't good for the baby". The boys are only away for 4 and a half months but what happens in those 4 and a half months that will change everything in the big 'one direction family'


26. •// 3 days \\•

\\ 3 days later //

Darcy's 3 days old and I can't be thankful enough, she's a happy healthy baby and she is adorable. The boys have been in to see us, so has mum but we're still waiting for Harry. Every night I cry alone in the hospital bed, I place all the blame on myself. He had the right to know and I didn't tell him.

"Good morning Aubrey, how might you be?" Lauren my nurse asked stepping into my room.

"Good, I think I'll be able to leave today" I smiled looking down at the sleeping infant.

"Great! Let me go get the papers and I'll let you get dressed" she smiled running out of the room.

I placed Darcy in between my legs and carefully stood up. I put the blanket over her waist so she wouldn't get cold. I walked over to my bag that Lou had dropped in yesterday and grabbed out some clothes. I gave Darcy a small kiss before walking into the bathroom leaving the door open I went and peed, as I sat down on the toilet I heard the door open. I jumped and was worried as to who is in my room.

"Hello? Who's there?" I asked from the toilet. No reply. I quickly jumped off the toilet and ran out to see someone looking down at Darcy.

"H-Harry?" I cried. He turned around and ran to me. He picked me up and kissed me all over my face.

"I'm so sorry Bre, I'm so fucking sorry I left you" he cried into my shoulder. I couldn't say or do anything I just stood there.

"Aubrey baby?" He questioned.

"Yeah?" I whispered admiring his face.

"I'm so sorry for leaving you, please forgive me." He said kissing my hand ever so softly.

"I know I should forgive you but something is telling me not to, you walked out on me when I needed you the most, not giving me any clue of what happened nothing."

"I know baby and I'm sorry, I'm sorry I left you for 2 da-"

"3 harry, 3 days" I interrupted him.

"3 sorry, I'm sorry I left you both for 3 days and I'm going to make it up to you."

"I'm sorry Harry I can't have you around, I'm sorry. Please leave" I whispered.

His head dropped and tears filled his eyes.

I couldn't hold it in any longer.

"Harry?" I said holding his hand.

He lifted his head up, he had tears rolling down his face.

"Oh baby, I was just joking! Of corse I forgive you, you're my one and only lover. I didn't mean to make you cry" I said kissing his lips.

"Aubrey! Don't ever do that to me again. " he chuckled.

"I'm sorry babe, do you want to meet her?"

His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. I laughed an walked over to Darcy, I carefully picked her up and handed her to harry.

"Harry, this is Darcy. Darcy Ella styles, and Darcy this i-"

"Daddy" he interrupted me with a single tear falling.

I smiled and rested my head on Harry's shoulder looking down at darcy.

"One big dramatic family we are, now let's get you two home" Zayn's voice chuckled from the door.

"Let's go baby" he whispered kissing Darcy's head and then mine causing me to smile.



You miss me? Aha nope, so this chapter is 1- very short and 2- a bit early but I figured it's the holidays, my birthdays soon and I'm in a happy mood so why not update.......

So hopefully you like the out come and, I can assure you there will be a lot of drama *cough cough* Harry and Ashton *cough cough* sorry I have the flu 😉


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