Sister of malik, girlfriend of styles •sequel to sister of malik, best friend of Tomlinson•

Being pregnant and the boys being back on Tour again puts a lot of stress and worry on Aubrey. And you know what they say "stress isn't good for the baby". The boys are only away for 4 and a half months but what happens in those 4 and a half months that will change everything in the big 'one direction family'


1. •|| 2 days ||•

Songs I listen to while writing this chapter

All time low- toxic valentine

Jason derulo- wiggle

Arctic monkeys- knee socks

One direction- more than this

5SOS- don't stop

Michael Jackson- human nature

Christina Perrie- human


As we stepped in I saw the girls crying.

"What's wrong?" I asked sitting on the floor in front of them.

"I think Harry should tell you" Louis said sadly.

"Harry?" I asked turning to him.

He had a confused look on his face and shrugged. "I have no idea what they're talking about babe"

"Did you get the text?" Liam asked harry, Harry shook his head 'no'

"Louis? What's going on?" Ok this is staring to freak me out.

"Uh well we go on your again in 2 days" he breathed.

"4 and a half months" he added sighing.

"WHAT!" Harry and I both said in unison.

"W-we leave in 2 days" Louis said frowning.

Aubrey's pov)

I stood there, mouth hung open not knowing what to say or do. In 2 days they leave for 4 and a half months. 2 days. What if something happens to me or the baby while they are away? I know it's bad to think like that but what if. What if whole they are on your Harry finds someone else?

"Why so soon?" I finally spoke. "I have no idea, I guess so we can practice?" Niall shrugged his shoulders. I just nodded, but why 2 days. And why only 4 and a half months? Why. Why. Why?

"I can't leave, Aubrey needs me" Harry's voice yelled on the phone.

"No I don't care! What do you mean suck it up? Oh I'm being selfish, what's selfish about wanting to spend time with my girlfriend which night I add is pregnant" he groaned into the phone.

"No I'm not fucking making it up! Ok I'll go on Tour but if anything, and I mean anything happens to Aubrey or the baby I don't care if we're in the middle of a show I will be on the first flight home and so help me you wanna hope that you know how to defend yourself" Harry said through gritted teeth.

Did he just threaten simon?

" how about we all just forget that in two days we are leaving and enjoy ourselves yeah?" Liam said opening up a beer. There were chorus's of 'yeahs'. Everyone had a beer in their hand while I just had a tea. "You know, we never ended up going to that fair" Niall chuckled.

"Oh yeah, thanks zayn" Sophie joked. Zayn held his hands up in defense. I laughed at his actions and let out a small snort which caused a roar of laughter to rise.

After everyone had finally stopped laughing at me and calling me miss piggy, I spoke.

"Guys the night is still young so why do we go to the fair?" I suggested. Everyone exchanged looks and soon enough we were all on our way to the fair. When we got there, there weren't many people. There still was quite a few, but not as many as I thought.

"So, what to do first?" Liam said tapping his chin.

"Dodgem cars!" Becc and I said at the same time, I looked over at becc who was smiling like a mad woman. I rolled my eyes and dragged Harry over to the line, we were in line for about 10 minutes before we got to our carts.

There was Harry and I in the purple car and then every other couple together in different ones. The buzzer went off to signal that the session had started and Harry started to drive straight for Louis and jayde. After several bumps the session was over, next they all went on a roller coast while zayn and I watched. When they came off everyone's hair was a mess and Niall looked as if he was going to vomit.

As the night went on everyone had split up to go off and do "couple" things. Harry and I got candy floss (aka cotton candy) and then we walked over to slid show ally. Harry had won me a stuffed baby giraffe with big eyes and then he won a stuffed Jamaican banana. We walked hand in hand carrying our stuffed toys. Harry came to a stop and pointed up to the sky. I gave him a confused look but still looked up, as I looked up fireworks started going off and Harry pulled me in for a kiss.

Kissing while fireworks go off behind us how cliche, yet romantic.

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