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1. Harry and Louis

It was the year of 2010 and Harry styles and Louis Tomlinson had tried out for the xfactor and they had both got through to the judges houses . And Louis and Harry stared to be friends . When it came to the live shows Louis and Harry's friendship came more serious . They started to be together more and fleriting with each other . They gradually became more closer than ever after evry show they went to a privet dressing room . No body new were they were a part form the rest of the band but what they didn't know is that they had a serious relation ship . In the spear dressing room Louis locked the door and threw it away and pined Harry Down to the bed and ripped Harry's t-shirt off and licked his chest . Harry was kissing Louis cheek . Suddenly there was a knock at the door it was zayn saying that they had to go but they stayed silent so zayn couldn't here them having fun . Finely zayn had went a way .

Louis started pulling Harry's jeans down and still kissing his chest . Harry's jeans were down Harry stared to pull Louis jeans down too . Harry and Louis was in love . Both of them just had their boxer shorts on

Louis whisperd into Harry's ear 'I want it to be like this forever I don't care what the fans will say say , I love you baby and nothing can change that ,'

They stood up and sat in the chair kissing each other's soft pink lips .

Harry wrapped his legs around Louis and started to snog him to death . This is what they wanted from the start a young and sexy relationship together!

It was a dream come true but the only problem was that they couldn't tell the band yet

It was 3 am in the morning they had to go back to the house before Simon new ! Louis picked Harry off the chair and carried Harry to the hotel they rushed up stairs and when they got to the hotel room they stripped of and had sex . Zayn Hurd noises coming form Harry's room zayn walked in and seen what happend ...

Hope u liked it 💕

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