One year l want to forget.

I have been in England for a year and I want to forget it. I have a dick as a roommate and I just told him one of my worst secrets. Shit.


1. Home

"ZACK!!" I shout as I hug my brother so tightly. "EMMA!! it feels like forever." I laugh a little bit "Well it has been a year, I've missed you sooooooooo much." I  don't have the same relationship with my brother as a lot of people, me and my brother are really close, our parents travelled a lot for work so at a few points all we had was each other. "Come and see my new ride." I wonder what he has got.

"OMG! an Audi R8! How did you afford that?" Did he rob someone? "I word four days a week at the garage- monday through Thursday." Well that explains it.


"Ummm, well, we also have a new room mate." Is he... I think he... he is... "You replaced me, Your kicking me out, What The Fuck Zack. You said you would keep the room." 

"Gees calm down Em, you know mum and dad upgraded our apartment," "yesssssss" "well, part of the upgrade was another room." "Oh, well now I feel silly, you could have told me that first."

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