Happy family(diana sequel)

The pic was of shakira because I couldn't find a pretty pregnant blonde with curly hair


2. chapter 1

Diana's POV

Today is august 21 I'm a few days over 7 months pregnant and I should go into labor any day now because it doesn't always reach the 9 month mark.

Niall I'm hungry! I yelled from the couch. I'm almost done with your sandwich 1 more minute! He yelled back. Did you make Julia's and Jace's food! I asked. There almost done! He said. Julia Jace come eat! I yelled. Wok. They said in a baby voice while walking down the hall holding onto the walls. Niall brought the sandwiches and baby food. I started to eat. Niall! Grab the twins and food and start the car it's time. I told him. He gabbed his keys and the twins went out to the car and put them in there car seats. He came back in and grabbed the food ran it to the car then helped me to the car when he got back. Once I was in the car I could feel the contractions. Ahhh!!!! I groaned in pain. Wat wrong mummy. Jace asked. Nothing its just the babies in my tummy there gonna be here soon. Yay. Niall got back and we rushed to the hospital.

New car seats(http://www.polyvore.com/jace_julias_new_car_seats/set?id=122300973)

Twins clothes(http://www.polyvore.com/twins_julia_jace/set?id=122302658)

I just wore pjs and Niall wore a superman onesie/jumper.

-Skip car ride-

Once we got to the hospital Niall got a wheelchair and helped me out and put Jace and Julia on my lap. We rushed in side and Niall yelled MY FIANCÉ IS IN LABOR WITH TRIPLETS HURRY! We got to the hospital room. Niall called his mom since she was staying at our house.

Niall's mom came into the room and took the twins to the waiting room. Ahhh! I screamed. Are you ok? Niall asked. Not really but it's just the contractions. I answered.

30 minutes later they gave me the shot they use before you give birth.

15 minutes later the shot settled in and I had to start pushing.

A/N I'm not going to go into detail so I'm going onto the next chapter when they are all born with there names and stuff.

A few hours later the new additions two the Horan family arrived.


Niall James Horan Jr. Bright blue eyes brown hair 6.9 lbs

Alexis Rose Horan

Amaya Marie Horan

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