The Trouble with Love

Daylin is a good girl but goes behind her moms back and dates a guys she does not approve of.


1. The Night it All Started

I climb out my window onto my roof and look up at the stars.

"Hey." A voice calls. "Psst. Hey can I come up"

I look down and see the neighbor guy. Him and his family have lived next door ever since I could remember but I've never talked to them. He climbs up to the roof and sits beside me.

"Hey, I'm Jake. He reaches for my hand but I pull my hand away.

"Daylin" I say.

His eyes are very blue and his skin is tanned by the summer sun. As he smiles I can see his teeth through the darkness of the night.

"So what are you doing up here?" He asks in a somewhat husky voice.

"Thinking" im trying to say as little as I can to him.

"Bout what?" He looks over at me and smiles slightly.

Oh my gosh why won't he just leave me alone.

"Nothing" I say hoping he will just leave.

He begins to look at me almost as if he is studying me carefully. He takes a awhile to respond. "You have to be thinking about something or you wouldn't be thinking at all." He smiles again.

"You're right, I'm thinking when will you just go away. When will you just leave me alone." I raise my voice slightly.

"Okay, I can take a hint I'll just leave you be and maybe I'll see you up here tomorrow." He starts back down the side of the house jumping onto the deck on his above ground pool.

I climb back into my bedroom window and lay down in my perfectly made bed. I set my alarm clock to wake me up at 6:00am for me to get ready for a church breakfast with my Grandma.

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