Hill isn't your everyday, average teenager. Neither are her imperfect friends. They're focused on one thing. Saving their kidnapped friend, Mason. All Hill wants to do is save Mason. She's completely ignoring the thing she should be worried about.


1. Transformation

     Images flashed through his mind.  Her golden blonde hair.  Her changing blue-green eyes.  Her angry face.  All which he seemed to love.  He didn't know why.  It just seemed beautiful to him.  Her name is Lexi.  Alex was thinking warm thoughts about her, then suddenly, glaring white lights stung his eyes.  His chamber creaked open.  His capturer grabbed him by his shirt collar, and hauled him out.  They had been doing this numerous times and it was angering him.  Next, he felt a sharp pain in his side and groaned.  It was another shot. 

     "When will this stop?" Alex wondered to himself.

     Then he blacked out.

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