Ask the creepy pastas!!

Ask the creepy pasta characters!!!!
{any character you want to ask a question}


16. Toby questions

(Lynn murder: Toby why do you like Waffles/are you dating clockwork)

Toby: "Waffles are really good! They are like little things sent from heaven. Who doesn't like waffles?"

Random Person: "I DON'T! :D"

Toby: "Time for you to die!"

Random Person: "OH CRAP!! XD"

~5 minutes later~

Toby: "anyway, I'm not dating ClockWork. We are good friends and partners in killing. Nothing more. But I know someone here wishes they were my girlfriend.....*points to me*"

Me: "I your dreams!"

Toby: "Actually in your dreams! Jeff told me all about it."

Me: "F#CK."

Toby: "ha! Yeah anyway Clocky is more of a *in a girly voice* TOTAL BFF!!"

Jeff: "HA OMG! You told her I told you!"

Me: "Yeah now you are DEAD."

Jeff: "F#CK."

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