Ask the creepy pastas!!

Ask the creepy pasta characters!!!!
{any character you want to ask a question}


20. The First Dare!!

[this dare is from my sister]

(Herobrine! I dare you to play a real version of the slender game with slender!!)

Herobrine: WHY DOES THERE HAVE TO BE 8 PAGES?? Why can't it be like 4 or something?


slender: *pops behind herobrine*

HeroBrine: I feel like I'm being watched. Oh well. *grabs the 7 note*

Slender: *pops in front of him*

HeroBrine: *runs back to the slender Mashion screaming like a girl*.  I HOPE I FIND YOUR WORLD AND SET YOUR HOUSE ON FIRE!! THIS WAS SCARIER THAN SEEING JEFF IN A TUTU!!


Jeff: Herobrine!!

Herobrine: XD Sorry Jeff!! (Not...)

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