Ask the creepy pastas!!

Ask the creepy pasta characters!!!!
{any character you want to ask a question}


19. Slapped or not? -.-

(shadow_hunter1234.  To Jeff: Can I slap you? Or worse? It's what you get for being mean to Slendy!!!)


Jeff: Do you want to die? *lifts knife in the air* If so come at me....bro!!

Me: JEFF!! No threats!! 

Jeff: If she slaps me I will make her GO.TO.SLEEP!!

EJ: *holds him back* Go for it. I will hold him back. 

Slendy: Now I'm not a fan of violence in the house but....I like this shadow hunter person so.... *grabs popcorn and sits by Masky, Hoodie, and Toby*.  SLAP AWAY, CHILD! 


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