Ask the creepy pastas!!

Ask the creepy pasta characters!!!!
{any character you want to ask a question}


15. One of my friends question

(Kage Kao? Do you want a milkshake?)

Kage Kao: "Heck YEAH!! GiVE ME that milkshake! *starts singing* milky milkshake! Milky milkshake! Milky milkshake! Dancing with my milkshake baby oh yeah! My milky milkshake baby!!"  (This is a Smosh song if you didn't know)

Jeff: "Cliche!!"

Laughing Jack: "what is with you and cliche things today Jeff?"

Jeff: "I don't know!! *frails arms* IM A OCTOPUS!!"

Laughing Jack: "Me too! *frails arms* IM A OCTOPUS!!"

BEN: *does the same*

ej : *same*

[keeps going until finally]

Slender: "*frails arms and tentacles* IM A OCTOPUS TOO!!"

Everyone stops. 

Sonic EXE: "D*mn slender you ruined it. You already are a octopus!!"

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