Ask the creepy pastas!!

Ask the creepy pasta characters!!!!
{any character you want to ask a question}


17. Masky killing Toby?

Me: MASKY!! COME HERE BRO. YOU TOO TOBY!! *walks in* Masky: What? Toby: *poking masky* Masky!! Masky!! Masky!! Me: You got a question from Amber Lissen "Masky, would you kill Toby if you had the chance?" Masky: OMFG YES!! THIS LITTLE ANNOYING ASS WON'T QUIT POKING ME AND SAYING MASKY, HOODY REPEATEDLY!! IT'S SO FREAKING ANNOYING!! I WOULD TAKE HIS HATCHETS AND SHOVE IT UP HIS A- Me: Ok Masky, we all know you would love to get rid of Toby but dang dude!! That's a little far!! Masky: You didn't let me finish what I was going to say!! Me: If you did, I think this would be a the next plot for a horror movie! Masky: *facepalm* WE ARE THE HORROR MOVIE!! Me: oh yeah!! You guys are so different when you guys aren't killing I almost forget we are Creepypastas. Jeff: you are a idiot, Dark Shadow!! Ben: I lov- LIKE!! I said like!! You D.S. but sometimes I can't believe the stuff you say!! >\\\\< Me: -__- yeah ok...... <><><> Sally: Thank you all who have sent in questions!! We love you all!! Dark Link: Don't forget to leave your questions in the comments, we really enjoy answering them!! Glitchy Red: YOU CAN DARE US!! PLEASE DON'T MAKE THEM NORMAL!! Jeff: Please don't leave Jeff X Jane dares....or I will make you GO TO SLEEP!! Ben: *whispering* Make some Jeff x Jane dares! Jeff: DAFUQ, YOU SAY ELF?!?! Ben: *laughs nervously* haha nothing!!
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