Ask the creepy pastas!!

Ask the creepy pasta characters!!!!
{any character you want to ask a question}


5. Dark Shadow what is with your name?!?

Laughing Jack: "Dark Shadow the next question is for you.""

Me: "wow really? That is awesome!"

Laughing Jack:" boog313 asked, Dark Shadow why are u called that????"

Me: "I have 2 diffrent forms y shadow form and human form. I pretty much pop up in random places and I make my victim go insane. I later change into my human form and stab them in the chest. While they are suffering I turn into my shadow form and finish them."

Jeff:"and I thought my method was insane but yours Is insane to the max!"

me:" anyway I make them go insane and then I kill them all while I'm in my shadow form."

Lost Silver: "T-T-that is C-crazy."

me: "I know I'm crazy XD!"

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