Young Love

What happens when a young boy meets a mysterious boy at a coffee shop? Will they fall in love? Read to find out.


4. They Finally Meet

Harry's POV

I was sitting down talking to my little sister, Paige. We were talking about her boyfriend's friend. She said he was cute. I wonder if he is what she described him as. She described him as a cute boy with brown hair, baby blue eyes, a beautiful tanned body. She said his skin felt tender. Oh god, now she's making me want him. If you know what I mean.

"When I go to Zayn's house, today, I could introduce you too. Want me to?" she asked

"I'd love that. I'll just try not to get hard, ok? I promise I won't get rough with him I do ever do him," I chuckled. She had already told me he's gay.

We jumped in my car and she drove to her boyfriend's house. We finally arrived at his house.

"Hi, Zayn," she kissed his lips, "are Lou and Ni coming today?"

"Yeah, oh there they are now." he responded.

I looked out the window and saw a hot boy. Oh my God, I think I got a boner. He totally makes me horny. I wanna get all up under them pants.

"Harry. this is Louis. Louis, this isd my brother, Harry." said Paige.

"Nice to meet you." said Louis, giving me a cheeky smile.

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