Young Love

What happens when a young boy meets a mysterious boy at a coffee shop? Will they fall in love? Read to find out.


1. Stalked

Niall's POV

"Louis, where do you want to go for lunch?" I asked my best friend, Louis Tomlinson.

"Uh, I don't know. Why don't we go to Starbuck's?" he suggested.

"Ok, come on. get in to the car. I'll drive," I said to him, ushering him to the car.

We finally arrived at Starbuck's. Then, this boy caught my eye. He is really cute. By the way, I'm gay. He was walking straight towards me. The boy leaned towards my ear and whispered in a deep, voice, "If you think you're alone. You're not. No one in this world is alone. Especially you. You're never alone. Watch your back. Be careful." Then, he walked out of the door. Louis and I exchanged glances.

"Ok, now I'm scared, Lou," I told Louis.

"Me too," said Lou.

"I wonder who that boy was. I mean like he was dressed in all black. His face was covered up by a black hoody and I swear to God that I've seen that hoody before. And, he was the exact same height. But, you know what the strange thing about it is? I think I saw him when I was five years old," I explained.

Then, I saw something else strange. It was a boy about eighteen years old. He was wearing a blue polo shirt, black pants, and black Nike's. He was with a girl with long brown hair and blue highlights. She was wearing a blue polo shirt, too. She was also wearing black short shorts and black Nike's, too. Just like the boy. They were just staring at me. They looked suspicious. Then, they walked over to me. The boy said to me, "Hello, Niall James Horan. My name is Keith Tyler Martin. This is my associate, Breanna Lynn Jackson. We've been watching you, and all we have to say is 'keep your eyes open'. You're never safe. You either Louis William Tomlinson. You're not safe because you're friends with him."






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