When Alex and her friends are alone in a world where the dead eat the living they wonder around until they come to Terminus and find a group needing their help. ( based off the end of season 4... With my idea of how things should happen ) p.s. None of the other chapters will be as long as the first. �� Hope You enjoy. I will add another chapter each month


6. You owe me

After Gareth's confession I went to find the others. I went up to Johns sleeping area. Four flights of stairs and at the end of a creepy hall was Johns room. I walk in without knocking…without thinking.


Was all I could think when I walked in. Sprawled on the floor in front of the window was John and Elizabeth naked. Asleep. I grab a blanket and cover my eyes as I walked over and put the blanket over them. As I lay the blanket down Elizabeth rolls and takes the blanket off of John. WHAT THE HELL WHY CANT I JUST COVER UP HIS MANLY PARTS. I turn and find a shirt and throw it onto John.

I turn around, shut the door and sit behind the couch so I don't have to look. I wait for them to wake up because the others don't finish chores till later and like a half hour later I hear John moan.

"I don't know how it was for you but for me…well I'm glad we found Mr.Condom here and we finished chores early. We haven't done anything since we got here." John said in the same voice he uses when he comforts you. OH GAWD.

"Yea it was defiantly…refreshening after the time we had. And the only reason we haven't been is because we were in a boxcar then buried in chores. Thank you Mr.C." Elizabeth says while laughing and kissing.

"Lets go again. I grabbed like three." John giggles. More rustling.

"I don't know. Alex is always on our ass about keeping Gareth happy. I bet she is either one jealous because she's been lonely since before the first day or she is screwing Gareth and if we get outta line the fun stops." Elizabeth says and then laughing historically.

"Who cares. Lets get started." John says sounding bored. OH HELL NO.

" I swear to god if you start I will shoot you." I say in a calm voice.

"Alex? How long have you been there?" Elizabeth says as she gets up and gets dressed.

"I have been here long enough to cover you up and let you sleep after your busy day and you disrespect me?! I am trying to keep us out of the boxcar but now I give up. I'll just watch for Nick, Jack, Jasper, and my parents." I say in a quiet calm voice as I grab my jacket and walk out. To my family. I deserve better then this. " You owe a lot to me." I add stopping at the door not turning around. "I saved your ungrateful asses for four years now. Think about that."

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