When Alex and her friends are alone in a world where the dead eat the living they wonder around until they come to Terminus and find a group needing their help. ( based off the end of season 4... With my idea of how things should happen ) p.s. None of the other chapters will be as long as the first. �� Hope You enjoy. I will add another chapter each month


1. The First day

When everything you know is flipped upside down you really don't know what will happen, where you will be, what you will do, or who you will be with. I was at school with my friends. My name is Alex I am 14 years old, and I was 10 when the world fell apart, I tried to keep myself and anyone who crossed my path safe or as safe as they could be. I used to be that kind of person.

That morning started out as any other. I got up, got dressed in my school uniform, brushed my teeth and hair, pulling it into a pony tail leaving my side bangs down, grabbing my backpack and black zip up hoodie, and putting on my black hightop All Stars.

" Hurry up Jack we are going to be late!" I yell to my 7 year old brother ( who is now 11) as I grab my phone. My phone isn't much. Its a little slid phone my mom got me for my 10th birthday to stay connected to her all the time.

" I'm coming!" He says annoyed as he steps out of his room in his school uniform, a lime green and blue hoodie, his oversized backpack, and his messy hair. I walk over and and try to comb out his hair with my fingers. After a couple seconds he flinches and slaps my hand away. " Oww!! All the girls that like me aren't going to stop just because I don't care about my hair ONE day." He states while putting his shoes on. We hug and kiss our mom goodbye as we walked out the door

On the 10 minute walk to school me and Jack talk about our dreams we had the night before, its become our little routine, his was about getting his crush to kiss him while in a pool, and mine was about advancing in my Jujitsu class and beating up a guy who stole my moms purse. About half way to school there was this man who looked sick. His skin was rotten he had blood coming out of his mouth and he look like he was missing a foot, but I couldn't tell. His clothes were torn with a bite marks on his neck, arm, and stomach. When this man turned and saw us he started coming toward us while making a inhuman growl. Before he caught us I did a round house kick to his knee cap and kicked his feet out from under him so we can get a head start. I push Jack into the street toward our school and we ran as fast as we could, a green pickup screeched and skidded to a stop barely missing my little brother.

Jack and I hauled ass the rest of the way to school. By the time we got there I needed to stop to catch my breath. Thats when the guilt took over. I kicked that man in the knee…What if he just wanted help? What if we were the first people that he had seen since he's been sick and I just kicked him? I cant think about that, he came on us without a explination. I had to defend us. Right?

Once inside I turned and made sure Jack was ok. " Did he get you at all? Jack please tell me if he got ahold of you!" I pleaded as he tried to walk away. " Please Jack just tell me you are ok."

" I'm fine. Just dont talk to me till after school! Thank you!" Then he turns on his heels and walks to his side of the gym. Before I could register what he said I heard the best voices ever calling my name.

"Alex!" I turned to see my best-friends at the far side of the gym in the place we always meet before school. There was Sam, Ellie, Elizabeth, and John. All of us are a close knit group.

Sam. She has dark brown hair that ends a little past her shoulders, brown eyes, muscular jaw, and shes big but not fat. Sam will be mean to you but if you are her friend she will tease you. Sam never did athletic things. Ever. She usually just listens to death metal and texts people. Sam never really cares what people think or say. Sam is funny but can go to far with it.

Ellie. Ellie has light red hair, thats about as long as Sams, a soft, fragile jaw, Ellie is very skinny, twiggy even. She is very lighthearted and always says she loves her friends. If you talk crap about her crush she will diss on yours in a friendly way.

Elizabeth. Has short brown hair that ends right above her shoulders, brown eyes, with black fashionable glasses. Elizabeth is skinny like Ellie, she loves bacon. She is dating John and they are perfect for each other. Like two peas in a pod. Elizabeth can make people cry with laughter, but is always watching John seeing what he is doing.

John. I am up to Johns chest, his hair curly and is so dark it looks black, beautiful blue eyes, and is always there for others. If you hurt any of his friends physically or emotionally he will hurt you. Never untrustworthy and always there for his friends. John is also funny and knows when to stop. John is dating Elizabeth and is madly in love with her.

We sat in the gym and talked about the weekend and I told them about the sick man and how he tried to get us with all his bites and tattered clothes. John gets a worried look and takes me by the shoulders, looks me dead in the eye and says " Are You Okay? What about Jack? Did he get you?"

" Yes I'm okay, I think Jack is fine, and no he didn't get us" I say as I try to push him away but, surprisingly John pulls me into his arms and gives me a hug, and whispers " I will always be there for you" and lets go. Before I could respond we were dismissed from the gym to go to class. As we were walking out I saw Jack laughing and smiling with his friends like the sick man never existed. When we get to the second floor we go our separate ways to our lockers with John hugging Elizabeth, and tickling me when he walks by. While Sam and Ellie just walk off rolling their eyes and talking about crushes.

In Social Studies I sat in the back with a girl named Jasper. Jasper has dark mid length hair that looks greasy, parted down the middle, dark brown eyes, and is always drawing. We talked a few times a week, laughed together too. I also sat with John and Elizabeth. Sam and Ellie were in health together.

About 20 minutes into class Jasper passed me note, I open it and was shocked by what it said. I read and reread the note about three times just to make sure what I read was right I read it again.

" I heard you talking about that sick man. A woman came up to my brother at the store and bit him in the arm, he is at home with a major fever. Please tell me what this is"

Elizabeth saw the worry on my face and took the piece of paper read it, then passed it to John who also read it, then he passed it back to me. Once I got the note back I responded the best way I could " I'm sorry about your brother :( and I don't know what it is."

Before I got a chance to pass the note back an older female voice came over the intercom. " Attention, we are under a code red, this is not a drill. I repeat this is not a dr-!" The woman's voice was cut off by her own blood curtailing scream and a moan sounding like the one of the sick man.

John immediately grabbed Elizabeth and went under his desk with her in his arms, Jasper froze in place for a second then stood up and ran out the classroom door. " Jasper! Its not safe, get back here!" Our teacher yelled as she dashed down the hall and around the corner and to my surprise our teacher went after her. I got under my desk and wrapped my arms around my legs waiting for this surprise to be over. After a hour and the teacher wasn't back I started to get worried so I stood up and walked over to the door, when I peeked out the small window on the door I had to bite my hand so I wouldn't scream. Our teacher was across the hall with his back against the wall, head tilted to the side and four men kneeling in front of him and eating his insides. There was blood every where.

I turned away from the horrible scene and walked to the desk John and Elizabeth were under and told them in low voices what I saw so I wouldn't scare any one else in the room more then they already were. " Are you serious? People are eating teachers and possibly kids in our school!?" Elizabeth says in a harsh whisper before turning into Johns shoulder and crying. John looks at me with eyes full of fear and says " We need to get to Jack and my little brother Nick!"

Elizabeth looks up and says " You two go. But be careful last thing I can handle is you two getting eaten. I'll wait here with everyone else and we will stay quiet." Elizabeth leans in and gives me a tight and brief hug, then turns to John and kisses him passionately on the lips. Not a mushy french kiss, but a tender just lips kiss. I turn away to give them their privacy. After a couple seconds John puts his hand on my shoulder to indecate he was ready. When we got to the door some one whispered " where are you going!" John turned and said " Finding out three things, if there are any survivors, What is going on, and the safest way out."

I opened the door slowly and looked to right then left to see if there was anybody, once I saw the coast was clear I pulled John out while someone inside closes the door silently behind us, we started down the hall avoiding our dead teachers body. We each take one side of the hall, and checked every door for whispers, or the moaning and screams that mean danger. When we were about half way done we saw a African American woman wearing a blue blouse, a pencil skirt, no shoes and hair was in a bun stood with her back to us walking toward the end of the hall I pushed John into the nearest door frame, where the door was closed and there was enough space for us to fit in with each of us on each side. When I looked out, the African American woman was looking straight at us. Half of her face was ripped off and hanging by the skin at the bottom of her cheek and her eyeball was hanging from the socket. I quickly ducked back into the doorway praying that she didn't see us. When I gathered up the courage to look back she was right in my face moaning, and all I could do was stare at her until she lunged at me.

I had enough time to move out of the doorway, tuck my chin as I fell backwards, and put my hands out to resist her. I used all my strength to keep her mouth away from me by holding her back with my hands on her shoulders. I truly thought she was going to eat me and John was going to watch. Her weight was pushing down on me, she was inches away from biting my face off, then out of nowhere all the weight was lifted off to the right of me. I quickly jumped up and turn around till I saw John beating the woman with a metal chair to the side of the hall. I run over and stood by him watching as this woman is missing half of her face but no matter what she won't stop moving, out of nowhere a metal pipe is shoved through the woman's head and shes stops moving. Me and John both turn to see Jasper covered in blood and has a tares in her shirt and pants. She looks at us and says " You have to destroy the brain or they wont stop."

John looks at me and then at Jasper " How do you know that?" He demands as he steps between me and Jasper.

" Nothing else was working and I was desperate so I stabbed one in the head, sure enough it stopped and I just go after the head now. " Jasper replies matter of factly .

" These are people! We cant just kill them!" John shouts. I put my hand on his shoulder letting him knows he needs to quiet down.

Then I speak up " No person can take what you just gave them, John, and keep coming like this woman did." After that John calmed down and accepted the fact that this is the only way we get through this. We told Jasper our plan to get our brothers and she agreed to help. We finished looking upstairs and started down stairs through the back stairwell.

When we got to the second grade hallway Jasper pulled me and John into a bathroom so we can talk without being in the open. " First off, what class are Jack and Nick suppose to be in right now?" I look up at the clock and saw it was only 11:25 a.m, its only second period, did all this just happen in less then three hours? Will it end soon or will this nightmare go on until we go insane?

" Jack and Nick have science right now and there is only one science room in each grade, we look there." I say as I walk over to the bathroom door and peer out, once I was sure we're safe I motion for John and Jasper to follow. I turn to the right with John then Jasper behind me. After a while we split up. I take the left side of the hall while Jasper took the right and John watched our backs. We all knew what door to look for, the one with a huge danger sign saying " SCIENCE AHEAD! BEWARE DISCOVERIES ARE MADE HERE!" After a couple minutes I feel two hands on me. One across my mouth another across my chest. The person who had me turned so I was in the door way of a math room but was facing the hall. I thrashed and kicked but whatever I did wasn't enough.

Whoever had me lowered their head and said " Alex calm down it's just John. One of the sick people are coming down the hall. Be quiet." He lets go of me but I don't move away. A white little girl who was wearing a kaki dress, white knee high socks, and black ballet flats. There was a red bloody bite mark one her neck with blood getting all over her clothes. I tried pushed my self farther back into the door way but John was there and I couldn't go any farther. I watched as the girl walks on until Jasper's pole goes through the back of her head. Once the girls body slumps to the ground John and I step out and continue looking for the science room. After a minute John informs us he's found it.

We go to the door and I knock quietly. After a while a little chubby Mexican girl in a navy blue polo, black pants, and hair down to her mid back opens the door. John pushes in looking around " Nick! Niiiick! Nick get out now! NICK!" Nick comes out with a bored look on his face until he sees John. Nick runs over and nearly knocks John down.

I suddenly felt relief, then panic. " Jack! Jaaack! Jack it's me, Alex!" I yelled as I search for his face. I feel two hands on my arms as I spin around John is there with his finger on his lips. I push him away and scowl. All of a sudden something jumps toward me I yelp has I punch the figure.

" Why did you punch me?" A small but a familiar voice said as it stands up. I look more closely and I see Jack standing there with his eyes full of tears and his hand on the side of his head. I go over to him and hug him.

" I'm sorry Jack, you scared me and I reacted. Are you okay?" He nods and I look up to see the rest of the class and they were huddled together on the ground in sudden silence and looking toward the the door we came from. I look to John and he's motioning me and Jack to get down. I crawl over to John but before I could ask him whats wrong the door started to shake and there was moaning. I heard John whisper something to Nick and then to Jack, but I wasn't paying attention to them, I was watching the door as it slowly opened.

N/A - this is my first story on this website comment what you think and if you have any suggestions you think will improve my story or writing please tell me. Comment what you think. Thanks :-)

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