When Alex and her friends are alone in a world where the dead eat the living they wonder around until they come to Terminus and find a group needing their help. ( based off the end of season 4... With my idea of how things should happen ) p.s. None of the other chapters will be as long as the first. �� Hope You enjoy. I will add another chapter each month


2. Sacrifices

The first thing I saw was a hand. I jumped up and pushed the door with all my might but it wasn't enough. So I pushed harder.

" GET OFF THE DOOR YOU LITTLE SHIT!" A male voice bellows from the other side. I jumped back and stood by John. A native, middle aged man with a white dress shirt, a baby blue tie, and black slacks. I've seen him around the school but I don't really know him.

Everyone stood in silence until a girl in a ponytail jumps up and whispers "Mr. Sontanegro?" The girl looks straight at the teacher and pleads "Help us please, we need help." Then she bursts out crying while sitting back down.

Mr. Sontanegro looks straight at me and points then speaks. " You were the one who crushes my arm. Whats your name, how old are you, what grade are you in, how did you get to the second grade, and who is that creepy ass child sitting outside with a steel pole?"

I step forward, sighed "I'm sorry about your arm but I thought you were one of the sick. My name is Alex, I am 10, in the 5th grade, I got here by the help of John and Jasper, Jasper is the girl outside, we kinda forgot about her." I say the last statement regretfully.

Then the door bangs open. Jasper came in, shut the door, and quickly put a chair under the handle like she didn't want anyone or anything to get in. "The sick are coming. A lot of them."

Mr. Sontenegro grabs Jasper and pushes her to the ground. Jasper crumples in a pile and moans before I realize this teacher just pressure pointed Jasper. I run over but Mr. Sontanegro sticks out his hand and knocks me on my ass. What kind of person comes into a room full of children and bullies them?

Then it hits me. I've been through hell, I'm only 10, and it hasn't phase me like it should. From the sick women lunging at me and resisting her to sneaking around in the halls with John and Jasper. Through all that I didn't remember how small I must look to others, I need to use that to my advantage.

I get up and run straight to Mr. Sontenegro I can hear my heart beat with each step I take to him. He stick out his arm again but I duck and swerve to the right to avoid it. Before I realized it I was standing over Jasper. I bend down to help her get up. Searing pain along the left side of my torso has come out of nowhere, then the pain again and again. I didn't know what was happening from the pain to the screaming kids. Once the pain stopped I rolled to lay on my right side when I saw that Mr. Sontanegro was standing above me and smirking. I looked a little to the right to see John. His face was beet red, his hands were in fists that were so tight his knuckles are white, and tears streaming down his face.

To see John crying put a pain in my chest that I didn't expect to be there. To see John cry after seeing him put in so much strength to save his brother hurt me in a way that isn't curable with medicine. I stand up and the banging started.

The door rattled back in forth. The screaming of kids brought the sick to the door. I stand slowly and help Jasper up.

We need to get out of here and fast. Mr. Sontengero runs over to the door and leaned against it but the sicks hands were in the way. " Help goddammit! Are you to stupid to stop the sick? Quit being dumbasses and get over here!"

All the kids run over to help but the arms were still in the way. I turn around to see John, Nick, and Jack standing in the middle of the room. I go over and give Jack a hug, then John joins followed by Nick, Jasper just stands there awkwardly. " Are you four done being mushy? FIND US A WAY OUT OF HERE!" Mr. Sontenegro yells making the sick want to come in here even more.

I look around frantically hoping for a second door then I hear screams. John, Nick, Jack, Jasper and I twist around to see Mr.Sontenegro pushing three girls and two boys through the door to the sick. All the other kids including me are staring in horror as the man who works children pushes five kids in to the teeth of the sick. The screams weren't like anything I've ever heard. They were the screams of truly horrified children being sent to an agony filled death.

When the door finally shuts Mr.Sontenegro turns, smiles and says "Lets get put of here." I looked down at the ground to see I'm hugging John. I quickly step away and blush while I mutter an apology. Mr.Sontenegro grabs a desk and throws it at the window shattering the glass. Then he clears the rest of it away with a meter sticks, hops through and offers his hand to us.

Thats when the rest of the sick come out. There were more around our school then I possibly could have Imagined. Mr.Sontenegro looks around with panic written in his face and jumps back through the window, puts a chair under the window, jumps back outside, offers the class his hand and says "Hurry."

I turn to John, Nick, Jack, and Jasper before I start help kids through the window. We need to hurry.

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