When Alex and her friends are alone in a world where the dead eat the living they wonder around until they come to Terminus and find a group needing their help. ( based off the end of season 4... With my idea of how things should happen ) p.s. None of the other chapters will be as long as the first. �� Hope You enjoy. I will add another chapter each month


3. Run

The only thing I could think of to so was run. After we got everyone out the sick came in on all sides. Mr.Sontenegro runs ahead of the group. Everyone tried to catch up and follow him even though he beats kids and he threw five at a group of sick. Mr.Sontenegro runs faster and faster and then he leaves sight. He left us. He left a class of kids by themselves.

We run to the door where we can gain access with our student passes. When we get there I turn to ask who has their pass when the sick come out from behind trees, bushes, cars, etc. I hear a scream that was right around the corner. We need to run. "Passes. I need someones pass. HURRY!"

Jasper steps forward and swipes her pass and with a click she opens the door, steps in, looks around, and waves us in. After everyone else is in I bring up the rear I turn to walk in when two hands lift me off the ground and turn away from the doors towards the sick.

"You have been a big pain in the ass for such a little girl. Your not going back inside and living another minute. Have fun." Who ever this is swings me under his arm and tosses me toward the sick. The ground came up fast. All I could think about was Jack and how he might never know what happen to me. Then I hit the ground. The last thing I could think was I should run. Blackness.

Two hands pick me up and throw me over their shoulders

This person had blond hair that went down her back

We went up stairs, and into a room.


"Come on Alex. You've been out for a while now. How hard did he throw her anyway?" The last statement was meant for someone else.

I slowly open my eyes to see Jack leaning over me. I sit up and hug him. "What happen? I remember being thrown, but then someone picked me up and carried me. Thats all."

"I carried you up here." A female voices cooed. "Are you alright? My name is Mrs.Smith. And to answer your brothers question, Mr.Sontenegro wanted to knock her out so he could get away from the sick." Mrs.Smith said as she helped me up.

"Mr.Sonterento tried to kill me? All he said to me was that I was a pain in his butt and I wouldn't live another minute." Everyone looked at me then to Mrs.Smith

She didn't respond she just shook her head. "We should get out of here."

"We should go to my house. We have a van that our step-dad drives to transport military soldiers from here to Indianapolis and vice-versa. So we have enough room to fit everyone plus family. We can also add a trailer to the back for supplies and more people, if they like to ride uncomfortably. Plus we live mile away, 20 minutes walking." Jack said confidently.

"Wait where are all the kids?" I look around franticly but the only people in the room was Jack, Nick Jasper Elizabeth, John, Mrs.Smith and me.

" They all walked out or… know…got eaten." Elizabeth said. Awkwardly we went back to our escape plan, but my mind kept wandering back to the kids and our classmates. Two whole classes just walked out or got eaten? That honestly didn't make any sense. I'll have to figure it out later.

After everyone agreed that we will stop at everyones house to see if their family was still…around. We walked out of the school with no problem, when we got to the street that leads into my neighborhood. I started running. Run was all I could thing, all I could do.




I pumped my arms and strained my legs to get to my house. I was on Cambridge St. then Raleigh St. finally Matthews Ln. I saw my little blue house down the street. I look behind me and everyone was there running behind me. I get closer and closer. I see the van and the bushes.

I get to our gravel driveway and look at the house. I never thought I would be so happy to see it. My mom dragged me here to live with her boyfriend. I hates it just because she didn't even ask me if I wanted to come.

Eventually everyone came in behind me. "Nice and Cozy" Mrs.Smith says

"I didn't know you lived here. This is so close to my house" John states.

"You guys could 'hang out'" Jasper snickers using her fingers to quote, unquote ' hang out'.

I ignore Jaspers comment and walk to the door and twist the knob its locked of course. I dig into my pocket and find my key. THANK GOD! I turn and nod to everyone and turn the key. I opened the door and stepped in.

I couldn't wait to see our step-dad and get everyone's family. We could survive together. If I were to survive I want it to be with these people. The people that have been with me from the beginning. My friends their families and my family surviving together.

I think these wonderful thoughts as I step in and the shots are fired.

All I wanted to do was run. Run back to the end of the street. Back to the edge of the neighborhood. Back to the school. I wanted to go back to where people weren't eating each other or to where teachers didn't use you as bait. I wanted to go back to where I was in school learning history instead of fending for my life. I want to run back to where I hated this home. Running any where would be better then right here and right now.

But all I could do was duck.

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