When Alex and her friends are alone in a world where the dead eat the living they wonder around until they come to Terminus and find a group needing their help. ( based off the end of season 4... With my idea of how things should happen ) p.s. None of the other chapters will be as long as the first. �� Hope You enjoy. I will add another chapter each month


5. MY People

I drive until I see the gates of Terminus. I honk three times signaling the guards to open up. I pull along side a guard and ask the question.

"Is it 1 or 2" i ask while using my fingers in case he didn't hear me. He looks at me and holds up his index finger to show its only a early curfew. One. THANK GOD. I pull my car into the garage, hand my keys over to the mechanics, grab my two weapons and walk out.

I see Nick and Jack loading magazines as part of their daily chore. Terminus has lets all of us stick together in every chore because Nick and Jack depend on each on the older kids strengths. I honestly don't know how long thats will last. We've been here for thee months, yea they let Nick and Jack stick together but they gave John, Elizabeth, Jasper and I more complicated jobs like keeping watch, feeding the prisoners and checking the signs sometimes we get to go out and look for supplies. My mom works in the kitchen and Anthony, my step-dad, works in the garage.

I wait to see if they notice me but Gareth walks over to them and starts talking. Gareth is like the leader of Terminus. At least he acts like it. I casually walk over and stand across from Gareth with Jack and Nick between us I kneel down and hug Jack and Nick. Nick as become like a little brother. He saved me once but that was when John was…dysfunctional.

I stand up to find the others when Gareth stands up and waves me over. I follow him over to the side of the street by a old drug store now used to document the citizens of Terminus.

"I wanted to tell you this away from Jack and Nick." Gareth says while glancing over at the boys.

"Gareth, you act like your throwing us back into the boxcar." I say caching both of us off guard.

"I would never…when we kidnapped you at that house… we caught the wrong people. I waited to tell you because you wanted to kill everyone here the first two months." Gareth looks down at his feet then at me as he says this.

"What the hell do you mean you caught the wrong people? Do you know how far we ran from you? We ran into the next town to get away from you! Elizabeth almost got BIT! Then you made us sit in our own shit as you treated like animal!" I say in a harsh whisper so the boys wouldn't hear. Gareth looked at me with those eyes that are suppose to make you feel bad.

I walked away so fast Gareth couldn't respond. I went to find MY people to tell them we were falsely kidnapped.

I took everything I got to not turn around and shoot Gareth.

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