Child of the Storm

The Gifted and the Cursed, but what is the difference? Both are kept hidden from the humans, but some work with the humans, and some just want to live their lives. Carrie is of the Cursed, but was adopted at a young age. She was taken in by some humans, but now the Carers, sent to remove the will to use power from the Cursed are after her. Seven years old, with no idea what her power is, let alone how to use it. Carrie must find out what she can do and she must save her people, no matter the cost. The Carers are closing in. It is time to run.


1. Prologue

'Please! I never meant to hurt anyone!' the woman sobbed, chestnut hair cascading around her face. The dirt from the ground mingled with her tears, smearing itself all over her face.
The tall man sneered, his dark eyes showing only disdain. 'You claimed to have control of your 'curse'' his voice was heavy with sarcasm. 'You know the rules, you know what happens to the cursed.'
Desperate, she made as if to stand. He grabbed for her, but his legs seemed to give out underneath him.
She turned and looked at him, lying prone in the October garden, his face mashed on the orange leaves, hatred written all over it as he gazed at a the woman, the harshness of his face seemed to frighten her. A single tear dropped from her eye, before she turned and fled into the gathering storm.

She knew that the Gifted waited just beyond that gate, and she knew that they would kill her. Stumbling blindly onto the path, the rain driving in her eyes, and tears trickling down her cheeks, she heard footsteps approaching from the surrounding trees. She couldn't see into the forest at all, and the hunters would be sheltered. A tall man walked out, she almost recognised him, but didn't know what he could do. What she didn't expect was for him to grab her hand.

He pulled her onto his back, and turning to look around, she saw others bursting out of the woods, these ones running. Her attention was diverted by him beginning to sprint, running so fast that the wind screamed in their ears. Only one of the gifted had that power.

"Leo" she whispered, the wind snatching away her words, but he heard her. He always heard her.

"I never left you! Not now!" he shouted back. She never doubted him. Nobody ever doubted Leo. Her eyes flickered down to her swollen stomach. She knew that Leo would never leave their child behind.

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